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Cupcakes n Crunches

Friday Favorites

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Girly Things, Sprinkles | 0 comments

Phew! This week has been all kinds of crazy, but my entire family is healthy and Dave is back home (if you read yesterday’s post then you know he was gone for the week) so I’m going into the weekend one thankful mama! One thing about our kids being sick so frequently since moving to Georgia is that on the weeks they are actually healthy I’m so incredibly grateful for the normalcy that comes with being healthy. It’s always a good week when I’m not administering medicine and/or using the snot sucker 14 times a day.

I know I’m popping in a little late today, but I wanted to share a few things that have brought a smile to my face this week before I check out for the weekend. I hope you’ll leave a comment below sharing something that made YOU smile this week too! 🙂

Baby Boots



These Mini Melissa boots arrived in the mail for Andi Rose this week and I think they are my favorite shoes ever. I can’t wait for her to wear them. I’m hoping they fit her through the holidays because they are so gosh darn perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I wish I could find them in my size. I’m also really really wanting these shoes for Andi Rose. She is so much fun to shop for at this age. I didn’t really go all out for her when she was an infant because I’m all about ease and that means white onesies for the win, but now that she’s getting bigger I kind of treat her like my baby doll and I can only hope one day she loves to play dress up as much as I do.

New Tunes



I downloaded a few new songs to run to because my running playlists was due for a serious update. I stumbled across this song on I-Tunes and while it isn’t the best song to run to (it is a slow beat) I absolutely adore this new rendition of the song True Colors sung by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick (Loved the Phil Collins version too). Those 2 can do no wrong in my book (I’m a big fan of both Pitch Perfect & N*Sync) so this little melody is on point! Also, do I live under a rock? What is the movie Trolls? Never even heard of that one.

And if you have some songs you love to run to, leave those in the comments below. I still need about an hour of new music to get me through this half marathon!

SnapChat Filters = Best Baby Entertainment



How freaking cute is Andi Rose as a puppy dog? I swear that Snap Chat (is that 1 word or 2?) has saved me on multiple occasions when I’m out with the kids and one of them starts to have a meltdown, I’m like “Do you want to be a dog? Do you want to shoot rainbows out of your mouth? Do you want to be a deer? Look, look, LOOK!” And then they go from fussing to cracking themselves up playing with snapchat. The dog filter is their favorite and it is my favorite too (well that and the filter that makes my skin look flawless with beautiful butterflies swarming around my head – that one is pretty amazing and I wish that was my real life). I rarely post on Snap Chat, but 3 or 4 times a week the kids and I will play on it and it always makes us laugh and smile. Andi Rose immediately starts sticking her tongue out when she sees me click that app on my phone. It is the funniest thing, ya’ll.

Community Group



Dave & I joined a community group with our church and this week’s meeting was such a blessing to me (even though I really missed Dave being there with me). When I was sitting in that group I felt like I was exactly where God wanted me and that’s really the first time I’ve felt that since we moved to Georgia 6 months ago. We were challenged to let our guards down and not put out an exaggerated image of ourselves that says, “Hey! I’ve got it all together” but rather say, “Hey, this is what I struggle with and I’m hoping with the help of God and some relationships that are rooted in trust and kindness I can keep growing and becoming the person God desires for me to be.” God is doing so much in my messy heart and I’m so thankful that He is surrounding me with people who are genuine and kind to do this hard life with.

On a similar note, Atlas has memorized the Bible verse in Proverbs that says, “Whenever you are able, do good to those who need help.” He will randomly say that verse to me (He’s so proud that he knows it) and it’s been amazing to see how God has used my 2 year old to encourage and convict my heart. I’ve been thinking about that verse and I thought it just coincided so nicely with our community group’s lesson. We all need help in life. Nobody has it all together. Nobody is without fault. Nobody is perfect. So, you know what? We all need more good passed our way and we really shouldn’t withhold good from anybody. The Bible doesn’t say, “Do good to those who deserve it.” Or to those who will be the most thankful. Or to those who will do good back to you. Or to those who you will get the most credit for helping. It says do good to those who need it. Whether that is tangible help being offered, a simple kind word or something as large as a financial blessing – we all benefit when kindness is passed around. If we judged less and actually did good to people, how much greater would life be?

