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Cupcakes n Crunches

Lots of Cupcakes (and cookies) and a Few Crunches

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in At Home Workouts | 2 comments

I have something for you!

summer shape up circuitIt’s a workout! You were probably expecting something more, huh? Sorry to get your hopes up. But this workout challenged me and flew by fast so I think you’ll enjoy it if you give it a whirl. I felt the burn in my butt, shoulders and abs. I also had an added challenge while completing these circuits, thanks to this girl.

Image 14She attempted to shove a toy into my mouth every time I got down on my mat to do an exercise. Definitely adds an element of difficulty to planks. Ob can be so annoying, but gosh I love her.

And staying true to form, I followed my sweat session up with these treats.

Image 13I have a problem. I ordered a bathing suit this weekend and one would think that would encourage me to shy away from the desserts, but that hasn’t been the case. Dave came home with these goodies and I just couldn’t say no. It would have been rude and I’m a southern gal and we aren’t rude.

And while we’re chatting about my obsession with baked goods, I have something very important to tell you guys. Remember when I tried Levain Bakery and hated it? Well, I still stand behind my original statement that their cinnamon rolls are nothing to write home about, but their cookies? OMG! Their Cookies! So good. Like so, so good.

levain cookieMy sweet friend, Nancy, got a chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain’s for my birthday and at first I was skeptical of the gift, but after 1 bite I was sold. In fact, I was sold so much that I went back for more. I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie and was in Heaven for the 3 minutes it took me to eat it. Fortunately, we are only 2 blocks away from the bakery so it is an easy walk to go back for more. Unfortunately, swimsuit season is right around the corner and we are only 2 blocks away from the bakery so it is an easy walk to go back for more.

So, to summarize: Do that workout. Don’t buy a Vizsla if you don’t enjoy toys being dropped on your face during crunches. Marry a man who brings home cupcakes on a Tuesday. And if you’re ever in Manhattan, hit up Levains for all the cookies, but stay away from the cinnamon rolls. Got it?



Atlas’ First Yankee Game

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Family Fun, Running | 6 comments

We were total New Yorkers this weekend.

10260014_10100971380053612_3454320361776302592_nOn Saturday we took the 30 minute train ride into the Bronx to the iconic Yankee Stadium to cheer on our city’s baseball team.

Dave is a huge Yankee’s fan (he has been one since birth), so to say that he was excited about taking Atlas to his first Yankee game would be the understatement of the year. Dave also got to attend the opening game on Monday, so my husband definitely had a good week.

Image 5The weather was gorgeous on Saturday. In fact, we overdressed and we were all hot. I haven’t been hot in 6 months. The heat didn’t bother us though. We watched the Yankees beat the Red Sox with smiles on our faces. I think Atlas was smiling because there was so much to look at. Dave was smiling because he was in Yankee stadium with his boy. I was smiling because I was outside without 5 jackets on.

yankee gameDuring the game, I got up to walk Atlas around for a bit (my 6 month old doesn’t have the attention span to sit through 9 innings of baseball no matter how popular the teams are) and we ended up getting some special treatment from customer service. After chatting with the Yankee customer service team about how they should have more places available for nursing moms to feed their babies (I know, I’m a peach), we received a certificate documenting Atlas’ first Yankee game.

10264591_10100972285149792_8095153564418273782_nSo cool, right? Dave lost his marbles over that.

A fun day was had by all and I’m confident we made a memory that will last for a lifetime. I hope Atlas grows up to be a Yankee fan so we can show him these pictures one day and tell him he was a fan since 6 months of age.

After the game we spent the rest of the afternoon in Central Park with Ob & Marley before going home to order a pizza. I think I made it through Saturday without eating one veggie. Whoops.

And in keeping with the New York theme, we also took a quick trip to Times Square this weekend.

ImageIt really doesn’t get any more touristy than that. We actually try to avoid that area of the city, but a quick errand forced us into the bright lights & craziness.

Another weekend highlight for me was trying out a new pair of running shoes.

Image 8My awesome husband surprised me with these Saucony kinvara shoes a few weeks ago (he really is the best) and I took them for a trial run this weekend. Dave thought I would like doing speed work in these because they are so much lighter than my Mizunos and he was right. While I am still 100% committed to my Mizunos for my longer runs (5+ miles), those Sauconys worked great during my speed intervals this weekend.

I was pretty proud of my runs this weekend. I kept my average pace for both runs under an 8 minute mile.

weekend runsThe 6 mile run was done through Central Park in Mizunos. The 3.84 mile run included mostly speed work on a hill and was done through Riverside Park in my new Sauconys.

