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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Family Fun, Sprinkles | 0 comments

39 Weeks Pregnant + Weekend Happenings

Being 39 weeks pregnant is just plain weird

Knowing you can (& will) have a baby any day is just plain weird.

Last week’s growth scan determined that Atlas is weighing in at 7 pounds 6 ounces and last week’s doctor appointment confirmed that I am dilated and partly effaced (TMI?) so things are moving along. According to my doctor, our baby boy could be here any day. In fact, she said she would be surprised if I make it to 40 weeks at the rate things are progressing. But who really knows…

How do you plan your week around the possibility of such an event? I’ve got the house fairly clean and the laundry mostly done so if Atlas does decide to grace us with his presence this week our home is tidy. I hear newborns care about things like that.

I haven’t purchased groceries this week because I hate wasting food and I’m convinced the moment I plan out all our meals and submit our grocery order my water will break. Yes; Unfortunately I am THAT worried about letting peppers go bad. So, instead I will be walking to the local grocery store every day to get food in small quantities. Someone get me some meds.

Speaking of water breaking…I’ve been sleeping on a towel the last 3 nights because I’m CONVINCED my water will break during the night and ruin our mattress. I’m so paranoid about this happening that I’m thisclose to sleeping on a pallet on the floor. Seriously. Someone get me some meds.

Weekend Happenings

In other news, we got Atlas a sweet new ride over the weekend.

Dave may be as excited about that stroller as he is the actual baby. According to Dave, it is like a Smart Car or a Ferrari for a baby. Hence, we got it in red.

We get excited about strollers now. I would say the transformation into parenthood is almost complete.

The best part about our weekend was spending some quality time with my mom who came to visit.

While we were all bummed Atlas didn’t make his debut while she was here, we had so much fun with her during her short stay. We showed her around the parks, laughed, shopped and ate delicious desserts after every meal.

Last night after my mom left, Dave & I watched the movie “Now You See Me.” It was a good one! It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it was a fun mystery to try and follow. Sort of reminded me of an Ocean’s 11 meets The Illusionist.

Today was spent working, running errands, visiting the doctor, cleaning and doing laundry.

I made sure to take time to sit and enjoy some relaxing moments though with a banana and peanut butter quesadilla sprinkled with cinnamon (so good)…

and a nice warm mug of tea (it is chilly in NYC today – perfect tea drinkin’ weather)…


Now I’m off to make some potato soup for dinner! Unless of course I start having serious contractions.*

*Atlas, that’s your queue to move.

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