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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Baby Atlas, pregnancy | 15 comments

Body After Baby

Since I found out I was pregnant, I have been thinking about writing this post. Nine+ months ago I imagined writing out a detailed plan of how I would lose the baby weight and get my pre-baby body back. Truth be told, I didn’t just imagine it. I sort of obsessed over it for a while. I just assumed losing the weight and getting my body back to ‘normal’ would be a huge source of stress for me.


However, as I sit here to type this post I’m surprised at my feelings towards my body after baby.

I’m not that stressed about the fact that my stomach is soft and squishy right now. In fact, if you would have seen me with that brownie sundae I wolfed down last night, you would have assumed I wasn’t stressed over my physique in the least. I’m not freaking out over that brown line that still runs down my stomach 5 weeks after giving birth (but while we’re discussing it, does that ever go away?). I’m not losing sleep over the fact that my legs don’t possess the muscle they did this time last year.

As I sit here to type this post, I’m more amazed by my body and thankful for what it has accomplished than I ever thought possible.  In fact, I’m proud of my body…soft, squishy tummy and all. I’m proud that it aided in developing Atlas, the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. I’m proud that it served as a safe home for him and continues to provide him with the nutrients he needs. Today when I look in the mirror, I’m impressed by my body…not in the ‘Victoria’s Secret runway model’ sort of way (never actually been impressed with my body in that sort of way, but I assume 5% of the population has experienced that feeling)…but in the ‘I grew a really adorable little human’ sort of way.


I’m 5 weeks postpartum and I’ve lost the 30 pounds I gained during pregnancy. I actually lost those 30 pounds during the 2 weeks immediately following my pregnancy. I don’t think it was because breastfeeding burns so many calories though. I think it was because I was too exhausted and busy to eat. My maternity clothes are packed and put away and I’m back in my normal jeans. This actually makes me a little sad. I really loved pants with elastic waistbands.

All that said, my body definitely does not look the same. I’ve got some work to do. But I’m excited about the challenge of re-shaping my body. I started doing some total body exercises this week (4 workouts total) and if all goes well at the doctor next week I’ll start running again. I want to be smart about starting this new fitness journey, so even though I’m itching to run I’ve decided to wait until my doctor gives me the go ahead.

I’m not planning to workout 6 or 7 days a week because the reality is I don’t have time to wash my hair that many days a week now. Thank God for dry shampoo. My goal is to run 3-4 days a week and incorporate some circuit workouts, yoga and cross training 2-3 days a week. I’ve signed up for a half marathon in March and if I get in (its a lottery system) I will begin training for that soon. I’ve talked with Dave about getting a running coach. Now that I’ve survived child birth, I’m really curious to see how hard I can push my body when it comes to running. I’m convinced my pain threshold is different. Everything is on a scale of 1-contractions or 1-breastfeeding. I’m thinking with some proper training I could shave some serious time off my splits.


I’m more excited than ever to exercise because of the new challenges it presents and because I appreciate the effects of exercise on my mental state. A good sweat session improves my mood and helps me feel ready to tackle the day, which is priceless with a newborn around.

As far as a diet goes, I’m not on one. I’m still learning how to fit in meals with a baby, so some days all I eat is an apple and a bag of candy corn until Dave gets home from work and I get a chance to actually sit and eat something with nutritional value. Then, after Atlas goes to bed I put a hurtin’ on some Trader Joe’s pumpkin ice cream. I don’t plan on skipping the ice cream. Momma’s got to have her happy time. My goal moving forward is to strive to eat 3 well rounded meals a day, like I used to. Lean meats, veggies and fruit. You know…as opposed to leftover Halloween candy.

So, that’s that. My thoughts on body after baby. Do I love the way I look right now? Not really. Am I anxious to bust out a swim suit? Heavens, no! Thank the sweet Lord we’re living in the North now. But am I proud of my post baby body? You bet ya!


I’m so excited to start sharing workouts with you guys again and hopefully motivating you to reach your fitness goals, just like so many of you motivate me to reach mine!

