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Friday Favorites

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Desserts, Girly Things, Sprinkles | 1 comment

Hola and happy Friday! I have loved reading all your comments this week. I think every comment on the blog this week has made me smile or laugh out loud. So, thanks so much for that. 🙂 I’m already excited for next week because I’m hoping to have a super hard workout posted for you plus a travel-related post (for all my dreamers) that I’m having way too much fun putting together.

But for today I’m sharing some things I’m loving lately – mostly my recent beauty buys that I’m loving. Nothing in this post is sponsored – I purchased all these items myself and wanted to share them with you because I’m enjoying them.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop


Becca Highlighter

This is, without a doubt, my favorite beauty purchase I’ve made in months. I bought this maybe 2 months ago and I’m OB.SESSED! I still love this highlighter by BH Cosmetics so much (it’s my tried and true highlighter and it is back in stock), but after switching between the 2 for the last several weeks, I think this Becca highlighter is my new favorite. But they apply so differently, so part of me doesn’t even feel right comparing them. The Becca Skin Perfector adds a not-so-subtle glow without looking too glittery, if that makes sense. I apply it to my cheekbones, brow bones and the tip of my nose and I use it in the shade Champagne Pop. It is available on Amazon Prime or via Sephora. It is a little cheaper on Sephora, but shipping isn’t free with Sephora so check all that out if you buy it to ensure you get the best deal. I’ll try and post a little video showing you guys this product on my Instagram stories today (or sometime this weekend), so be on the lookout for that. It really is so pretty!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer


Laura Mercier Camo Concealer

This is also a new purchase and holy coverage! After reading so many great reviews about this concealer, I purchased it and I have been using it for a few weeks and I’m a big fan. I did buy the Laura Mercier brush that was recommended with it because all the reviews said you would need a brush to apply it and I agree. Depending on the look I’m going for, I either mix the 2 shades or I just use the lighter shade and I apply it under my eyes, around my nose and over any annoying zits. It took me a while to get used to painting my concealer on with a brush, but I think I finally got the hang of it and I love how it conceals any dark circles/dark spots/redness I have on my face. I know a lot of beauty bloggers use this for contouring and I can see why – but I don’t contour my make-up (at least not in the extreme way that I usually see people do on You Tube) because I don’t have time for all that. I use shade sc-3 for reference because my face is super pale, but I sort of wish I would have gone up one to the sc-4. And if you’re thinking, “but your face doesn’t look super pale in photos” it is because I apply this bronzer. 😉 Fake Bake, baby!


I’m wearing the highlighter, concealer + the lipgloss mentioned in this post in this photo

Caudalíe Vinoperfect Radiance Serum



I bought this serum earlier in the summer and I’m about halfway through the bottle. I won’t share products on this blog that I don’t genuinely love, and with some products I have to use them for a while before I’m sold on their benefits. Well, I’m sold on this product and I already know I’ll be purchasing another bottle when this one runs out. My overall complexion is better and brighter and I think it may have helped even out my skin tone a bit. I’m on a pretty intense skincare regimen right now, so some credit would definitely need to go to other products but I feel like I can tell a difference when I leave this product out of my routine.

Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss 


Lip Plumping Gloss

I really hate buying beauty products with suggestive names (what can I say…it’s the conservative Christian school girl in me) and I sort of hate sharing another lip product with you guys for fear that you will think I’m some sort of lipstick addict who needs an intervention, but I’m going to share this product with you anyways and then I won’t talk about lipsticks/lip glosses/lip balms for a long, long time! Deal? This lip gloss is only $14 and I told Dave it is my ‘magic lipgloss’ and he laughed for 3 straight minutes. I was like, “You know you want to kiss me right now to see if you can get some of this magic rubbed off onto your lips.” He laughed even harder. I thought I was being sexy – but whatever. Anyways, It is supposed to help plump your lips up and when I apply it, I feel like my lips are getting stung by a million tiny bees, but I sort of like it because I’m like, “Oh my gosh! It’s totally working!” Regardless of whether it makes my lips bigger or not, I love the shade. I purchased it in Nude in Town and its pretty all by itself or paired overtop a lipstick/lipliner (I’m wearing it alone in the photo I posted above, if that helps). I really want to try it in the shade “coy toy.” Man, I might really have a lipstick addiction. I guess the first step is admitting it, so I’m on the road to recovery.

