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Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Baby Atlas, Motherhood | 4 comments

10 Months(ish)

It has been a while (ahem, 4 months) since I wrote a post detailing Atlas’ monthly progress. Atlas turned 10 months old on August 5th and even though I’m a tad late, I wanted to write out what this stage has been like for us.

DSC_2199With each month that passes I become more aware of the fact that I won’t remember the chaos of my current life in just a few short years. It is already hard to remember in detail what it was like bringing a newborn home, so I’m sure I will only vaguely remember the teething and tantrums I dealt with yesterday.

Atlas is roughly 23 pounds (taking a guess on that one – he hasn’t been weighed in a while) and over 31 inches long. He has 5 teeth and he’s not afraid to use them. I thought nothing in this world would be cuter than his toothless grin, but this smile is pretty darn cute too.

DSC_2189He’s been crawling for a while now, and while that has made life difficult on a whole new level, it has helped his mood tremendously. He used to seem so aggravated with life. He hated to be set down. He never liked those baby swings. He just wanted to be held and that was tough. Oh my gosh, that was tough. I remember saying to Dave on several occasions that Atlas just seemed like a miserable kid. I know that sounds horrible, but the boy just seemed frustrated all the time. However, once he started crawling it was like the world opened up for him and his whole personality began to change. He seems to enjoy life so much more now that he can go where he wants to go. Unfortunately, the only places he wants to go are the dogs’ bowls, the toilet and the trash can. The kid is a mover and a shaker. Whether it be climbing all the furniture, chasing the dogs or banging a toy against a wall, he seems happiest when he’s on the move. This would explain his frustration in his early months. I think he’s going to be like Dave. Dave does not like to sit still for too long and he’s always looking for the next adventure. And I guess I’m the same way, unless I am getting lost in the pages of a book, in which case I’m fine sitting by a pool for 8 hours.

Atlas loves the people he knows; Our family, our friends from the dog park, his babysitter, our doormen, the sales girl at Club Monaco. He is terribly shy around people he doesn’t know though, often burying his face into whatever he can find so he won’t be seen. I think he gets this from me. I have my core group of people that I love talking with, but I’m an introvert by nature. Dave on the other hand is the extrovert that can sit at a bar for 1 hour and leave with 5 new best friends.

While Atlas may have received some of my introverted ways, he did inherit Dave’s love for golf. Oh, you didn’t know that was genetic? Apparently it is. Atlas’ favorite ‘toy’ is a golf ball. I don’t leave home without 2 or 3 golf balls in the diaper bag because it is sure to keep both Dave and Atlas occupied if we are in the dressing room at Lululemon out and about. Atlas plays 2 games with the golfballs. First, he throws them and then chases them. This game allows me to pick up more golfballs a day than Tiger Woods. The other game Atlas enjoys is finding something he can drop the balls into (like Dave’s running shoe) and then he takes them out and then repeats that cycle 582 times. This game is what allows me to make the bed, brush my teeth and get dressed in the mornings.

golf buddyAtlas is getting to where he eats whatever we eat. He still nurses 3 times a day, but I plan on stopping that around his first birthday. I still make some baby food for him each week because quite frankly, it is much faster to feed him pureed food.  If I can spoon broccoli into his mouth, I can feed him in about 10 minutes. If he has to pick the broccoli up and shovel it in himself, it takes about 30 minutes and roughly 50% of his meal ends up in the mouths of Ob & Marley.

photoHe absolutely loves eggs mixed with cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, ground turkey and chicken. Kid is a carnivore, which is funny because all I wanted when I was pregnant with him was meat.

It is mind boggling to think how much life can change in 1 year. To think how much one little boy can change the life of 1 little family.

photo copyNothing has strengthened my faith quite like motherhood because nothing will make you seek refuge in the only One who can truly offer rest like a hard-to-handle-infant. Once I put down all the “how-to” books and opened my Bible, things started to get easier to manage around here. I can say with 100%  certainty that I’ve become more frazzled and less put together in the last 10 months (what is make up, again?) and sometimes it seems like I’m a lot worse for the wear now that I’ve embarked on this journey of motherhood. However, I feel confident that the changes happening within my spirit are worth the unbrushed hair, gym clothes and tired eyes I’m currently sporting.*

*There’s a good chance that Atlas will be 7 years old and I’ll still be sporting gym clothes all day. #yogapantsforlife


  1. He is a beautiful boy and you are doing a great job. So proud of you. Seeing the pictures makes me miss you all.

  2. Atlas is ADORABLE! I love his light hair, its gotten lighter right?? Ava’s has lightened too, must be the summer weather.

    My favorite picture is Atlas sticking his hand in your dogs mouth. Isn’t it funny how they have no fear!
    Kelly @ The Fit Skool recently posted..Intense workouts and nourishing my bodyMy Profile

  3. Girl, I could read your posts all day long. For reals. You’re such a fun writer & oh so honest! I feel like we’re chatting at the pool while our babies dangerously crawl away from us. 😉

    Atlas is sooo cute! A lot of the stuff you said reminds me of Lily–she’s such a mover. She wants to go! She does not know what a golf ball is though….although she loves my shoes! And essential oil bottles (go figure?!) And my water bottle.

    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Baby: 10 Months UpdateMy Profile

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