I think running with a jogging stroller makes you faster because when you go out to run without the running stroller you feel super light and fast because you aren’t pushing anything. If you want to get faster, consider pushing a baby in a jogging stroller. I have a baby you can borrow. He’s a heavy guy too. ;)

Other things not pictured were lots of walks with the pups, brunch with friends, naps, laundry, bathing the dogs and watching the Masters. I was glad Bubba won – he seems like such a nice, down-home southern guy.

Your turn! Tell me about your weekend? Do you use different running shoes for speed work? Do you ever do touristy things in your hometown?



6 Months Postpartum

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Baby Atlas, Motherhood | 8 comments

I don’t know what is harder for me to grasp: The fact that 6 months ago I was meeting Atlas for the first time or the fact that in 6 more months I will have a one year old.

DSC_1738In 6 months Atlas has changed me. Motherhood has taught me so much in just 6 short (long?) months. I have learned just how much love my heart is capable of holding. I’ve learned how little sleep I need to operate. I’ve learned how long I can go without washing my hair before I start to look homeless. I have learned that one extra outfit in the diaper bag is not always enough. I unfortunately learned how to change a dirty diaper on a tiny airplane. I have learned happiness and joy is found in the sound of Atlas’ laughter. I have learned that even though some days seem to drag on forever, the months are passing by in the blink of an eye. I know I’ve said that in just about every one of these monthly recaps, but I mean it. If you want to feel like you’ve been placed in a super sonic time machine, have a baby. Time flies.

DSC_1743Atlas is weighing in at 19.1 pounds and he’s 28 inches long. He didn’t grow a whole lot over this last month, but the pediatrician said that isn’t cause for concern since he’s already at the top of the charts. He’s way more active, so he’s burning more calories. He’s rolling over all the time and just this week he’s started to pull himself up to a standing position using my fingers for support. I think his legs are extra strong because he spends so much time jumping like a maniac in his bouncer.

DSC_1763Now that he is 6 months old, our pediatrician wants his meals split 50/50 between milk and solid food. We’re still working on getting a feeding schedule that works for us, but he’s nursing anywhere from 4-6 times a day and eating 2-3 meals a day. His meals include things like oatmeal, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes (his favorite), carrots, spinach, pears (his other favorite), yogurt, prunes, apple sauce, etc. I make all of his meals myself, with the exception of his oatmeal (aint nobody got time to grind oats), pears and apple sauce. I buy the pears in the pouches to take in the diaper bag as an easy snack to feed him if we’re out. My pediatrician suggested I make him smoothies to get a lot of nutrients into 1 meal, so I tried that today for the first time and he seemed to love it. In his smoothie went some avocado, 3 strawberries (I know there are mixed reviews on introducing berries at 6 months, but I decided to go for it in small doses), part of a banana, yobaby yogurt and some spinach. He gobbled it up. I gave it to him in a bowl with a spoon instead of a bottle because it was pretty thick. This month we are also planning on introducing chicken (not looking forward to making that one – turning chicken to mush grosses me out), broccoli and kale.

He’s still not getting any teeth, but every person that sees him feels the need to tell me that he is teething. He drools a lot and puts everything into his mouth so I think that is why people think he’s teething. If we’re out in public and he’s crying, I tell people he’s teething. That gets me a lot of sympathetic and understanding looks.

DSC_1767I do the same thing with Ob. When she’s acting like a crazy dog, I tell people she’s a puppy and we’re in the process of training her. She’s almost 4 years old.

Atlas still isn’t taking consistent naps, so each day for us is a little different. Sometimes he will nap for 2 hours and then other days he will only nap for 30 minutes. He almost always naps in the baby carrier while we walk the dogs, which is better than no nap at all, but that doesn’t necessarily give me a break because I am walking the dogs. He’s still a great nighttime sleeper though. He was going down at 7pm every night, but the time change + traveling threw that all out of whack. He goes down around 8pm now and typically sleeps until 8 or 9 the next morning. I’m so incredibly grateful for those 12-13 hours.