Sweet Friends



I love that Andi Rose is finally getting to an age where Atlas views her as a playmate sometimes. They have been playing so hard together lately and Andi Rose laughs at pretty much anything and everything Atlas does. It just makes my heart so happy to watch them interact together. Having 2 kids so close in age is an exhausting job, but I’m starting to see blessings in the midst of all the diaper changes and messes and their friendship is at the top of that list. I pray all the time that they grow up being close friends. What a gift to have a built-in best friend, right?

Brownies from a Box


Brownie Mix

I really like making things from scratch, but sometimes you just gotta make brownies from a box and that’s exactly what I did this week. I really didn’t have high hopes for these, but they were BOGO at Publix (I feel like I’ve purchased something similar in the past and was underwhelmed?) so I snagged 2 boxes. Boy was I wrong! These things were jammin! I added chocolate chips to the peanut butter cookie mix, but other than that I followed the recipe on the box. They are already gone (insert crying emoji here). I did share with the kids…but I did most of the damage by myself. I let Atlas lick the bowl though and to be honest, that’s something I still struggle with now that I’m a mother (Sharing). I really didn’t want to let him lick the bowl because I wanted to lick the bowl, but I felt like I had to lead by example and whatnot and be the adult. He loved it, but he’s got a lot to learn because I’m pretty sure more batter got on his elbow and his nose than in his mouth. I was like, “CHILD! YOU ARE WASTING THAT! You better figure out a way to lick that off your elbow.”

Southern Living Magazine


Southern Living

Now that we are back in the South, I’m getting southern-fied (←technical term) again. Let’s be real: I don’t have time to read a magazine cover to cover anymore, but I do love flipping through the pages of Southern Living in the mornings while the kids and I eat breakfast together. This magazine just makes me feel good on the inside. And in last month’s issue, the ice cream shop where I had my very first job was featured as one of the best ice cream shops in the south! I was totally geeking out over that. I ate my body weight in ice cream back then…those were the good ole’ days.

Do you have a sibling close in age and if so, are you guys besties? What’s your favorite make-up product? What’s your favorite magazine to read? What’s your plans for the weekend? Oh, this is a funny story…Dave’s childhood best friend lives in the same city as one of my very best childhood friends (ironically, it is not the city that any of us grew up in) so we set them up and they have their first date this weekend & I’m pretty sure I’m way more excited for their weekend than my own weekend! I’m seriously giddy with excitement to see how their date goes.

Thursday Things

Posted by on Aug 25, 2016 in Sprinkles | 8 comments

*I’m typing this up as I watch Bachelor in Paradise. This show is a train wreck but I cannot peel my eyes away from the TV. Are any of you watching this show? If so, please share all your thoughts in the comments below.

Anyways, this post is basically a compilation of random thoughts that have no real connection to each other and are of no real importance. But sometimes I just have to throw it all out there, you know?*