And one more bonus that relates to this post! I found the sweetest babysitter to watch Atlas & Andi Rose some weeks while Dave & I go to our Community Group and the kids absolutely adore her. That has me grinning from ear to ear because I feel like the kids and I just meshed with her so well and that is such an answer to prayer! You guys don’t even know. I get so much anxiety about leaving my kids and I felt totally at ease with this girl and that rarely happens for me.

Free People Zip Back Sweater


Free People Sweater

This Free People sweater! Ya’ll! It is the softest sweater I own. It was a splurge, but gosh it is so comfy (I rarely spend over $40 on a top these days). I put it on and I wasn’t in front of a mirror and I thought, “I don’t care if I look hideous in this, I’m keeping it based solely off the snuggle factor it has going on.” It isn’t cold enough outside to wear it yet, but I wore it around our house this week and I love it and the zip detailing on the back is too cute! I got the grey and now they have it in pink (shown above) and I’m swooning over that color too. I think it will be so cute paired with black pants and booties in a few weeks!

Today the weather in Georgia is actually perfect! It was 50 degrees for my run this morning and I was in HEAVEN! My hands were actually freezing, but I’ll take 50’s over 80’s any day. The kids and I played outside all morning long because temps hovered in the high 60’s, which felt fantastic.

Buuuut Andi Rose has nothing warm to wear, so we are off to do some shopping when she wakes up from her nap because homegirl needs a sweater. I’m pretty sure temperatures are going to reach the 80’s for a while longer, but this morning I felt bad for Andi Rose because she needed something for her little arms and legs.

I hope you all have the best weekend and I’ll see ya on Monday! 🙂

Pep Talks from Atlas + A Random Funny Story

Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Motherhood, Serious Stuff | 0 comments


Dave has been out of town this week, so it’s been harder than usual to find time to blog. I’ve also had a few things weighing heavy on my heart this week and to be 100% transparent, I sat down to blog several times over the course of the week and each time the tears just started flowing and I opted out of writing.

I’m feeling better today, thanks to a pep talk from Atlas. Yesterday, I was crying and Atlas saw me and hugged me and said, “I’m sorry you’re sad, Mommy. You are Atlas Andrews and Andrews choose to be happy and Andrews are good to people.” I think it is funny that he repeated what I say to him so many times a day when he is crying or throwing a fit or refusing to share with Andi Rose and I think it is even funnier that he didn’t swap out his name for my name. He’s so great.

Anyways, I have to share a funny story with you: While at our Bible study this week, I was talking with one of the girls there about Dave being out of town & we were discussing how we actually keep it together just fine while the men are away & she said, “I always feel like things go smoothly & then 4 hours before my husband arrives home everything falls apart.” THAT totally happened to me. I juggled both kids & both dogs fine (I mean, I say ‘fine’ – I washed my hair once while he was gone & Atlas went to bed at midnight one night, so…you know…), but as Dave was pulling into our neighborhood Andi had a blowout diaper & was suddenly covered in a diaper rash (happens every time she gets a new tooth) & Atlas was mad because we had to go inside to clean Andi Rose up, so I told him he could wait on the porch, which I think concerned one of our neighbors when he walked by & saw Atlas swinging alone on the porch swing (I could see/hear the whole thing from the window inside as I was cleaning Andi up). Meanwhile, I’m rushing to change Andi so I can get back to Atlas & Andi is screaming & then Dave gets home right at that minute & I’ve got poop all over my shirt & I’m sweating & the neighbor is looking at Dave like, “Thank God you’re home because your toddler was outside unattended” and all I could think was, “Daaang. I totally had this until about 6 minutes ago.” Ugh.

Why I Refuse to Count

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Motherhood | 0 comments

Before I ever had kids, I had a lot of opinions about how to properly raise well-behaved and civilized children. Since giving birth to 2 babies in less than 2 years, I’ve let go of a lot of those opinions and now I tend to subscribe to the, “There’s more than 1 way to skin a cat” theory. There’s a million different ways to parent and I don’t think we can label most techniques as ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ For the most part, I believe we are all doing the best we can and we are all trying to find what works for us and our little people.


Most of the things I said I would ‘never’ (ever ever ever) do, I do (Raising my voice at my kids and letting them ‘cry it out’ are just 2 things that come to mind). And so many of the things that I said I would ‘always‘ do, I actually only do sometimes, now that I’m living in the reality of motherhood and not in the world of  “This is what I would do if I were a mother.”