*Note: the photos in this post are completely unrelated to the content. I just couldn’t help posting pictures of Atlas because I’m in love with his face.

**If you’re considering having a baby, I recommend having a baby around Halloween. The bags of candy truly helped me survive the first month and I also think it made my milk taste awesome, which is why Atlas ate like a champ. I haven’t confirmed this with the pediatrician, but I think this hypothesis could be legit.





  1. Awe he is adorable! I went through many different phases after giving birth as far as wanting and getting my body back. There were days I was so in love with my little man I didn’t care about my squishy parts. Then there were days (with little to no sleep) that I felt bummed out about my body. However, those days were very few since that little man made so much joy in my life there wasn’t in room for bumming on my body. I grew to appreciate my new mom form and to work towards a different fit than I had before. I will say that I made the mistake of not eating enough calories when I started working out and my breast milk supply was majorly affected because of my mistake. So my one word of advice would be to eat LOTS!!! I know, it’s hard to find the time but it’s so important 🙂 Oh, and that brown line does go away eventually 🙂

    • I’ve heard that about the diminishing milk supply and I do worry about that! We are actually going to the Pediatrician tomorrow for a follow up appointment and I was going to talk to her about that. I was thinking what I may start doing is pre-making a lot of meals (like lunch) on Sundays when Dave is home so during the week I can just grab something pre-made and eat it (like chicken and veggies or salads) rather than skipping lunch altogether because I’m too busy to prep something.

      And another thing about breastfeeding…I can’t get enough to drink!! I down the water like it is my job. Did you experience that too?

  2. I’m so proud of you!!!!!! You’re doing great! I love you!

    • Thanks, sis! I love you! Can’t wait until December!!

  3. i’ve heard/read the same kind of sentiments from a lot of other new moms – and i’m so happy you’re taking a chill approach to easing back into your workouts, bc seriously: you just created a human life!! lol and lil man is ADORABLE ♥ (speaking of adorable.. couldn’t help but notice some of your house/decorations in the background – super cute!!) hope you’re enjoying every moment of new motherhood! 🙂
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted..Natural Painkillers Released During Social RejectionMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Jessica! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS POST. And you’re hilarious!

    Atlas is a cutie pie, and you’re so right–you totally carried & nourished him for like forever, and are still nourishing him. Women’s bodies are really amazing!

    And I totally agree with the whole, “I don’t care how fast I get back to this size, blah blah.” I was back in my pre-preg jeans right away, but man, oh man, am I squishy! So true that I look/feel totally different. And I swear all my muscle is gone (sad face.) Which is why I could care less what I weigh…I can’t wait to start lifting weights again. Hopefully soon!

    p.s. I bet you look more amazing than you’re admitting 😉 And yes to the halloween candy = sweet milk! hah
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Time With Our Little FamMy Profile

    • Annette – you’re absolutely right about the number on the scale and fitting back into old jeans…it doesn’t mean a whole lot because I’ve lost so much muscle so I know that number on the scale isn’t a ‘true’ reading. I’m just so excited to run and workout again because I miss how it makes me feel mentally more than anything. We should plan a fabulous girls ‘Blend’ trip for next year and sign up for some awesome race to run during our trip! A fun weekend and race post baby?? 🙂

      And loved your post today about a trip to the grocery store. I was cracking up because I can totally relate to wanting to shout from the rooftops that you’re out and about alone!

  5. What a great post – and I love your approach to fitness with a newborn! I think I have a much better body image and approach to overall health and fitness since becoming a Mom – I think having a baby tends to put a lot into perspective! And I love all the cute pics of baby Atlas!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Weekend Update: 11/10/13My Profile

    • Thanks, Katie! You’re an inspiration – I love reading how you fit in workouts/training runs/body pump with Baby Luke!

      P.S. Loved the pictures from his 1st haircut. Adorable.

      • Awww thanks so much Ashley – that really means a lot to me! And it is all about balance – sometimes it doesn’t all work out and sometimes it’s not the best, but we make it work! 🙂
        Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..Friday Favorites: 11/15/13My Profile

    • Thanks, Kelly! I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy! 🙂

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