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Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 in Books, Girly Things, Giveaway | 17 comments

Kit Life Giveaway + An Official Hashtag

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you’re checking in today after a restful weekend. We got snowed in, which hijacked plans I had to go to Florida for a quick trip, but we made the most of the cozy weekend at home and enjoyed our first Georgia snowfall.

Last week I shared some of my personal goals for 2017. Today, I’m popping in to share one of the tools I’m using to help me stay on track with my goals!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you’ve probably read about my love for a good ole’ school planner. I know in today’s world, everyone keeps their life on their digital device but I still cling to my paper calendar because I love the joy that fills my soul when I physically cross something off my to-do list. I also feel like writing tasks and appointments down by hand helps me commit them to memory. And I just don’t trust technology. The other day I accidentally deleted a note from my i-phone. Suddenly, there was a “whoosh” and it was gone and I was freaking out because I couldn’t figure out how to get it back (I’ll fast forward to the ending of that dramatic story for you: I never did figure out how to get it back).

This year I am using the Kit Life Crown Planner to keep track of my daily to-do lists, appointments, reminders, birthdays, vacations and goals. I’m already in love with this planner and we aren’t even half way through January yet!

I initially fell in love with the Kit Life Planner because the cover was beautiful. That’s right. I judged a book by it’s cover. Don’t act like you’ve never done it.

But upon opening it and diving into it’s pages, I realized this planner was even more beautiful on the inside. This calendar is designed for the girl who wants the ‘big picture’ to guide her life, rather than being driven by random daily to-do lists.

Every 3 months, there is a quarterly check-in page. This page makes you stop and think about not only where you are in relation to your big picture goals, but also what your intentions are for the next quarter. It allows you to pause and rejoice over what you’ve accomplished and also refocus on the areas that need some extra TLC. It also has a space for personal inventory, which I think is so great. You can jot down the current details of your weight, sleep, overall health, etc. I wrote all these things down on the last day of 2016 and while I was content with my weight and activity levels, I made sure to note that my sleep patterns have been atrocious, causing me to feel less than healthy. Something about actually writing that down made me realize that I’ve got to make my sleep a priority. As a result, I decided to commit to reading a book each night before bed (instead of working on my laptop in bed). I’ve already seen a drastic improvement in my sleep + I get the bonus of quality reading time, which is another goal I have in my planner – to read more books this year (I know, how cliche of me).

As far as the actual day-to-day pages go, my favorite feature is “The Big 3” box. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this box is, but I have personally made it my space for writing down the 3 most important things of the day – and those ‘things’ aren’t necessarily tangible tasks. For me, they are usually the things that can’t be quickly checked off, but rather thoughts I want to keep in mind as I navigate my day. So for example, one day last week I just wrote “Embrace my children” I wanted to be sure that as I went about doing laundry, responding to e-mails and paying bills that I consistently took a break to embrace my kids in the crazy, loud and messy stage they are in. Another day I wrote “Lower my expectations of this world” and that worked out nicely since that was the day I took Atlas to the dentist to find out he’s got some cavities. When I looked back at my calendar to schedule his follow up appointment, I was reminded that this world isn’t supposed to be perfect and free from trouble and pain.

The other section I love is the “Gratitude” box found on each day. I’ve been writing down 2-3 things I’m thankful for before bed in the evening. I find that it’s a positive way to end a productive day (or not-so-productive day…because let’s be honest – those unproductive days are common during this season of motherhood). This tiny section has big implications for me because it reminds me daily that I am balancing so many blessings. Whether I am running a sick child to the doctor or I’m drowning in laundry (or both), I can always find something to be grateful for. I am constantly muttering the phrase ‘balancing blessings’ under my breath as I go about my day because it helps keep my stress in perspective. Because I say it so much around my house, I’m going to start saying it on social media too. I’m going to be using the #balancingblessings this year and if you like it, feel free to use it too! I’m declaring that the official hashtag of Cupcakes n Crunches. Wait, can Cupcakes n Crunches have an official hashtag? Please say yes! Don’t crush my dorky dreams.