DSC_1687And if you’re wondering how I’m doing 6 months postpartum, there really isn’t anything new to tell you. I lost the weight and I’m in my old clothes, but I wouldn’t say my body went totally back to normal. My jeans are actually too big now and some of my shirts are too tight because breastfeeding has bumped up my bra size just a wee bit. Weird, right? So it is safe to say that I lost the weight, but my body didn’t go back to the same figure. I’m not nearly as toned as I was before Atlas, but I’m working on it. Slowly but surely. I’m coming to the realization that I’m not going to be able to exercise like I used to pre-baby. I just don’t have the time or the energy to run or lift weights for a solid hour 6 days a week, but most days I’m okay with that. I push myself hard during my 30 minute circuit workouts and I’m enjoying the challenge of working with my running coach. I’m also finding joy and satisfaction in just being active (i.e. taking Atlas and the dogs for an hour long walk). I still have tough days on the job so to speak, but for the most part I’m doing great emotionally and mentally. I think most of this can be attributed to the change in weather. Being stuck inside due to winter temperatures with a newborn in a new city where I had no friends and no family was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced. I think a lot of frustrated tears were shed during those early months because of hormones but I think a lot of tears were shed just because life was hard. It is getting easier though and I think surviving that season of life (←pun) really did make me a stronger person.  I’m calling it right now – I’m going to be telling my grandchildren  how I survived the winter of 2014 one day for the 10th time while sitting on my front porch, while Atlas and Dave roll their eyes behind my back and encourage my grandkids to humor me. And true to form, every time I tell the story it will get more and more dramatic. Dave, I know you can’t wait for this! ;)

So, that’s that. 6 more months to go and we will have a ONE year old. I already know what I want Atlas’ first words to be. “Move out of the way, slow poke!” I think that will really come in handy on our runs through this busy city.




A Post too Random to be Properly Titled

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Baby Atlas, Motherhood | 8 comments

Spring has sprung in NYC and I don’t think anybody is happier about that than me (and Ob).

Image 8The trees are still dead, but the grass is green and flowers are being planted. Hooray!

Image 9Every time I see the flowers blooming in Central Park or Riverside Park I think they are Mother Nature’s way of apologizing to me about all the snow/ice/Polar Vortexes we experienced this winter. It is like Mother Nature is offering the flowers to us northerners as a token of her apology for being a real ***** this winter. I haven’t totally forgiven her, but the flowers are helping. ← These are the random things I think about when I’m walking the dogs and I don’t have anyone to talk to besides Atlas.

We took full advantage of the spring weather today. I took Atlas for a 4 mile run and it was the hardest run of my life.

Image 5The wind was out of control and I somehow managed to run against it for 85% of the run. But, I got to run in a tank top and shorts so I’m not complaining about the added challenge. I’m just so incredibly grateful I got to get outside and run. 9 months of being pregnant + 4 months of winter will do that to you.

After our 4 mile run, we leashed up Ob & Marley for a 3 mile walk through Central Park. I say, “we” but I really mean “I.” Atlas isn’t much help. He just giggles and kicks his feet.

I rounded out the day by making some baby food to last Atlas for a few days. We both drank some homemade green juice today. In that mix is spinach, watermelon and baby oatmeal. I ended up making too much, so I drank what Atlas didn’t eat. I do that a lot these days. I make his baby food and whatever I don’t freeze or feed him, I eat myself. Is that gross? Probably. I hate wasting food though and I know his food is healthy so it is good for him and me.

Image 7And because I can’t leave you with that disgusting photo featured above, here is a photo of my birthday cake – as promised.

DSC_1735All that is left is “Hap.” True Story.

What I think I liked even more than my birthday cake was this though…

momofuku cake testingDave got me the Momofuku cake testing package so I could try aaaallll the cakes and try them all I did (except for the carrot cake – I don’t need my veggies creeping into my dessert). I think the strawberry lemon one was my favorite. Or maybe the banana. The German chocolate piece of cake and I could have had something really special, but there were coconut flakes involved and I despise all things coconut.

Except for coconut oil. I’m on that bandwagon now. Did I tell you guys that? Flipping love that stuff. I’m a fan of the oil pulling.

And on that totally random note, I’m off to bed. Goodnight, friends!

Birthday Fun

Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in Family Fun | 6 comments

My birthday was extra special this year, thanks to Dave and our babies. I swear Dave gets more excited about my birthday than I do. He’s a real gem. Atlas was so excited to celebrate my birthday he woke up 3 hours earlier than normal so we took advantage of the situation and walked to Central Park so Ob & Marley could play off leash. It was a great (albeit early) start to the day!

After our walk, we brunched it up at an adorable restaurant called Sugar and Plum before heading to Momofuku’s to pick up my birthday cake.

Image 5Dave surprised me with an awesome birthday cake from Momofukus and I have been mowing that thing down like it’s my job. I’ll show you guys pictures of the cake one day…the pictures are currently on my camera and my camera is on the other side of the room…so, yep…I’m feeling that lazy tonight. You can judge. I judge myself.

Dave also gave me Heaven in a jar.

ImageThis spread pairs well with everything. Waffles. Crackers. Pretzels. Oreos. Spoons. Fingers.

