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Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Family Fun, Running | 12 comments

10 Miles

Happy Saturday, friends!

This morning Dave & I headed downtown to complete 1 last long run before the Zooma half marathon next weekend. Dave & I run together on occasion, but we don’t typically complete longer runs together (anything over 5 miles). It is kind of a double edged sword when we run together. On one hand, we push each other to run faster (read: Dave makes me run faster). On the other hand, we push each other  so hard, I think one of us may die (read: I plot ways to hurt Dave when he makes me run out of my comfort zone).

We started our run at 9am and temperatures were already higher than they’ve been the last 2 months. It was breezy, but still hot. Within the first 2 miles of our run, we tackled 2 bridges…and we did it at sub 8 minute miles.

bridge view

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep that pace for more than 5 miles, especially with the warmer temperatures. I was having a mental meltdown about being potentially overheated during the Zooma race and I started to get frustrated. Naturally, I took it out on Dave.  I stopped shortly after 2 miles and told him we were going too fast and we needed to slow down (there may have been some other words thrown in there for a dramatic impact). Let’s just say words were exchanged over our 7:50 pace and leave it at that.

We were able to get water at 3.5 miles and by then I was into a running groove. I spent time thinking about Michelle, and how she is running Zooma…PREGNANT. Yes, she’s a badass with crazy running legs. I also thought about Katie making time to train during her sweet baby boy’s naps for a half marathon in the freezing cold. Then I thought about my coworker, Janny, and all the effort she’s put into training for Zooma – her very first race ever. I was inspired by their dedication and it fueled me to keep running.

We ran an out and back course, and on our way back I told Dave I was ready to make the last bridge of the day my bitch, which he found hilarious. We booked it over the bridge and back to our car and finished 10 miles in a time that I was pretty proud of.

10 miles


We were able to get water at 3 points during our run, which was fabulous considering it was warmer than usual.

In addition to getting motivation from some awesome women, I also jammed out to some good music. My favorite songs of the day were…

  • Wicked: Defying Gravity
  • Rihanna: Disturbia
  • Mariah Carey: Dreamlover (rockin’ it old school)
  • Taio Cruz: Dynamite
  • One Republic: Secrets
  • Hunter Hayes: Somebody’s Heartbreak
  • Jimmy Needham: Yours to Take
  • Jimmy Needham: Forgiven and Loved

Even though we got off to a rough start, it ended up being a good run. I don’t think I will keep that pace next weekend because I was tired when we finished today, but it would be pretty sweet if I could pull out a time like that.  We’ll see!

After our run, we watched my 8 year old nephew’s basketball game.

P's Game

My nephew is the one shooting the ball in the above photo. He scored almost all the points during the game, which he was quick to point out to us when the game was over. Humility isn’t his thing. I don’t get to attend all his games, but when I do they are always one of the highlights of my day. He’s a cool kid, just like his aunt. Humility isn’t my thing either.

By the time his game was over, Dave & I both thought we were going to pass out from hunger. We drove  straight to Taco Lu’s, a local baja mexican restaurant that is the jam. We started out with a round of his and her drinks.

his and hers

A rosa margarita for me and a beer for the man.

Then we dug into some chips, salsa and queso dip…

taco lu's


And finally we ordered some tacos. I got my usual, which is 2 bangin’ shrimp tacos and OMGosh – they are out-of-this-world delicious!

Taco lu's2

We left slightly buzzed and totally full. It was by no means a healthy post run recovery meal, but it was amazing.

Once we got home, we played with Ob & Marley in the backyard for a while before leashing them up for a 2 mile walk.

2 mile walk


Now, we are home and trying to decide dinner plans. We’re thinking about pizza and wine….and I’m thinking 10 miles wasn’t far enough considering the junk food we’re devouring today. Looks like tomorrow we will need to make veggies a priority!

Okay. Your turn. I want to hear about your Saturday! What did you do?

Do you enjoy working out with your significant other? 

Are you in your pj’s and looking forward to reading a book at 7:30 on a Saturday night? No? Just me? 




  1. My husband and I run together in the warmer months, he doesn’t like the cold weather running… But we train for half marathons together… And that is totally something I would do! Stop in the middle of the run to complain and yell at him!!! Sometimes you just gotta do it! I am so glad I was able to encourage you thru part of the run! Yea blog friends!! I ran during Luke’s nap time on Friday and I was only going to run as long as he slept… 11 miles later, I finally stopped! I still had time to shower and have a snack before he finally woke up! I didn’t think that I was going to get in my long run this weekend because of body pump training so I was super excited, and tired, when he slept so long.
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..BODY PUMPMy Profile

    • You’re an inspiration, Katie! So glad you got a great 11 miles in! What a treat for the weekend! Can’t wait to read all about your Body Pump filled weekend!