Anyways, other cool features included in Kit Life Planners are:

  • The Peek at the Week: This allows you to see an overview of your week ahead – I like to think of it as my ‘bird’s eye view.’
  • The Wellness Box: This is where I write my daily workout goals and dinner menu. This is also where I’m reminded that I don’t drink enough water each day (8 glasses is a lot, ya’ll). I seriously find myself chugging water at night now just so I can cross those dang water glasses off my day.
  • Monthly Page: This page appears at the beginning of each month and is filled with fitness tips and fun facts about the specific month ahead.

There are a few more features that I love, but this post is getting lengthy so I’ll wrap it up and get to the good part!


YOU have a chance to win a Kit Life planner of your own! One lucky girl will win a Kit Life Classic planner this week on my blog. If you crave organization and you are hoping to live 2017 with more focus and intention, then this giveaway is totally for you!

To enter the giveaway you just have to:

  • Follow me (AshleyMarieAndrews) AND Kit Life (KitLifePlanners) on Instagram
  • Like the picture on my IG associated with this giveaway AND leave a comment on this post telling me a goal you have for 2017!

That’s it! Easy Peasy!

*For a BONUS entry, you can comment on my IG post associated with this giveaway by tagging a girlfriend! Every girlfriend tagged counts as an extra entry!*

The giveaway closes on Thursday night at 9pm and I will announce the winner in Friday’s blog post, so be sure to enter by Thursday night!

I owe a HUGE thank-you to the sweet girls at Kit Life for partnering with me to bring you this awesome giveaway! I love sharing my favorite products with you guys and not only do I adore my Kit Life planner, but I also believe in the company’s mission and I love the girls behind the brand. I’m so honored to get to partner with them to share the love! 🙂

Now, let’s make the best of 2017 and balance those blessings like a boss, shall we?

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Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Girly Things, Giveaway | 47 comments

Glam Giveaway for My Girls!

Hello, hello! I hope you are checking back in today after a nice long weekend away celebrating with your friends and family! Things were pretty quiet around CnC last week because Dave was off work, so we tried our best to disconnect from our phones and computers and just enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our little family.


It was so great and my only complaint is that it all passed by too quickly. I wish we could relive last week all over again, as I’m currently fighting some serious Monday blues over here.

BUT, with Thanksgiving officially behind us, that means Christmas is right around the corner and to kick off the Christmas season I’m hosting another giveaway today! YAY!


Since so many of you participated in my last giveaway, I wanted to do 1 more just to thank you all again for your readership, kindness and virtual friendship. You guys are the best so consider this my Christmas present to you. ♥


Today’s giveaway is for my product junkie friends! It is no secret around these parts that I love trying new beauty products. From make-up, to skincare products to the latest haircare craze – I’m a sucker for it all.

So, today I’m giving away a few of my favorite beauty products to 1 lucky reader!

Here’s what the winner is getting…


Here’s how to enter…

  1. Follow me on Instagram, if you don’t already.
  2. Leave a comment on THIS post telling me what you would love to get for Christmas this year – it could be something small and simple or something crazy and extravagant! You have until Thursday night at 10pm to enter!
  3. BONUS: For an extra entry, you can share 1 of my blog posts on Facebook (it’s easy – there’s a facebook share button at the bottom of each post). You can pick whatever post you want to share (it can be an old one that you may have enjoyed) –  just be sure to let me know that you shared a post in your comment below so I can enter your name in the drawing twice.

And that’s it, sweet friends! Thanks so much for reading, sharing and participating.😘

I will announce the winner in Friday’s blog post.


Ready, set, Enter! I’m so excited to read what you all would love to get for Christmas!

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Posted by on Nov 14, 2016 in Giveaway, Sprinkles | 61 comments

I’m Grateful For You + A Giveaway

With Thanksgiving just over a week away (seriously – how did that happen? Wasn’t it just July 2 minutes ago?), I think it’s safe to say the holiday season is officially here.