  1. Okay. First things first! I sort of want to cut bangs. Gah! I know my mom is reading this and she just gasped. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking, “You know what – I could rock bangs. That would be fun!” But you know what isn’t fun? Growing your bangs out. That is the opposite of fun. The adult in me is thinking, “Don’t do it! You will like them for 2.3 seconds and then loathe them until they grow out!” But the irrational devil on my shoulder is like, “DO IT! YOLO!” (the irrational devil on my shoulder can obviously get away with saying things like “yolo.”) Anyways, I also need to get my hair colored. I absolutely loved the salon I frequented in Manhattan and I was doing the whole balayage thing and diggin’ it but then we moved and I haven’t found a hair dresser in ATL yet. My color is starting to look a little brassy (blah!) and I’m just not sure if I want to go balayage again or go all dark. Decisions, decisions…I swear, you guys, I spent more time researching hair stylists when we moved to NYC than I did researching an OBGYN. Because #priorities. And now I’m trying to find a hair dresser in Atlanta that seems legit, but I really just want to go back to my girls at Sally Hershberger Salon and have them fix me up, but we aren’t rich so I can’t do that. So here I am…telling you guys about my current hair dilemma instead. Hair Stylist
  2. Dave told me the other day that I’m a dreamer and he is a realist. This is pretty much how our life goes: I start to plan something (think: something simple like a weekend trip to the mountains or maybe something a little bigger like a 2 week trip to Ireland) and my level of excitement shoots through the roof and then I share my amazing idea with Dave and he starts rattling off all these questions like, “Well, what dates are you thinking because I’ll have to take off work? And how much money is that going to cost? That sounds expensive. And how do you think the kids will do with that long flight? And who will watch the dogs? And we are trying to put more money into retirement this year.” Ugh. He keeps me grounded. Like fog at an airport. But I guess it is good because if I was married to another dreamer we would probably live in one of my shoe boxes.
  3. Speaking of dreaming: Any fun holiday travel plans on anybody’s agenda? The dreamer in me is hoping for a few trips to the mountains and possibly a trip back to NYC. NYC is my favorite at Christmas time and it actually makes me sad to think we may not get to see the city all dressed up this year.
  4. I finally ordered a rug for our home office and I’m so excited for it to arrive! I had some gift cards & it was on sale, so it was practically free! The fact that I’m so excited for a rug probably means I don’t need the bangs mentioned in topic #1 because clearly I’ve become an old & boring adult. Bangs are for young and trendy people. But our home office is seriously my favorite room in our house…because hello! Leopard and pink everything! Home Office
  5. The kids and I figured out snapchat last week when we were stuck at home potty training. I’ve had the snapchat app on my phone for a while, but I haven’t really played with it until last week. Andi Rose is hilarious doing snapchat because she sticks her tongue out no matter what the filter is in hopes that it will be like the dog filter and the super long tongue will pop out. It’s the cutest thing ever. And Atlas is obsessed and now he takes my phone when I’m not looking and I will find him playing on snapchat and I’m like, “OH MY GOSH! What did you just snap chat? Did you just take a video of me in the shower? How can I unsnap that? Is unsnapping even a thing?” Atlas and I know just enough about snapchat to be dangerous at this point. I typically don’t send out (at least I don’t think I do?) the pictures the kids and I take because I figure people don’t care to see 18 photos of us pretending to be dogs? And I don’t even know who can see my snapchat? Can you see my snaps? I think my username is AshleyAndrews6. I think. Snapchat
  6. Dave & I are in a pickle. We are currently being pulled between 2 extremes. One day we are hard core about getting fit and eating vegetables and all the healthy things and then the next day we are skipping our workout and going out for donuts and cheese fries. We are torn between wanting to get fit and throwing in the towel and just ‘accepting the dad-bod’ as Dave calls it. We aren’t extremely healthy and we aren’t extremely unhealthy – we are just floating somewhere in the middle. I’m leaning towards, ‘let’s sign up for a half marathon and drink green juice together, but still eat donuts on the weekend’ but Dave is more like, ‘let’s not be rash about this. let’s go to Chick-fil-a and discuss it over breakfast.’ And then I’m all, “Okay – but only if we can split a milkshake after!” Cuties
  7. I mentioned these booties in a previous post this week and Dave surprised me and ordered them after reading my blog and then left a comment on the blog post telling me. He is seriously the sweetest realist I know! I don’t know what I love more – the fact that he actually reads my blog or the fact that he still loves to surprise me with things. Oh! and if you want the booties, use the coupon code 8J2N for 20% off. Leopard is the new neutral, so these booties will match everything in your fall wardrobe! 😉

My heart

And that’s all I’ve got for you today! Well that and some questions…

Are you a dreamer or a realist? Are bangs a good idea or the worst idea in history? Favorite place to visit during the holidays? Are you on a health kick or an ‘eat-all-the-things’ kick? GO!

Can I Still Call Myself a Runner?

