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Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Running | 5 comments

A Guest Post From Mr. CnC

Who is Mr. CnC

Mud Run

[The look of determination, Mud Run 2011, 7th place overall]

Hi, I’m Dave. Most of you may know me because I’m married to an inspirational writer, amazing mother and supermodel. Professionally, I oversee one of NYC’s largest Y’s and teach Sport Management online. I enjoy being outside with my wife and family, working out, golfing on the course, hiking in the woods, canoeing on a river, or being in Yankee Stadium. Notice, I didn’t say anything about running. Well, it’s a love/hate relationship – mostly the latter. I run to stay fit (fastest way to lose weight) and stay competitive (mostly with myself). I started running long distance when I met my wife. Now c’mon, you’d run too, if this was your partner. But, I’m not completely a novice at running. I used to sprint (aka fast running) in high school and college. I actually still have my high school records (100m, 200m, 4×1 relay) for the two years I ran, so one could assume, I have it in my blood. Well, that’s completely the opposite. I’ve spent over 3 years training my fast twitch muscles to slow twitch. It is true that you are born with a certain number of them, but one can train. IT.IS.NOT.EASY or FUN, but I have enjoyed my supermodel company, the races and the competitive drive. I’ve grown up living the quote “if you’re not first, you’re last” – I’m hoping one day, I’m first again, but in distance.

Zooma Half[Running Partner, Zooma ALL WOMENS RACE]

Savannah Half[Rock and Roll Savannah]

First Half Marathon[My First: Thanksgiving Day Jax 1/2]

Race History I’ve ran three half marathons. All three have been with my wife. I always tell her that we will run together. What some think is that we run hand-in-hand, identical pace and all smiles the entire race! What really happens is that we start together and then I finish and wait for my wife to finish. It’s very common for her to get upset at me for leaving her (and not talk to me for a day or two), or just mad because I beat her. She has said, “this isn’t fair, I showed you how to run distance so you should let me win.” I tell her one day she will win, and she knows it [hence the new running coach], so until then, I will train harder and harder. She is a natural runner; Me, I feel like I’m running with bricks on my feet, where she runs with ease. My best ½ has been a 1:42 (7:50 pace), let’s just say I forgot about the others. But I have ran an all women’s race with her, just to be with her, how many husbands have done that? Plus since I was a good pacer that day, she got a PR. That deserves some serious bacon points!

Preparation for ½ Marathon When preparing to run a ½ marathon, I usually give myself at least 3 months to train. I find a race that has amazing energy, with an unmatched hype and cool training shirt. Yes, the shirt they give you has to be cool. For the details of the training, I use the theory of 5/5/X. I usually run Tuesday (5mi), Thursday (5mi), and Saturday (X); X= long run, which adds 1 mile each week. For this upcoming race, I started at 5/5/5 week 1, 5/5/6 week 2, etc. Some can’t do 5 to start so you could do 3/3/3 or whatever number works for you. Another important element of the preparation is setting your goals. I use the Tanita TBF-300a to test my body fat [see results below]. I want to see my body transform during the training period and also ensure I’m not losing too much muscle. On the running side, I set my ideal running pace and finish time. For the NYC Half, I’m dreaming (yes dreaming) of a 1:39 finish. Because this is my first run in (a) the north, (b) in NYC, (c) the cold, and (d) with elevation, if I don’t beat my goal, I will be able to use one of those excuses.

tanita[Two month body transformation: 4 lbs fat loss (Fat Mass), 2.5 muscle gain (FFM), as well as Body Fat loss. Month 3 to come soon.]

Indoor vs. Outdoor Training Training in Florida is much different than training in NYC. You can open your door, get through your neighborhood and just run in Florida. Here, you have to fight the masses on the sidewalk, taxis, hot dog stands and pass 4 blocks until you get to Central Park (I know we are lucky being that close, as some people take the train to the park and back from other boroughs). After you get to Central Park, it’s a 6 mile loop that has enough people to fill a corporate 5k every day of the week. You have to weave in and out of people, dodge tourists with cameras until you find the north woods hills, which you will not soon forget. There are multiple race trails in the park, so you just pick one and turn on the jets.

For this race, I did the majority of my training on the t(d)readmill – it is so monotonous. But I ordered eight new treads at the Y and they came in just as I was starting this training. If I want to run faster, I need a new tread, right? I ran up to 11 miles on the tread one day and then the rest of my training runs (12) and a long (10) were in the park. I also trained at Riverside Park, which is along the Hudson River because there is a part of the race along that route. For those days, my goal was to run into the wind, to see if I could keep pace. I have also ran in 20 degrees for “training” too. I know, I can feel the jealousy now…20 degrees, sign me up.

By far, if I had a choice, it would be 72 degrees, sunny and beautiful for the run. Running in snow isn’t fun.

