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Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Sprinkles | 0 comments

(A Few More) Little Things I’m Loving

I recently wrote a post detailing little things I’m loving and since then my list has grown. Shocking. I know.

1. Fall clothes.


Every day I walk by the Urban Outfitters located at the corner of my block and every day I look at this dress hanging in the window and wish it was hanging in my closet. Wouldn’t that be adorable with some brown riding boots and some gold jewelry? Or a scarf? ♥ it. Perfect fall outfit.Buuut, no clothes shopping for me until this baby bump is gone.

2. The fact that it was 54 degrees in NYC this morning…♥.

3. Speaking of the baby bump…while I don’t particularly love the bump anymore (I may have sneezed and simultaneously lost control of my bladder today), I do love the perks that come with it.

I get offered a seat on the subway, no matter how crowded it is. I swear I get extra toppings mixed into my ice cream at Cold Stone just for being pregnant (I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a regular customer). The other day, I commented on how good these donut bites looked and the cashier gave me some for free. FREE! It has to be the bump. So, while I am pretty uncomfortable, I do get free things thanks to the watermelon sized belly…I guess I have to take the good in with the bad.

4. In other baby news, the finishing touches were put on Atlas’ corner of the world last night and I LOVE it.

*Note: He gets a corner and not a whole room because we are New Yorkers now. Space is a hot commodity.

I adore the nautical theme. His sailboat mobile even plays music (I don’t know – do all mobiles play music? I’m easily impressed), which Marley finds fascinating.

5. I spent some time on 5th Ave this week, which I can’t afford to truly love, but the stores that line 5th Ave are filled with some of the most beautiful things. I loved window shopping and although I didn’t purchase the Club Monaco coat that I was dying over (Dave just clicked that link and breathed a sigh of relief), I did purchase 2 great smelling candles from Henri Bendel’s.

That Fig candle smells amazing! I also got the cinnamon bark candle and it is fabulous too. Smells just like fall. Have I mentioned I love all things fall? I know – I’m a walking cliche. You summer lovin’ folks must hate me.

6. In the food department, I’m loving a few things.

SMAC mac n cheese (I recommend the buffalo mac n cheese or the veggie mac n cheese).Momofuku’s cereal milk soft serve ice cream.Trader Joe’s ice cream bon bons. Out-of-this-world.

7. I love the softness of baby blankets. Dave’s family bought some cute blankets for Atlas last weekend and as I was putting them in his baby drawer, I was tempted to leave one out just for me. Baby blankets are so cozy – why aren’t comforters as soft as baby blankets?

8. I love reading about Janny’s journey out west. If you haven’t been reading, check it out! You’ll laugh and be inspired.

9. These winter coats for Ob & Marley. Obviously. What’s not to love?

10. You guys and your comments on my last post regarding Dave’s pink pajama pants. We both laughed out loud at every single one of your funny responses. Loved the comments and love you too!

Okay, what are YOU loving? Go! 

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