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Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Sprinkles | 10 comments

10 Things for Your Thursday

1. It was 9 degrees in NYC this morning, but the weather app on my phone said it felt like -4. I don’t understand that. If it feels like -4, then can we just call it for what it is: negative 4? I offered to walk the dogs for Dave this morning so he could sleep in (insert applause and/or pat on the back here). When that cold wind hit my face I was sort of regretting going for ‘wife of the year’ but then when I watched Marley having so much fun in the snow, I couldn’t help but smile.

Snow dogHe peed on every tree, frolicked around like it was a day at the beach and about lost his marbles when he found half a sled, which I think he mistook for a giant frisbee.

Meanwhile, Ob was wearing not one, but TWO jackets and she was still shaking like a leaf. I ended up carrying her half way home because she refused to walk. Ob is 40 pounds so I’m sure you can imagine the looks I got from strangers on the street as I passed them with Marley’s leash in hand and Ob on my hip.

2. I wish I could convey to you just how much Ob loves Atlas.

best palsShe waits for him to wake up in the mornings and her tail wags like crazy when he starts to stir and make noise. She just radiates pure joy around him.

3. I saw the 8:20s again this week, but from the treadmill.

IMG_4382I’m not risking falling on black ice, so my runs for the next few days will be done on the treadmill. Black ice is for the birds.

4. Speaking of birds (awesome transition, I know), Atlas got an exersaucer from my sister and he loves the birds on it. Can you tell?

new toyKid had a full blown 15 minute conversation with them yesterday. Whatever they were saying back to him was clearly very surprising.

5. I’ve got 2 new things for you to try.

dessertsDave came home with that peanut butter pie ice cream on Tuesday night and I wanted to marry him all over again. It’s the little things that make marriage so wonderful (see #1). And those S’mashing S’mores are worth a try. I suggest buying 2 packages…just go ahead and save yourself the trip from going back at 9:30pm to get your fix.

6. I have an Insomina Cookie addiction. There. Cat is out of the bag. I said it.

I’ve told you guys about Insomina Cookies, right? They deliver warm cookies to your door in a pizza box. I decided to stop ordering them…you know, help our budget and my waistline and whatnot. I quit cold turkey. I was doing good too. I lasted almost 2 weeks…and by ‘2 weeks’ I really mean ‘a week and a half.’ Fine. I lasted 9 days. Okay? Okay! I relapsed last night though. I relapsed bad. I ordered a 3 day supply and convinced myself that was okay because it would last me a while.* I also ordered a sugar cookie for Ob & Marley. Nobody likes to eat alone. Anyways…they gave me an extra cookie either by mistake or because I’m a valued customer and my level of excitement was a tad bit ridiculous. Think Marley on a snowy day + Ob getting to wake up Atlas with kisses. Have you ever gotten an extra nugget in your meal at Chick-fil-a? It was like that, only 100xs better because it was a cookie.

7. This sermon + this book have changed my prayer life.

prayer lifeCan’t.say.enough.good.things.

If you want your faith to be encouraged, check out the book and/or sermon. And if you have anything you would like me to pray about for you, I would be happy to. You can always shoot me an e-mail. I love praying for friends. 🙂

8. I have big plans to take a Les Mills GRIT Plyo class tomorrow. It is a demo class and I’m both ecstatic and terrified to take it. Something tells me that 30 minutes will help my prayer life just as much as the stuff mentioned in #7. Annette promised me I’ll love it though. 😉

9. Atlas hates the carseat and recently he has started to even hate his stroller. Talk about helping your prayer life…travel 5 hours in a car with a baby who hates the carseat. It is impossible NOT to pray. But put that boy on a subway and he is either asleep in 2 minutes or fascinated by all the people.

IMG_4362Definitely a NYC baby, no?

10. This picture from our walk through Central Park last weekend never made the blog, but I just felt like it should.

IMG_4396Everything is dead, but somehow it is still sort of beautiful.

*There’s a reason #6 doesn’t have a photo corresponding with it. That 3 day supply didn’t last quite as long as I hoped.

Oh, and the About page of CnC was updated recently, as well as the At Home Workouts‘ page and the Circuit Workouts‘ page. Check ’em out! 🙂


  1. Peanut Butter Pie icecream?! YUM! And let me know you like the Grit class– our gym just started them!

    • I’ll be sure to report back with how it goes. I’ve been a big fan of Body Pump for years, but I’ve never tried Grit. Grit sounds like more my style of workout – more bootcamp style.

  2. Eeek! Reading that temperature makes me cold! We’ve been experiencing abnormal warm temperatures for January and are actually in a drought! Crazy!

    • I read about the drought you guys are having. That is nuts! You guys need to do a rain dance! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine though.

    • Happy Friday to YOU! 🙂 Enjoy those runs during nap time – I’m hoping to do the same 1 day this weekend!

  3. Omg I was laughing out loud with your comment on the extra cookie!! I wish they had a delivery cookie service around here. I can see how that would be addicting 🙂
    Kelly @ The Fit Skool recently posted..Rest & RecoveryMy Profile

    • It is dangerous – when I think about leaving NYC, I usually dream of all the normal things we will have again (cars, a yard, space, etc) but then I think about not being able to have cookies delivered at 10pm and I realize I’m good to stay here a while longer.

  4. Because I am reading this today, did you then do GRIT today?!?! If so, how was it?!?!!!

    I love that pic of Atlas & the animals. hahahahahha. I laughed hard out loud when I saw that. Your descriptions are the best too.

    Ordering cookies?? this girl’s got to eat!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Friday RandomsMy Profile

    • I did do GRIT! Loved it! I’m going to write about it so check back in for my recap of it. I’m going to be SORE tomorrow. I wish I could have done Body Pump too – I got there for the tail end of it and was loving the music to the new release.

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