However, there is 1 thing I said I would never do and much to my surprise, I’ve stuck to it thus far in my parenting journey. I remember talking to one of my good friends about how I would never count to 3 for my kids. We were discussing the fact that so many parents today count for their kids and how our parents never counted for us. They told us to do something, we did it or we didn’t, and we either got rewarded or reprimanded immediately. Wham, bam, Thank you, M’am style.

This is what I’m talking about…

Mother: “Hey, give that toy to your brother.”

Child: clutches toy tighter and delivers death glare…

Mother: “You better give that toy to him”

Child: Takes a step back and prepares for a stand-off.

Mother: “One….twwwwo….twwwwo and a quarter…two and a haaaalf…you better not let me say 3 or you’re getting a spankin'”

Child: Throws toy at sibling and runs away crying.

You’ve seen this happen, right? Maybe you are a counter. I’m not judging you. You do what works for you and your child, but here’s why I won’t count.


My child doesn’t need to be conditioned to wait until the count of 3 to obey me. They need to be trained to obey immediately. It is my personal belief, that delayed obedience is a form of disobedience. I want Atlas & Andi Rose to respect authority and not live life pushing the limits, because they won’t be happy with that lifestyle. It also isn’t safe. If I see that they are in a dangerous situation and I need them to come to me right now, I don’t want to have to count to 3 before they know I’m serious. I don’t want them to be the kind of people who grow up and when their college professor says, “The paper is due on Monday at midnight” they interpret that as, “Well, that probably means Wednesday by noon.” Dave is a college professor and he is continually met with students who don’t abide by deadlines. I believe their parents my have been habitual counters.

I would be lying to you if I said I haven’t been tempted to count before because in the moment, it sometimes seems like the easier thing to do. Counting takes less effort than disciplining if the child will come before the count of 3. But I realize that on the times I’ve been tempted to count for Atlas, it hasn’t been because I wish to extend 3 seconds of grace to him but because I’m hoping he will save me the ‘trouble’ of stopping what I’m doing to discipline him for his disobedience. It’s really just laziness on my part. But that laziness on my part, would only be making more work for me later. I would be sacrificing long term goals on the altar of immediate gratification. I discipline him now, so that *hopefully* one day in the future he knows when I say “come here” I mean it and when I say “stop” that means right.this.second.

I’m by no means saying if you count for your kids, you’re a bad parent and you’re doing it all wrong. It may work for you and your child. You may genuinely be extending grace to them because you have a heart of gold. There are many days where I, personally, feel like I’m doing it all wrong so I’m certainly not judging anybody. However, I have stuck to my guns on my ‘no counting’ rule – if anything because I don’t have the energy to count that many times a day – and I just thought it would make for an interesting blog topic.

I also really just wanted to share this photo of Atlas shooting a bird….


While I don’t count, Atlas is obsessed with counting everything and whenever he uses his fingers to count, he will use his middle finger to represent the number 1. I always crack up because he has no idea what that finger represents and he is so innocent when he holds it up and says, “I just want 1 more M&M & then that be it.” Kids are so great.

So, now it’s your turn to chime in on the conversation. Did your parents count for you? Are you a counter? What are some things you said you would never ever do as a mom that you totally do now? #safezone up in here so everyone play nice! 😉

Half Marathon Training, Week 2 Recap

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 in Running | 0 comments

Hello hello and happy Sunday to you! I hope your weekend has been a wonderful mix of relaxation and fun activities. Our neighborhood pool closes tomorrow for the season, so since today is the last day to swim I’m thinking my crew will be hitting the pool up after nap time.

This week wrapped up week 2 of my half marathon training plan and I was a little all over the place this week due to our crazy schedule, but I’m rolling with it.


  • Monday: 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio + Core Work (Dave wasn’t home this day so I couldn’t fit in a run)
  • Tuesday: 5 Miles @ an 8:06 pace
  • Wednesday: 7 X 400 Meter ‘Sprints’ (I use quotes because I’m not entirely sure my body knows how to actually sprint)
  • Thursday:  Much needed rest day
  • Friday: 8 Miles @ 8:04 pace (this run felt surprisingly good – except for one spot at mile 3 and mile 5 hurt – just mentally I was like “blah – I still have so much farther to go and I want to be done” But I changed my thinking and then I enjoyed it again.)
  • Saturday: Rest (I shouldn’t have rested this day, but my mom was visiting and I just opted for more play time with her and the kids because that’s real life sometimes
  • Sunday: 3 Treadmill Miles @ a 7:50 average pace (this was supposed to be my ‘race pace’ – ‘race pace’ hurts)

So that’s that! I think my hardest run of the week was either the 400 meter sprints or the 3 miles at race pace. I think the 3 miles felt especially difficult because my legs were fatigued from my long run. My breathing felt good, but my legs just felt so dang heavy. I missed some strength/core work for sure, but this upcoming week is another crazy one for us due to some travel so I don’t anticipate getting in all my runs this week, but I should be able to get in more strength this week. Hopefully it all balances out in the end, right?


