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Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Family Fun | 4 comments

Atlanta Zoo with my Monkeys

Yesterday my sister and I loaded up her car with our little monkeys and headed to the Atlanta Zoo.

Atlanta Zoo

Atlas and Andi Rose had so much fun so I can’t help but share all these pictures. I wanted to share them on Facebook/Instagram, but people hate zoo spam, don’t they? Be honest – when you look at the pictures your friends post of their zoo trip you think, “Seriously? Haven’t we all been to the zoo. Did we really need to see those 5 photos you just posted of the giraffes?” So instead of spamming up social media with zoo pictures I’ll post them here! And I just gave you fair warning of what’s coming (*ahem* 5 pictures of the giraffes) so you can click out of this window now if you don’t want to humor me – I totally get it…

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo


Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta Zoo


Atlanta zoo

The Zoo Crew

I always have mixed emotions when I visit a zoo. I love seeing all the animals but then I can get really sad for them because I want them to be free to have lots of room to run and play.

Anyways, I hope your work day goes by quick and your weekend goes by nice and slow! We have my niece’s ballet recital (she’s the cutie in the pink shirt in the above picture) on the books this weekend and my mom is coming to visit so Dave & I can take a quick getaway that was planned super last minute. The last 2 months have been quite stressful for Dave and me with all the moving logistics and getting settled, so I think a little time away (even if it is less than 24 hours) will be wonderful. The resort we are staying at is supposed to be quite swanky so I’ll be sure to report back with photos if it’s worth checking out! 🙂 Also on my to-do list is to start planning Andi Rose’s 1st birthday party! How is that little love nugget almost 1?!


  1. I LOVE pictures of trips to the zoo, and giraffes are AWESOME. These are so sweet (and your neice? How did she get so big??!?). Considering a trip the Jax zoo soon but I’m afraid of the heat;I think living in Denver ruined me for these muggy summers. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • I think Jax Zoo has a splash pad now? So maybe bring Enzo a swim diaper so he can get wet and cool off. We were sweaty messes by the time we left the zoo…and it is only May! I’m with you – living in the North has me feeling like a wuss with this heat.

      Going to call you this week – we need to plan your trip up HERE!

    • Molly, I am DYING over your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE your style.

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