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Running | 9 comments

I just realized the other day while chatting with Dave that I haven’t ran a half marathon since the Zooma Half Marathon in 2013 (major throwback post right there). I got a PR during that race and then I really did just quit while I was ahead, because 2 weeks after that race I discovered I was pregnant with Atlas and I haven’t signed up for another long distance race since. I just had babies instead. Can I still call myself a runner?

Her little crossed legs in this photo kill me.

Her little crossed legs in this photo kill me.

I think I can, but running looks a lot different for me now. I typically run 2 or 3 days a week and my runs are between 3 and 6 miles. They are usually early in the morning with Ob, on the treadmill at the gym or at random times when I can take the single running stroller with one baby while Dave watches the other munchkin at home. It works for me right now.

That’s the great thing about running – it’s always there when I need it, in just the right dosage. It really is such a spiritual sport for me. That’s so cheesy, isn’t it? But it’s true.

Bob Stroller

I love that I can include my kids in it too when I bring them in the stroller, especially Atlas. Right after Andi Rose was born, I would take Atlas for runs and we would stop at the playgrounds and play and then run home. It was such a sweet time for us since life with a newborn at home was bananas. He always tells me to ‘run faster’ and he likes to control the music while we run (which sometimes means I listen to the same song 5 times in a row – talk about developing that mental strength).

Running Partners

Family Run

Bob Running Stroller

There are talks in our house of signing up for a half marathon this fall and I want to do it so bad, but Dave is on the fence. I really don’t want to run my first race post-kids without him because I think having him along for the training will help me mentally. I love the idea of it being a family affair, but I certainly don’t want to pressure Dave into doing a race if he isn’t up for it because nothing is worse than training for a long distance race when your heart isn’t in it.

So much has changed since my last half marathon, but I’m still running in Mizunos. I think I’ll be loyal to them forever. I do run in Saucony’s from time to time – especially when I am (was?) doing speed work, just because they are so light.


If we do sign up for the half marathon, I will definitely be writing about my training here. I have a million thoughts swirling around in my head about the whole thing, so if we commit to it then I’ll dish all those here. Getting back to those CnC roots, ya’ll – all about running for those cupcakes!

Mother Runner

Outfit Details: Sports bra // Similar tank top // shorts // shoes // stroller (couldn’t do life without this thing)// Andi’s popsicle shoes (without a doubt, my favorite shoes she owns)

Where are my runners at? Any good races you guys have on your radar?

Summer Vibes

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Family Fun, Fashion | 6 comments

Apparently, I have a lot of summer lovin’ friends. I keep seeing #SummerDontGo and #SummerDontEnd every time I get on social media. Meanwhile, I’m sitting over here staring at my blanket scarves and boots, dreaming about decorating our front porch with pumpkins and mums. I’m itching to take the kids apple picking, bake some pumpkin bread and see the leaves change in the mountains. I’m really dying to play outside with Atlas and Andi Rose and not sweat to death.

Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes2

My Babies

While we did get some temperatures in the 60’s this morning (yay!!), the forecast in Georgia is still calling for highs of 90 degrees so I decided to quit daydreaming about all things fall and embrace these final days of summer. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right?!

Sweet Summertime

So I ordered this adorable summery top (solid white version here, similar version here), which I think will be cute into fall paired with a blazer. I’m a sucker for anything with ruffles and the ruffles going around the collar of this shirt totally sold me. (I also snagged this shirt and it is an adorable piece for now and again in the fall too.)

In my effort to savor the last of summer, I also bought the stuff to make a s’mores pie. I’ve made this pie a few times already this summer & it has been a hit every time I’ve made it! I’ve made several recipes from Two Peas & Their Pod and every single thing has been so so good. I recommend that blog if you’re looking for food inspiration. 🙂

The only thing better than that s’mores pie is getting a surprise kiss from your toddler and having your husband actually catch it on camera.


Atlas has been such a mama’s boy lately and I love how much he loves me (although he does ask me multiple times a day, “When is daddy coming home?” so he definitely has a huge spot in his heart for Dave too). He has been so kind to Andi Rose lately too.

