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Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Sprinkles | 9 comments

A Weekend Recap

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to take Ob & Marley to the vet to get their annual shots…

everyone loves daveFrom the second we walked through the door, I became chopped liver and neither dog wanted to be near me. Apparently they view Dave as their ultimate protector. And yes, Ob is 44 pounds and refuses to sit on the floor at the vet. Marley handled his shots like a champ. Ob cried the entire time. Marley lost 5 pounds. Ob gained a pound. Moral of that story: Life isn’t fair.

Fast forward through a 4 .5 mile run (YAY!) with Dave and lunch and shopping with my best friend, Stacie, and it was time to order pizza for dinner. I didn’t eat much pizza though because I went to town on my Momofuku’s baked goods…

B'day cake truffles


You guys, I had intentions of snapping a photo of the actual truffles to show you but I ate all 3 of those in 1 bite. I literally swallowed the last bite and shouted, “SHOOT! I meant to snap a photo.” Moral of that story: I have no self control.

On Sunday we spent some time at the dog park before lounging in the back yard by the pool…

Fun in the SunOb’s face pretty much sums up our emotions for the day.

After some R&R we spent some sweet time with my mom. We hung out and chatted over delicious tacos.

Bangin Shrimp Tacos


And I’m keeping this post short because it is Monday and I’ve got 3 hours of the Bachelor to watch! I’m so excited for tonight’s episode. Already, I am in love with Sean’s family. Are you team Catherine or Lindsay? I’m torn…to be honest, I don’t love either one of them. But Sean’s sister? I want to be her bff! She’s adorable!


  1. Ah what a weekend! Especially the truffles. I need to get myself some of those. Like, right now. I don’t think I would have stopped to even take a picture of those.
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Family makes the world go roundMy Profile

  2. That vet picture is amazing. Sasha just manically sniffs and then barks at every dog that comes and goes. I am not a fan of visiting that place at allll. So I already watched in the finale and the best thing is that Des is the next one up for bid. Personally I think that Lindsey and Sean would live happily ever after because she is young and happy to just be a wifey. I want to be friends with Catherine but I think she is too awesome for Sean. We’ll see. I mean who knows, they haven’t done the deed yet so they may end up doing on on their wedding night and throwing in the towel then!
    Megan recently posted..Photo Dump & New Training ScheduleMy Profile

  3. What a great weekend. Those tacos look ah-mazing! I am team Lindsay but I agree with you that I don’t love either one. . . I haven’t had a chance to watch it – working late last night. So, it’s sitting on my DVR right now and I hope that I don’t find out before I have a chance to watch it. 😉
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Happy Birthday HusbandMy Profile

  4. I totally want to be Sean’s sister’s BFF too. Do you read her blog? It’s great!!!

    I was trying to stay spoiler-free today because I need to catch up on the Bach tonight, but alas, I made it an hour into the day until I found out. I had a feeling anyway.
    De @ Cooking for the Other Half recently lovely blog awardMy Profile

  5. Ob’s sweet little face in the park made me melt! SO cute! And don’t feel bad I never remembered to photograph my food, I always end up eating enough of it to wear a picture would just be stupid and then I completely abandon ship.
    Chelsea @ Bacon & Pearls recently posted..just keep swimming.My Profile

  6. Ha! My dog is so chill at the vet. I sometimes hear the other dogs yelping and crying during their shots, and then I look at Ada, just sitting there, seeming unaware that anything is happening to her. I’ve never seen a bigger dog freaking out though…usually it’s the little ones, so I thought maybe the needle was more painful for smaller dogs? I guess that Ob proved me wrong with that theory!
    Becky @ RunFunDone recently posted..The Great Adventure!My Profile

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