Friday Favorites

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Family Fun, Sprinkles | 0 comments

Hey, party people! I hope your work week flew by and your weekend goes by nice and slow. My mom arrived in town last night and I’m so excited to have her here with us for a few days! I’m in need of her company and her help (i.e. babysitting services). Funny story for your Friday: When she arrived at our house last night she took one look at me and goes, “Oh my gosh! You’re pregnant!” I was stunned….because I’m not pregnant. I told her I wasn’t and she didn’t believe me and for a quick minute Dave & I had to assure her I wasn’t pregnant before she started to back pedal and attempt to dig herself out of the hole she just dug. Apparently I need to lay off the cookies…and perhaps, food in general?

Before I checkout for a busy weekend, let’s talk Friday Favorites! Don’t forget to share some of your favorite things in the comments below!

Atlas’ Big Day


Without a doubt, my favorite thing from this week has been all the love Atlas has received from the PGA Tour’s social media pages! On Thursday, Atlas went with Dave to the Fed Ex Cup golf tournament and my boys got super lucky because Atlas ended up getting a high five and/or a golf ball from several professional golfers. That’s Jason Day pictured above. The PGA Tour took a video of a few of the players handing out high-fives to Atlas and you can watch it here on their IG page. Atlas & Dave are on cloud 9 and I’m so happy they had such a memorable day. If you follow PGA Tour on Facebook you can see the video posted there too. Those golfers are truly class acts and I still can’t get over how incredibly nice and thoughtful they were to my boy. I know for them, they are just having another day at work, but they made my son’s day and it just makes me love the sport of golf that much more.

Also, I’m pretty sure some men use their kids to attract cute women – however, my husband uses our son to attract professional golfers.

Go-to Snack


This is a simple thing, but I have been loving this snack lately and I look forward to eating it every day. I drizzle honey over cottage cheese and if I have blueberries, I mix a few of those in too. It is so yummy and a great source of protein. Atlas and Andi Rose love this snack too! Give it a try.

Fall Candles

Leaves Candle

I know yesterday was the first day of fall, but Andi Rose and I spent the afternoon at the pool because it still feels like the middle of summer in Georgia. However, I did light a new fall candle last night and the smell just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Leaves is probably my favorite Bath & Body Works Scent for fall.

Sweet Grace Sachets

Sweet Grace

My sister included one of these sachets in my birthday gift several months ago when she mailed it to me, and I loved the smell so much I’ve been ordering them ever since. I place them in bedrooms and linen closets and they smell amazing! And when their smell starts to fade and isn’t quite as strong, I throw them in a drawer with some clothes and then my clothes smell fabulous when I pull them out to wear! I think including them in a gift bag is such a nice touch too. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with them now. Thanks, Michelle for turning me onto these!

Candy Corn Donut


This is one of my favorite things, not just from this week, but possibly of all time. This candy corn donut from a local donut shop blew my mind. It may be the reason my mom thought I was pregnant. #worthit #noregrets

Now you share something that made you smile this week in the comments below! 🙂

Happy Friday, sweet friends!


Thursday Thoughts

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Sprinkles | 2 comments

“Thursday Thoughts” is starting to feel like a tradition around here. These posts always seem to spark interesting conversations and I love that so much so today I’m coming back at ya with a whole lot of randomness.

  1. I’ve been scrunching my hair a lot lately and I’m sort of loving it. I mean, I don’t really love how my hair looks scrunched (I look like a wild lion) but I love that I can do it in less than 10 minutes and avoid applying a lot of heat to my hair. The interesting part of this is that I didn’t have to travel back to 1999 to find a diffuser. I found one at Target a few weeks ago. For some reason I didn’t think I would be able to find a diffuser when I got the random thought of “Hey! I want to scrunch my hair again!” This is one of those situations where I just assumed because I stopped scrunching my hair in middle school, then everyone else must have stopped too, leading to all the hair care companies halting production of diffusers. Turns out, it doesn’t work like that.