Oh, Andi Rose – my sweet girl – my wild child…

Wild Child

Andi Rose was up last night from 1:30-3:30am. That isn’t like her – she’s actually become a really terrific sleeper. When I went in to check on her, she saw me and immediately started giggling. I wanted to be upset, but she’s just so darn cute. I couldn’t help but smile and she actually let me rock her back to sleep which was so amazing! But then she woke back up 20 minutes later and I was like, “Oh, no. I’m done now, sweetie. We can play tomorrow after 8am.” I ended up giving her Tylenol and she finally fell asleep – I think she is teething…who knows. This motherhood business is tricky.

Sweet Siblings

Anyways, Atlas and Andi Rose are becoming the best of friends and I adore their little relationship. Atlas loves kissing Andi Rose before she goes to bed at night and she thinks he is the funniest person on the planet.

Summer Fun

Those 2 little humans bring me indescribable joy (even if I am a sleep deprived zombie because of them).

So, if you need us, my crew will be at the pool or playing in the sprinkler until fall decides to arrive in the south. Just know that while I may be dressed for summer, I’m dreaming about pumpkin spice latte’s and holiday decorations and Christmas music is totally playing in my head. And oh my gosh – these booties! I’m dreaming about these booties because they are LEOPARD! Leopard freaking booties, people! It doesn’t get any better. #HurryUpFall #ByeSummer

What’s your favorite season? Summer was definitely my favorite when I was in school & it equated to time off & vacation. But as an adult, I prefer the mood that seems to come naturally with fall & the holidays. ☺️

Potty Training Atlas

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 in Baby Atlas, Motherhood | 8 comments

I stress about a lot of things when it comes to my kids. I’m a worrier by nature. However, I never found myself obsessing over potty training like so many of my mom friends. I never bought a book on how to potty train my child. I don’t even think I googled it.

potty training boys

Dave bought Atlas a little toilet about a year ago (Atlas wasn’t even 2 years old yet) and I immediately told Dave he could put it in the closet because I wasn’t ready for all that. For some reason, potty training did stress Dave out and he really pushed me to push Atlas to get out of diapers and I pushed back. And here’s why I stood my ground on this issue: I really felt in my gut that when Atlas and I were both ready to cross that proverbial potty training bridge, we would do it together and we would do it with relative ease because we would be on the same page. We weren’t on the same page when he was 18 months old. I know there are kids who are potty trained well before 2 years old and I even know of some kids who were potty trained before 1, but I also knew my kid and I knew that wasn’t him. Atlas is like me – he is resistant to change when he feels it being forced onto him and he has to do things in his own time. I wanted to potty train Atlas when I could communicate with him and he could communicate well with me and when he showed interest in the whole thing. To be honest, my reason for this was selfish. I didn’t want to clean up multiple messes each day because Atlas was either a) not getting the concept or b) refusing to cooperate. I didn’t want to make the whole thing harder than it had to be by starting the process prematurely.

Potty Training

The Right Time

SO, all that said – Atlas turns 3 in October and we just started potty training last week. Atlas had been peeing in the potty for weeks every night before he got in the bath so he was familiar with the whole concept, but I was still keeping him in diapers because he really showed no interest in going during the day and we’ve been on the go, which makes it harder to potty train. Last week, I came down with a cold virus and Atlas ran out of diapers, which meant we were stuck at home due to my illness and he had no choice but to wear the underwear that we picked up for him weeks ago.

I put him in a pair of underwear and told him that today was a special day because today he was going to do a big boy thing! I stressed the importance of not peeing in the underwear because it wasn’t like his diaper and if he went potty in his underwear, it would be so gross and it would be all over his legs. He peed in his underwear shortly after, just to ensure I wasn’t lying to him. I put him in the bath, got him all clean and said, “See, I told you underwear are different. Now you know so next time when you feel like you have to pee pee you tell Mommy and I’ll take you to the potty.” A little bit later he ran to the bathroom himself, pulled his pants down and went all by himself and then came to tell me. And that’s pretty much what’s been happening the rest of the week, with some coaching/help on my part.