Before the holiday rush carries us all away, I’m pausing to dwell on all God has blessed me with. When I think of all the many people and things I have to be grateful for, I hope you know that I think of you – those of you who take time each week to pop into Cupcakes n Crunches and read what I write. I can’t even begin to convey what it means to me to know that you not only read what I share with you, but you also share parts of your life and story with me, whether it be through comments or e-mails.


Blogging is such an interesting thing because when I hit publish on a post, I never know whose eyes will land on the words that often come from a very personal part of my heart and sometimes that scares me. However, the little community that seems to surround Cupcakes n Crunches never ceases to amaze me. The kindness and love that so many of you pour back into me after I pour my heart out in a blog post touches me more than you know.

When I hear that you use your baby’s nap time to read my blog or that my blog is one of the first things you read in the morning, I just light up on the inside. I love sharing so many parts of my life with you – whether it be my workouts, my favorite beauty product, the shoes I’m dying over or my most recent meltdown in motherhood – and I appreciate the safe space we’ve all cultivated here. You guys mean so much to me and when I count my blessings, I count you and the {virtual} friendship we share.

So, today is about YOU! Since you guys are the best, I want to do a giveaway to show you just how much I love you! 🙂


I have picked out some fabulous and festive goodies (most of which I also own myself so you know I’m a fan of them) for 1 lucky reader!

Whether you are a dear friend who reads this blog, an old friend who peruses this space from time to time or a virtual friend that I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting, I hope you’ll enter in the giveaway and I pray that you all know how much you mean to me! ♥

Here’s what the winner is getting…


  • Plaid scarf (SO gorgeous for the holiday season – it’s a favorite of mine)
  • Nail Polish
  • Candle (smells just like Christmas)
  • Holiday mug
  • Christmas Ornament

(All goodies are pictured in the photos above)

So who’s ready to win? *praise hands emoji*

Here’s how you enter…

  1. Follow me on Instagram, if you don’t already.
  2. Leave a comment on THIS post telling me what you’re MOST looking forward to this holiday season! You have until Thursday night at 10pm to enter.

I will announce the winner in Friday’s blog post and get the gift sent out pronto so it should arrive just in time for Thanksgiving and all your holiday festivities! Thank you so much again for reading & sharing CnC. 🎁❤️


Plaid Shirt // Denim Jacket is old, similar here // Grey Scarf // White Denim // Red Boots (a closet staple for me)

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Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Running, Sprinkles | 4 comments

A Random Picture Post + Giveaway Winners Announced!

Happy Fri-Yay! This week flew by for us, which is just the way I like it! We’ve got big plans tonight of catching up on the Bachelorette (JoJo is my girl crush). I’m hoping most of our weekend we will be spent by the pool, although Dave does have to work a bit, so we’ll see.

But before we head into the weekend, I wanted to share some pictures from life lately and a few things I’m loving!

My {current} favorite snack…

Reese's Snack Mix

If you take nothing else away from this blog post today (& there’s a good chance you won’t because I’m just rambling today) – take special note of this snack mix. It is addicting and it takes all my will power not to eat it for breakfast. If you see it in your grocery store, grab as many as your cart will hold.

My Current Cravings…

Cute Romper

This new romper by Albion Fit. How freaking cute is that? And they say you can even run in it, but I would totally rock that thing on date night. I think I’ve showed Dave a picture of that romper no less than 15 times. I’m super good at dropping subtle hints.

Jetsetter Bag

Okay! Have ANY of you heard of Henri Bendels? Whenever people ask me what I miss most about living in NYC, I usually say Henri Bendels and they look at me with a blank stare and I’m all, “Wait! You’ve never heard of Henri Bendels?!” It is one of my all time favorite stores (I’m pretty sure it is my sister’s #1 favorite store) and they have the cutest bags/jewelry/accessories/sunglasses. I have this bag pictured above in black & grey and I use it as a diaper bag and it is AMAZING because it is a backpack (so my hands can be free, which is awesome because I need my hands to carry ALL the babies), but it can also be worn as a purse. I love when I see a picture of a fashion blogger or Taylor Swift wearing this bag because I’m like, “OMG! That’s my diaper bag!” And for one split second I feel like I’m totally with it. Anyways, this new cognac color was just released and I’m lusting after it big time and I wanted to share it here for any of my mama friends looking to invest into a stylish diaper bag. And if you haven’t checked out Henri Bendels, go to their website. Seriously. Go now.