    Why, yes. I am about to wipe her runny nose with my finger. #momlife

    Why, yes. I am about to wipe her runny nose with my finger. #momlife

  2. Dave has been making dinner some nights and it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever. He is such a gem of a man and even my mom randomly said the other night while we were chatting on the phone that Dave is always so helpful. He really is. He is always trying to find ways to make my life easier and I know people always use the phrase ‘better half’ but I feel like that term truly applies to Dave – he is my better half. But seriously – why is it that when someone else cooks dinner it taste 1 million times better than if I cooked it myself? Dave made this teriyaki chicken and veggies dish the other night and! It was SO good, but if I would have made it I would have been like, “Meh…what’s for dessert?”
  3. I forgot how hungry running makes me. “Ravenous” is probably a better term than “hungry.” After I complete a long run, I’m never that hungry that same day. In fact, I almost feel like my appetite is kind of squashed. But the next day…OH Lawd! That next day, it is on! I can’t get enough to eat. Dave & I are taking bets as to how much weight we gain training for this half marathon. Isn’t that crazy? We are running more and we are assuming we are going to gain weight…not lose weight. I sort of hate it. Can any of my other runner friends relate? Any other ravenous runners out there?
  4. I love brussels sprouts. I drizzle them in olive oil and sprinkle them with garlic salt and pepper and I put them in the oven for about 15 minutes and then sprinkle them with parmesan cheese before devouring them. It is one of my favorite veggies, but Dave cannot.stand the smell of brussels sprouts. He loathes it, so I never make them for dinner because it makes him gag. But I don’t want to part with my beloved sprouts, so sometimes I make them for lunch. But it never fails, as soon as Dave walks in the door he puts his bag down and says, “You made brussels sprouts.” (←read that in the most accusatory tone you can imagine. Total bad cop style.) Well, today I had some brussels sprouts on hand and that runner’s hunger hit me hard, so I caved and I made them and then I went on a cleaning rampage trying to cover the scent of my dirty deed. When Dave came home and couldn’t smell any brussels sprouts lingering in the air, I felt like I had gotten away with smoking in the house (no, I don’t smoke). And I’m sure that’s what it looked like if you were watching me. I was spraying febreeze, lighting candles, diffusing oils and mopping. I know – that’s a crap ton of work to go through for brussels sprouts, but I love them and I love Dave so I’m trying to make both relationships work.
  5. Tonight we took the kids and dogs for our evening walk and before we got started Dave & I agreed we were tired and we were going to keep the walk kind of short. Andi Rose overheard us and decided to hijack our plans. She threw her shoe out of the stroller when we weren’t looking (This happens all.the.freaking.time) and we were almost home when we realized it and the sun was already going down and her shoe was a clear jelly shoe. But she has so few shoes left that fit her, so we turned the whole crew around and went in search of this one shoe. It was basically as far from our house as it could have been and I think we ended up walking 5 miles and the kids went to bed an hour late. But we just had to laugh, because what else can you do? Andi Rose kept cracking up in the stroller and we were like, “This chick is totally laughing at us right now.”andi-rose
  6. Andi Rose also took one of my shoes out of my closet the other day and it has yet to be found. I miss it. She also rearranged all the shoes in Dave’s closet so the other night when we went to this super fancy event, Dave looked down and realized his shoes didn’t actually match…compliments of Andi Rose.
  7. I would say, “I’ll give you one guess who our favorite child is this week!” but Atlas is acting like a teenager (think 14 year old girl who just got her period for the first time) and having the most dramatic meltdowns ever when I tell him “No” this week. He lets out a scream that I’m sure can be heard a country mile away and he actually yells at me (no, I do not let him get away with it – discipline always follows). I have to hide my face sometimes though because I can’t help but laugh at his outbursts. And then after I disciplined him one day this week we were talking through it and he said, “I’m just sad because you drug my heart through the Alabama dirt.” I’m pretty sure we’ve been listening to too much country music in this house because that is most definitely a line from a Billy Currington song. We’ve never even been to Alabama.

Your turn! Where are my hungry runners at? Funniest thing your kids have said to you this week? Is there a food that you cannot stand the smell of?