My big gift from Dave was so great, I literally jumped for joy. He got us fabulous seats to the Michael Buble concert this summer. A night out in NYC with the love of my life and some live music by Mr. MB sounds like just what the doctor ordered and I cannot wait! Seriously counting down the days!

Dave also sent me out for a much needed pedicure and manicure and then it was time for some shopping!

Image 2Don’t worry. I didn’t buy that hat. I know my limitations and sporting a fedora is one of them. Something about trying to rock that AND a diaper bag just doesn’t mix. ;) But it was fun to try on and pretend for a second that I’m cool enough to pull that look off.

We concluded my birthday with a delicious Mexican dinner at one of our favorite spots.

IMG_4887You can’t have chips and guacamole without a margarita. It’s just wrong.

After spending the majority of dinner wrestling my margarita out of Atlas’ hands (mom of the year), we headed home for movie night on the couch. It was a wonderfully relaxing birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes on the blog, on IG and on Facebook. You guys are the sweetest!

What is your ideal birthday gift? Pre-Atlas, I would have probably asked for shoes or some fancy-schmancy handbag, but now that I’m a mom a special date night out sounds spectacular! Quality time with my husband + a fun event + something to look forward to + a night where I don’t have to worry about being spit up on = perfect.

P.S. I just have to show you guys this photo because it is too cute not to share.

DSC_1699I love those little cuddle bugs.




Celebrating Spring + Atlas’ Half Birthday

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Baby Atlas, Family Fun | 9 comments

It has been a celebratory week in this household! For starters, Atlas turned 6 months old today.

DSC_1694I’ll have a 6 month recap up on the blog soon.  I don’t know why exactly, but surviving the first 6 months of parenthood just feels like a big deal to me.

Also, NYC got hit with spring weather this week. Sunshine + temperatures in the 50′s made me want to do a happy dance.

Image 2I got to leave the house this week in a t-shirt and flats. No rain boots. No gloves. No scarves. No snowsuits. No hats.

And all God’s people said…”Aaaaamen!”

Image 3I got the above t-shirt from Target during my Florida trip for $8 and I wish I would have bought it in every color. A year ago, I would have turned my nose up to an $8 t-shirt, but now that I’m in the trenches of motherhood every day I refuse to spend more than $15 on a shirt because being a mom is a dirty job. When I get puked on (which is pretty much every day) I stress a whole lot less knowing my shirt only cost me $8. So, if you’re looking for a great, cheap t-shirt go to Target. And then with all the money you save on Target t-shirts, buy a pair of Tieks. I have a few pair of Tory Burch flats that I love, but I think my Tieks are becoming my favorite…maybe…I don’t know…I can’t pick favorites…it is like asking me to pick a favorite between my kids…I love them all the same.

Anyways, this week we celebrated the warm weather & Atlas’ half birthday with frozen yogurt and a trip to the park with friends.

Image 7If you can’t go to Disneyland on your birthday, Yogurtland is the next best thing.

We went with Atlas’ friend, Dylan, who also turned 6 months old this week. They are 2 days apart and Nancy (←Dylan’s mom) & I are hoping they grow up to be best buds.

Nancy, her au pair, Jasmin, and I enjoyed chatting away and soaking up the sunshine while the boys played on the swings for the first time. So cute, right?

Image 5They weren’t quite big enough for the swings, but Jasmin had the great idea to put a blanket in the swing to make them fit snuggly inside. Genius.

swingAtlas and Dylan both loved it! I’m pretty sure listening to my child giggling in the swing was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. It was so great I made Dave come to the park with us again this weekend to experience it. Nancy, Dylan and her husband, Mike, met us at the park today and we all enjoyed another great afternoon outside.

ImageAtlas had so much fun swinging with Dave. He played until he passed out.

Image 2Isn’t that how everyone likes to do it on their {half} birthday? Party until they pass out?

We continued our celebration with a family walk through Central Park.

Image 13You can see more pictures of all that jazz if you follow me on Instagram.

Image 10By the way, you guys are instagramin’ fools. I’m new to that whole world and I’m sad I was so late to the party. I love seeing all your pictures! It is so fun to stalk you guys and live vicariously through you! I’m way behind on blog reading, but I have enjoyed keeping up with ya’ll via IG.

I continued to take advantage of the spring weather by going for an easy run along the Hudson River with Ob before returning home to make some stir-fry for dinner.

Image 6She was more interested in hunting squirrels than running. Par for the course.

And if we needed one more reason to celebrate, we just got it. We ordered donuts and they were just delivered and they gave us extra by accident.


I’m turning 26 tomorrow so the celebration will be continuing through the rest of the weekend!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Saturday! Talk to you party people later! xoxo