He did pee in his underwear 2 more times that first day. One of the times I think he just didn’t make it to the bathroom in time and the other time I think he was just being plain lazy and didn’t want to stop playing with his trains. He has yet to poop in his underwear and he runs to the potty every time he feels even the slightest urge.

So, I would say it’s been a relatively easy transition. Now, I have heard multiple stories of kids regressing, so I would by no means say we are fully trained and out of the woods. I imagine we still have some weeks of learning and things being touch and go, but we are definitely off to a great start!

*Side Note: We did try pull ups with Atlas and that was not successful for us. He couldn’t tell a difference between the pull up and a diaper so he just went to the bathroom in the pull up. So, I knew when it was time to potty train I would just be putting him in underwear and going for it. Pull-ups may work great for your toddler though.*

The Rewards System

One reason I think some kids can be easily potty trained at 18 months old is because their parents bribe them with M&Ms. That is so great, but that didn’t work for Atlas because he gets M&M’s on the regular because I’m a big sweet tooth so I get M&Ms on the regular. I briefly tried the whole, “If you pee in the potty, you can have an M&M” deal several weeks ago and he was all, “But I get M&M’s anyway?” Well played, Atlas. Well played.

So, I had to up the ante. I thought, “What does Atlas loves more than anything?” Easy answer: His iPad. So I took his iPad away last week (he was being naughty, so it all worked out in my favor) and I told him that from now on, he could only get his iPad when he pooped in the potty. I know that is harsh, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He immediately pooped in the toilet after this and to be honest, for the first day I was a bit worried he was going to give himself hemorrhoids because he wanted that iPad so dang bad. Yikes.

I also bought his favorite toffee treats that he only gets for being extra sweet to Andi Rose or the dogs or doing something helpful and I told him every time he peed in the potty he would get 1 of those and every time he pooped he would get 3 of those AND iPad time. Worked like a charm.

After the first 2 days of successful potty training, Dave ordered him some Finding Dory underwear + a Finding Dory stuffed animal because Atlas is currently obsessed with Finding Dory. Atlas thought that was the bees knees and he was so proud of himself and he’s since been taking Dory with him every time he uses the bathroom.

And finally, I can’t leave this last bit of info out because this blog serves as a little diary for me and I always want to remember this. After Atlas pooped in the potty for the first time he looked at me and said, “I just did an ewww buddy in this little potty, so now you need to take me to Disney World.”

That kid drives a tough bargain. And you know we are totally planning Atlas’ first trip to Disney World now, right?

*Also, Atlas calls his poop “Ewwww buddy” because whenever I change him, if it really smells I always say, “eeeew buddy” so that is what he has always called poop and now that is what our entire family calls poop. And now the whole world knows that…or at least the 2 people who read this blog do.

The Resources

Potty Training Aids

Several months ago we bought Atlas 2 books on potty training and he loves both. He’s loved the Elmo book, P is for Potty, forever because of all the flaps that lift-up – any type of pop-up book or hide-n-seek book is always a winner in our house.  We recently started reading The Potty Book for Boys and Atlas is super into it. (They also have the same book, but written for girls here.) He loves that the little boy in the book has a bear because Atlas carries his bear (who we all affectionally refer to as Boo Boo) with him everywhere! We read that book a lot last week and Atlas kept saying, “He uses the potty and I use the potty.” He seemed to get that little parallel.

Atlas will use the regular toilet, but definitely prefers this little toddler toilet. I’ll probably give him another few weeks using the little one, but once he’s totally comfortable I am removing the little one because quite frankly, I hate cleaning it after each use. #gross #aintnobodygottimeforthat

We also have this little adapter that goes on the regular toilet and Atlas has a much easier time using the big potty with this on there, so I think we will keep that on the toilet for a while. I have this device upstairs and I keep the little potty downstairs, so Atlas can easily go to the bathroom upstairs or downstairs, depending on where we are.