My Naughty Boy…

My Naughty Boy

This kid is so gosh darn cute, but boy can he be naughty. We were walking the dogs last night and the kids were sitting in their stroller and all of a sudden Andi Rose started screaming and I looked down and Atlas was biting her leg. He immediately said he was sorry and kissed her and tried to hug me because he knows that’s the quickest way to avoid getting in trouble. He is such a naughty little booger and he knows how to turn on the charm when he needs it. Lord help me.

My little fashionista…

My little fashionista

I love picking out my clothes for things like church, Bible study and date night but I love picking out Andi Rose’s clothes even more. The other week when my mom was visiting she said, “Andi Rose has a cuter wardrobe than all of us.” She’s totally right – this little thang is always styling…except when I just let her run around in her diaper because sometimes there’s just nothing cuter than a baby in a diaper. But anyways, she was killing me in this little hat at the pool the other day. And for those of you wondering, No. She does not use my neulash. Those are her natural eyelashes and I’m super jealous.

My jam…

Count On Me

I have my nephew, Pierce, to thank for introducing us to this song. Atlas is now obsessed with it and we listen to it no less than 8 times a day and I love it because Atlas sings every single word and Andi Rose dances her little booty off to it (even though it isn’t a booty-dancin’ song – she would shake her booty to church hymns because that’s just how she rolls). The lyrics are so sweet and it’s been the perfect tune to play in our house this week. Bruno Mars can really do no wrong in my book – I always love his music.

My new running shoes…

New Running Shoes

My running shoes were getting pretty worn down, so Dave surprised me with new shoes and I can’t believe what a difference I can feel in my legs now that I have some cushion back during my runs! I’ve sort of been getting that itch to sign up for a long distance race and I think having new shoes may be just the added push I need to get me to find a race and commit! Also, here is picture proof that I really do wear my Bic Bands during every single workout…


Ignore any gray hairs if you spot them. I’ve tried pulling them out, but I think that myth is true. When you pull out 1, 7 more grow back. I blame Atlas & Andi Rose a little bit.

My treat…

Kai Perfume

I’ve used Kai products on and off since high school and I’m obsessed with the smell. I think I’ve actually mentioned it on the blog before. Anyways, I snagged this little roll on perfume + a bottle of lotion during the #nsale last week and I’ve loved wearing it every day. Last night when we got in bed, Dave said, “Wow! You smell good!” It’s just a good clean everyday scent. Check it out, if you’re in the market for new perfume or lotion.

My best friend…

My Babes

I’m so so glad to have Dave back home after almost 10 days apart. Since we had to cut our Florida trip short for him to fly to Pennsylvania, the kids and I went several days without seeing him and we all missed him so much. He did a giant water slide last night in his work clothes with Atlas because Atlas didn’t want to do it alone. Dave was’t wearing a bathing suit, but he didn’t want Atlas to miss out on the fun so he just owned that water slide in his work gear. Isn’t that so great? I married him because he was hot, but turns out he is also fun and selfless. Bonus! 😉

Giveaway Winners

Last night, I wrote down all the names for each giveaway and Dave drew the names out of a glass container (I’m sure there is a techy way to do giveaways online, but we old school). I was so stressed about it because I seriously wanted everyone to win. I told Dave we need to win the lottery so I can give away all the things (and buy all the cute rompers and handbags, obviously). I would totally be like the Oprah of bloggers.

Anyways…the winners are…

  • Face Edition (Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase): Mo_Likens 
  • Hair Edition (Kerastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Serum): NancyWander
  • Fitness Edition (Yoga Mat + 3 Bic Bands): LianaGarmon
  • Lip Edition (Dior Lip Maximizer + Rose Salve Lip Balm Trio Pack): Kathilanoue

If you are a winner, check your e-mail or IG direct messages, as I will be reaching out to you today. 🙂 I’m super excited for each of you to try a few of my favorite things!

