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Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Family Fun | 8 comments

Atlas’ First Trip to Atlanta

On Tuesday morning Atlas & I kissed Dave, Ob & Marley goodbye and headed to Atlanta to spend some quality time with my sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews. Ob had a tough time saying bye to Atlas, but he promised her we wouldn’t be gone long.


I was incredibly anxious about flying with an 8 week old by myself (so much so, that I felt physically ill the night before we left) but Atlas was a terrific flyer. ← Answer to prayer! He slept the entire flight to Atlanta and I ate pumpkin pie truffles from Momofuku’s to ease my nerves.

Plane Ride

(I am in the process of writing an entire post about flying with a newborn, so more on all that later.)

My sister and brother-in-law picked us up from the airport and after making a quick stop at chik-fil-a (it was a must since I don’t have one in NYC) we headed to their house so Atlas could meet his cousins. Their entire family is so fun, welcoming and warm so it was no surprise to me that Atlas was immediately smitten with all of them.


I think I speak for both of us when I say we had the best week. My sister, Tammy, is the baby whisperer and took Atlas from me the moment we got to her house and pretty much didn’t give him back until Friday.


Judging by the above picture, you can probably tell that Atlas didn’t mind being left to play with his Aunt Tammy. And that was totally fine with me because it gave me time to love on her sweet kids. It felt good to wear my ‘aunt hat’ for the week.

My youngest niece, Joy, loved kissing on Atlas and helping during his bath time. Joy & I had tea parties, wrote letters to Santa and played ‘spa,’ which is the best game ever invented. Joy pretends to own a spa and she gives free massages and pedicures. She will also do your hair if you have a princess party to attend. So, I sat on the couch while she massaged my feet and brushed my hair and it was all her idea.


Oh, and electricity (aka cell phones) aren’t allowed in her spa. I really want a little girl just like her.

I was super excited when my nephew, Bradly, asked to go for a run with me. Their neighborhood is filled with hills so Bradly and I made a game out of our run. We jogged and every time we came to a hill, we would sprint to the top. Bradly won every single time, which made me feel incredibly old. He’s a superstar though, so I guess I can’t beat myself up too bad.


Seriously – those hills. No.joke. During our run we discussed a lot of important topics like:

  1. How cool it would be to be a ninja
  2. Strategies to winning the Hunger Games
  3. Careers in Hollywood as a stunt double
  4. How cool it would be to buy Michael Jordan’s house in Chicago

He may be my favorite running partner ever.

This is how Bradly waits for cookies to bake.


No doubt, we are related.

Then, while my sister and brother-in-law watched Atlas one night, I went to a movie with my oldest niece and nephew, Christy and Wil. We saw Catching Fire and had the most fun together. They had already seen the movie, so they enjoyed laughing at me since I jumped at all the scary parts. Typical teenagers. 😉

My sister’s house was fully decorated for the holidays so I felt fully immersed in the Christmas spirit while we were there. The outside of her house looked like something from a magazine…or the North Pole.


To make the season even more fun, my sister and her husband have ‘magic elves’ that do funny things every night while the kids are sleeping. One morning we woke up to see that the elves had a snowball fight.


I can’t wait until Atlas is old enough to get into things like Santa and magic elves.

All of my sister’s kids are so precious and it made me excited for the years to come with Atlas.


I know it is a long ways off, but if Atlas turns out anything like my oldest niece and nephew, I honestly can’t wait for the teenage years. I think if Dave and I are able to raise our boy right, those years have the potential to be the most fun for our family.

We stayed around her house most of the week because Atlas wasn’t a fan of his carseat. He did enjoy the car a lot more once Aunt Tammy bought him some toys for his seat so we were able to venture out to Trader Joe’s and Target one day.

IMG_3935This is worth mentioning because while at TJ’s we picked this chai tea latte mix up on a whim…

IMG_3971It tasted like a holiday drink you would get at Starbucks and I highly recommend you run out and snag some before the Christmas season is over.

The memories we made were well worth the stress of flying with a newborn and I’m already planning our next trip back to visit.

IMG_3412 I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying a weekend filled with holiday fun, family and friends!


  1. I thought about you all the whole week!! It looks like you had a great time. I’m so happy you got to go. I love you all! My cup runneth over!

  2. We had the BEST time with both of you and we are all going through withdrawals now! I’m stuck with all this junk food and I’m hurting myself, trying to get rid of it. HA!
    We can’t wait until you come back!!!!! I love you!!!

  3. So sweet that you go to spend so much time with your sister! I love the picture of Atlas was your niece. Adorable.

    I bet the hills were NO JOKE!

    I highly encourage everyone travel with a newborn/infant — around 18 months till about 3 or 4 it’s a huge pain in the ass. So do as much as you can NOW!!
    Michelle recently posted..I’m Still Alive!My Profile

  4. Awwww those kids are all so cute!! ANd what a great running partner? I love those topics you guys chose to chat about. hah!

    Can not WAIT for tips/flying with a newborn!

    So glad you had a blast–family is the bomb.
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Friday Confessions {13}My Profile

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