I think the special Dory underwear really made Atlas excited, so I would suggest getting underwear with something on them that your kid totally digs if you’re about to start potty training. Every night before bed, Atlas insist on picking out his underwear for the next day. It’s hilarious!

potty training book

The Requirements

I knew potty training was going to require patience, but I didn’t realize to what capacity my patience would be needed. Atlas only had a few accidents & none of them were horrible, as I mentioned above, but oh my word! I had to stop and drop everything multiple times a day to assist him in the bathroom and it did drive me a little mad. I think the whole thing was more difficult because I also have Andi Rose to keep up with, and at 14 months old she is into everything, so I can’t really turn my back on her for a second because she is so busy! So I would have to stop what I was doing, scoop up Andi Rose and run to the bathroom to either wipe his bottom, clean out that little toilet (I’m OCD, so I lysol and bleach that thing down every time because Andi Rose will sometimes play with it when I’m not looking – I know, so freakin’ gross), help him wash his hands, administer his treats and do the potty dance (Oh, did I not mention that earlier? We also have a potty dance and song I made up.).  It is an ordeal, ya’ll! But it was what was working for us so I rolled with it. It just made getting anything done (folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, making meals, etc) extra hard. But he’s already more independent after a few days into training and doesn’t require as much attention so it is getting easier.

But my advice would be to clear your calendar for a few days and just prepare yourself for spending a lot of time in your bathroom. And be ready to get excited a million times a day over even the tiniest drop of pee in the toilet. By the end of the day, I would be looking at Dave like, “Can you PLEASE do the potty dance this time?”

This definitely isn’t a how-to post because I’m no expert. I just wanted to share what our first experience with potty training has been like thus far and what is currently working for us. My biggest piece of {unsolicited} advice for moms who are semi-interested would be to do what is right for you and your child! Don’t be pressured by anybody to potty train if you and your toddler aren’t ready! Nobody knows your child better than you, so you do what works for your family! 🙂

*Final Note: Atlas does still nap in a pull up and he sleeps in a pull up at night. I have no idea when I’ll transition him to underwear for sleeping, and I welcome any tips/advice you may have. But again, it isn’t really stressing me out. He’s asked to sleep in his underwear several nights, but I’ve told him he can’t do that until he wakes up with a dry pull up several mornings in a row.*

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this post, just leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. Also, if you’re not a mother and you just read this I’m so very sorry for what you just endured. 🙈

Life Lately: Favorite Things

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Phew! This week was a long one, ya’ll. Potty training isn’t for the faint of heart (Atlas is doing so so good, but it still requires me to drop whatever I am doing 46 times a day to go to the bathroom with him) and my kids decided they only wanted their naps to overlap 1 day this week, so after Monday I never experienced another nap time. I feel like a big ole’ stress ball today since I count on nap time to get all the things done, but I’m pretty much over it and ready to embrace all the glory of the weekend (read: I’m ready to stuff my face with pizza & wine tonight and call it a week)! Before I check out for the weekend, I wanted to share some things with you that I’ve been loving lately and I think you will love too! 🙂

Honest Beauty Lipsticks


Honest Beauty

Oh.Em.Gee. Ya’ll! This lipstick. It is SO good. I bought it after watching a beauty vlogger rave about it and it more than lived up to the hype. I think we can all agree that Jessica Alba can do no wrong. She is perfection, so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised at how great her new beauty line is. This may be my favorite lipstick I’ve ever owned just based on the formula and how hydrating it is. It isn’t drying at all. It isn’t sticky. It really is the perfect grab-n-go lipstick. I am wearing it in the shade honey kiss above. It is a good, soft neutral/nude that’s perfect for everyday wear. I also ordered the shade Marsala Kiss after loving honey kiss so much. Marsala Kiss is a gorgeous shade for fall. I really love the pink shades, but I thought with fall right around the corner I wanted something with a darker tone, but seriously – all my will power is going into not ordering every shade. I also got the lip gloss in creative kiss and I love it just as much and it pairs perfectly with marsala kiss. They are priced at $18, so really right in between your drugstore lipstick and your higher end brands like YSL/Nars. I’m not affiliated with Honest Beauty at all – this is an unbiased review. I just genuinely love the product that much and wanted to share it with any of my girls looking for some new beauty products to try.