  2. Hey there I went to high school with Dave. His Grandma got Chloe (the famous pup) from my mom…and I grew up serving Dave ice cream at the Pale Whale. He linked to you from FB and I had to check out a chick who is both a runner and a junk food junkie (i.e: YOU SPEAKA ME LANGUAGE). I have FOUR littles and am training for my second half in April. Currently need inspiration in the strength….circuit area. And perhaps some advice on shoes? What? Too much?? Ok…I want my legs to look like your legs. And, go…….

    Look forward to reading you and Dave’s adventurs. Tell him Amy (Standfest) Hetrick says “Hi”. And if you can let me know any of the above info. Total bonus.

    • Hey Amy! Thanks for checking out my blog! I passed your message onto Dave and he said to tell you hi! 🙂

      I love circuit workouts because they go by quick and keep me from getting too bored. I run 3-4 days a week and I do circuit workouts (strength) 2 days a week. My circuit workouts are always less than an hour (usually 30-45 minutes), but I try to make them pretty intense so I’m burning the most amount of calories possible in the shortest amount of time. I found that when I started incorporating circuit training I actually started running faster. I think this was because my heart rate got used to getting pretty high during some circuits and I also built muscles in my legs. I try to post at least 1 new circuit workout a week on this site, which you can find under the “Work it Out” tab at the top of the page. Some of them require no equipment and can be done at home, since I typically workout at home in our backyard. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please don’t hesitate to ask! As far as shoes go…I would go to a running store somewhere in your city and have them fit you for a shoe, based on the arches in your feet, running form, etc. I run in Mizuno Wave Riders and they are my favorite, but I know they don’t work for everybody.

      If you want a specific type of workout, let me know and I’ll try to come up with something for you! I’ll pick Dave’s brain too since this is all right up his alley! I can also give you some other fitness blogs to check out that are wonderful if you’re looking for inspiration! 🙂

      • Ashley,

        Good advice with the shoes. I am so lazy. And it is so hard to haul the kids in and out that I have avoided that, but it is something I really need to find time to do.

        Love the circuit links. Also a fan of little to no equipment needed. I will have to be sure to keep your links in mind for reference. I am on a schedule VERY similar to yours. 3-4 run, 2-3 strength–currently taking a bootcamp class at our Y 3 days a week.

        Best of luck in your race coming up!! I am sure you will do great. Awesome time for your 10 miler too. You can TOTALLY hang on to that pace for another 3. Trust me, you can!!! I’ll be excited to read how it goes!!

        • Thanks, Amy! Keep me posted with your circuit workouts! 🙂

  3. That sounds like a perfect Saturday! My nephews had their first sleepover at our place last night 🙂 We watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and went out for frozen yogurt.

    I love when Dan and I can work out together. He is definitely a faster runner than I am, but he is a good sport and will happily run at my pace!
    Kate @ recently posted..ITunes Giveaway: And the Winner is…My Profile

    • Oh my goodness – a sleepover with the nephews sounds so fun! How adorable! I bet Nola loved the company! Ob loves my nieces and nephews!

  4. You two are so adorable!! I’m glad you ended up kicking your 10 miler’s a$$ in the end! I dont know how you couldn’t of owned that run after all those inspiring people you were thinking about.

    … && Mexican is probably the BEST refuel food after a run, followed closely by pizza 🙂
    Jessie recently posted..Marvelous In My Monday :: Enjoy your lifeMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jessie! I’m glad you agree with my recovery meal! 😉 Lots of veggies were consumed today though!

  5. Awesome run and even better recovery meal. The boy and I lift together Mon / Wed and do abs together on Friday. I love lifting with him because he makes me try heavier weights than I would other wise. I have stopped running with him because I push myself too hard and feel like I’m going to die. It also makes me really angry because I run 4x a week and he doesn’t and he is still faster than I am and never tires. He is like running with your dog I’m assuming.
    Megan recently posted..A Little Winter CleaningMy Profile

    • Hahahaha – Megan, this comment has me cracking up! I feel the exact same way about running with Dave – I actually train and I will be running with him, thinking I’m on the verge of a heart attack, and most of the time he is running along like a gazelle, as if it were easy for him! Men – *Sigh*

      Very cool that you and your boyfriend lift together though! You guys sound like a neat couple!

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