Selection Process For those who are unaware of NYC’s popular runs, there is a lottery system. You can run approximately 6 of their ‘selected’ runs and get a guaranteed entry, or you can enter the lottery system. I chose that. You don’t have to pay until you get selected. One day, I saw a charge of $117 deducted in our account and called Ashley and said, “did you get selected?” She said “for what?” I said for the NYC Half, she said no, I didn’t apply again (we both got an option to apply twice, she elected to say no, I said yes). Then it hit me, I’m in, I don’t think my first reaction was pleasant – let’s just leave it at that, then I saw the training shirt and got a smile! 🙂

Training Runs Here is a picture collage of some of my training runs. As you can see, most of them are on the t(d)readmill. I tried to do a speed interval on Tuesday, pace setting on Thursday and endurance build up on Saturday.

Training Collage

Training Gear Now on to the fun part – the gear! I may be the only male that gets excited about running gear, but so be it. I lay out my attire for the race the night before, take a picture of it and see if it looks good because you know there’s going to be paparazzi at the race!

I run and train in Dry Fit Nike Shorts/Shirts/Socks/Tights. I rock Saucony shoes (Kinvara), gloves, arm warmers, hats and rock Oakley Sunglasses. My headphones match the outfit as well. C’mon ladies, you know you wouldn’t leave the house with a pair of Red Christian Louboutin Pumps and Purple  Diaper Bag  Prada Purse. This race, I’m going to represent the Y and will be wearing a NYC Y singlet. I can’t emphasize the importance of training in the right gear. If you’re cold, you will be miserable. If you’re hands freeze, that’s all you can think about. If you get chafed, you might as well quit.

Technology Just as important as the gear, is the technology that keeps you running (pun intended). I love my Garmin watch so much, that I splurged for the 620, just for this run. It helps me keep track of pace and distance and much more, if interested. I also have used the MapMyRun app and enjoyed using it on some days. On the music side, I would recommend RockMyRun app for your training runs. It’s a free app, but you can purchase the premium, to get more access. My favorite playlists are pictured below.  Just for the readers of this post, I’ve worked out a deal with the wonderful people at RockMyRun to get a FREE one month trial of the premium. Just use the promo code: CAKEO5


For race day, download the songs you want that will be playing uninterrupted. Put your phone on airplane made (so you don’t get a call) and run. I use Bose headphones but also have a pair of Skullcandys that are great too. The New York Road Runners races actually ‘strongly discourage’ the use of headphones during the race. I wouldn’t make it 2 miles without music. I have quit a 5k before because my battery died. Well, let me rephrase that, I dropped back to finish with my wife like a good husband after my music died. One thing I do differently that most people (at least I think so), is plan out the music for where I will be in the run. I review the course map and assemble the list for when I need the most inspirational and energetic music.

It helps! That’s all for now. I appreciate you taking time to read a little bit more about the faster half in this relationship and come back later to see if I met my goal time and pace.

Closing Question If you mix a sprinter (me) with a distance runner (Ashley) what do you get? I want your opinion as to what Atlas will turn out to be, well, besides adorable 🙂 atlas

Post Blog Oh, did I forget to tell you that I run with celebrities? [Ethan Hawk a few treads behind me] I run with Celebrities


  1. Such an informative post from my “self proclaimed” faster & better half. 🙂 And you’re a good husband…but not because you “drop back” in 5ks to finish with me. You’re a great husband because you take such good care of Atlas & me.

    And we may need to get your eyes checked when I return from Florida. A supermodel I most certainly am not. In fact, I think this mama is in need of a makeover. But thanks for the sweet words, babe. Xoxo
    Ashley recently posted..A Guest Post From Mr. CnC My Profile

  2. Awwww you two are so damn CUTE!

    I don’t usually comment on the blogs I read, but I loved this post so much I felt like I had to 🙂

    I agree with your husband you’re a complete supermodel (or as us Brits say a ‘Stunner’) and an amazing mum.

    Can’t wait to read how he gets on.

    Much Love

  3. This is so awesome and such a fun idea to get the guy’s perspective! I told Dan that I hope he views me as positively as you view Ashley! Y’all are an inspiring couple 🙂 Atlas is adorable and will no doubt be an athlete!!
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..In Case You Were WonderingMy Profile

  4. Great post! 🙂

  5. haha! Love it! Totally loved reading a post from mr. dave himself.

    AMEN to having the right gear!

    Hmmmmm. What will atlas be then? I say he’ll be a gentleman who will fall madly in love with little baby Lily 😉 haha

    p.s. I am totally not a sprinter…but not really a distance runner either. I do it all, I guess but not great at any of it. hah
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Weekend Highlights {Family Fun!}My Profile


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