Toddler Lunch Plate


Toddler Lunch Plate

My sister gave me this idea when we moved to Atlanta and it’s probably one that all my mom friends already know about, but just in case you’re like me and didn’t know about this genius trick I wanted to share it here. I’ve been serving Atlas’ lunch in this adorable silicone cupcake pan (Similar cute pan here too) and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! He loves when he gets his ‘special plate’ and it makes lunch time a littler easier. Also, it makes it easier for me to tell exactly what he ate and exactly what he didn’t eat because all his food is separated. Mama friends, if you haven’t tried this trick with your toddlers, give it a try.

Levain’s Copycat Cookie Recipe



I linked this recipe on the blog last week, but it is worth mentioning again. I’ve since made another batch of these cookies and I think it may be my new favorite cookie recipe. No cookie will ever truly compare to the Heavenly monster cookies from Levain’s (one of our favorite bakeries when we lived in NYC), but this copycat recipe is pretty darn close. They are SO thick and cake-like and my kids LOVE them. If you’re looking to make homemade cookies, give this recipe a try and make sure you use cake flour – I think that makes all the difference.

The Red Sea Rules Book


The Red Sea Rules

My mom got this book for Dave & me after Dave’s uncle passed away last month and I’ve been slowly working my way through it (my children don’t allow me a lot of time to read) and it has really encouraged my heart so much. The author uses the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea after being led out of Egypt to deliver 10 strategies for walking through seemingly impossible situations. The book isn’t long, but it is such a good read and a great reminder that sometimes God leads us to scary places, just as He did with the Israelites, to grow our faith and exalt His glory. I have a tendency to immediately think, “How can I get out of this?” when I’m in an uncomfortable place and this book is challenging me to instead ask the question, “How can God’s name be glorified in this?” If you or someone you know is struggling right now (divorce, break-up, financial stress, job loss, death of a loved one, life in a new city, etc), I would totally recommend this book (it is less than $10). I also think it is worth mentioning that the author even discusses those situations in life that we get into as a result of our own foolish decisions and I found that chapter to be very encouraging (because Lord knows I’ve led myself into some murky waters in the past).

Mama, if you’re reading, thanks for the great gift! 🙂

Raw Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics for Kids

A few weeks ago when our house got hit with yet another stomach virus, our sweet neighbor ran this probiotic powder for kids down and told me to try it with Atlas & Andi Rose. Andi Rose seems to always have tummy issues and I’ve been mixing this powder with her baby yogurt or apple sauce and her tummy does seem to be doing a lot better the last 2 weeks, so I’m going to keep on using this stuff. I ordered some of our own after my neighbor let us try her powder and neither of my kids have even noticed that I’m mixing it into their food once a day. It is supposed to promote digestive health and help support the immune system and after all the sicknesses we’ve had in our house the last 4 months, I’m willing to try anything. My neighbor raved about it and it got great reviews on Amazon and after 2 weeks of giving it to my kids, I’m digging it too. Andi Rose hasn’t had one tummy issue in the last 2 weeks. *knock on wood*

Also, hooray for sweet southern neighbors! I just love good people.

Black Booties



I realized after I published yesterday’s outfit post, that I probably should have linked some other black booties in case any of you were in the market for a pair but didn’t want to splurge on a designer pair. I think black booties are a must-have for fall, and I’m itching to bust out mine and all my other fall accessories! If you’re on the hunt for some black booties to rock with jeans/black pants/dresses then check out some of the ones I’m linking in this paragraph. I actually bought these block heel booties for my mom as a thank-you gift during the #nsale. I tried them on and fell in love with them. They are comfortable and they look beautiful on. I also want these so bad, but I’m pretty sure Dave will send me to some sort of rehab if I order 1 more pair of shoes. These Sole Society booties are less than $100 and I actually tried these on in Nordstroms and I was shocked to realize they were by Toms because they were so cute! (Not that Toms can’t be cute…but you know what I’m saying, right?) And these Splendid booties are super cute (I love the shade nut suede too).

And that’s a wrap for this week, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment below telling me what you’re loving this week – and make it good because I love reading your comments! 😉