Thank you so much to all who participated. I really do wish I could give away all these things and more to each one of you! I had so much fun reading all your comments and I hope to host more giveaways in the weeks to come!

Have a fabulous weekend, friends! I’ll see ya next week – I’m coming at ya with some workout posts, including a fun and fast-paced plyo circuit, so be on the lookout!

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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in Sprinkles | 6 comments

Albion Fit Giveaway!

It is no secret that I live in gym clothes. I’m not proud of that (but I’m also not as embarrassed by it as I probably should be). I’m officially done with running for the remainder of this pregnancy. Not running is hard, but I know my running shoes will be waiting for me at the end of summer. I think the hardest thing about not running is figuring out what to wear each day when I don’t begin  it with a run. When I don’t start my day in gym clothes, I tend to stare deep into my closet for long periods of time wondering what the heck to put on. I suppose normal people reach for jeans, but since my day involves chasing Atlas around I prefer something more comfortable…but I don’t want to wear my running clothes if I’m not running because that just feels like a horrible tease. Add in my growing belly and my refusal to buy maternity clothes, and you’ve got yourself a wardrobe predicament (#firstworldproblems).

Enter Albion Fit.


I recently discovered Albion Fit via Instagram. After perusing their website, I decided to order some clothes because they looked comfortable, flattering, and stretchy! I ordered the go long crew with thumbholes in mint along with a pair of the petal pants.

From the moment I put the clothes on, I was in love.

DSC_3426They are as comfortable as my workout clothes (and dare I even say my pajamas), but they are truly beautiful and feminine pieces. The ruffles on the pants are so delicate and the shirt is very flattering, even on a pregnant belly. I love that the shirt is long. Even though it isn’t a ‘maternity’ shirt, it still covers my entire torso comfortably.


I made a comment to Dave that it was the most comfortable shirt I owned and because he’s a true gem, he surprised me with 2 more of the go long crew shirts in different colors. They are practically all I’m wearing these days. He also surprised me with these glacier sweat pants and I’ve got to be honest – I’m not a sweat pants sort of girl. I find them to be generally unflattering and unattractive on my barely 5’4 frame, but I am living in the glacier sweat pants because they are gorgeous! They are fitted at the bottom, which I think gives them a more tailored look.  They are perfect for running errands around NYC with Atlas.

11058484_10205181501910795_3496481300997144416_nMoral of the story: I have yet to receive something from Albion Fit that I didn’t instantly love.


And now YOU and a friend have a chance to win my favorite go long crew from Albion Fit!

When the opportunity arose to partner with Albion Fit for a giveaway I jumped at it because I wanted to share the love with you guys. You and a friend can win the go long crew shirt in the rust color.


The rust (pictured above) is a nectarine orange in color. I think the color is perfect for those early spring days that require light layering because it is so bright, but the tone is still warm enough to pair with a blanket scarf in September and October.

To enter the giveaway, first go to Instagram and follow Albion Fit (@albionfit). Next, go to my account (@ashleyandrews6) and find the most recent post detailing the giveaway and leave a comment tagging a friend who you would also like to see win the Albion Fit shirt. The giveaway will close Monday morning at 9am and I will announce the winner, along with their tagged friend, Monday night!

In the meantime, check out their swimsuit collection. We are heading to Puerto Rico at the end of this month and I’m currently lusting after these suits…

albion_fit_swimTheir strawberry daiquiri suit is supposed to transition well into a maternity suit, so I’m thinking that may wind up in my suitcase to the Caribbean. What do you think about pregnant chicks rocking bikinis – Yay or nay? I’m on the fence. Part of me wants to stick with a tankini for the duration of the pregnancy, but part of me wants to let the baby bump hang out in all its glory.

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and good luck in the giveaway. And don’t worry – since you just got more photos of me in 1 post than you probably care to see in a year, I’ll refrain from posting anymore bump pictures for a while. 😉

A huge thanks to Albion Fit too for hosting such an amazing giveaway! I’m truly honored to partner with such a fabulous company!

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