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Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Sprinkles | 7 comments

Candles Galore!

I have a slight obsession with candles. I realize this is a weird thing to like because…well, I’m technically just watching our money burn. But I can’t help myself.

I think my love for candles dates back to my childhood. My mom would always clean the house and then light a bunch of candles. To this day, I love going to visit her and walking in her door and being overwhelmed with scents of vanilla, pumpkin and cinnamon. It just smells like home. You can usually count on me to have a few candles lit after I clean the house each week, and most nights I light a candle or 2 just because of the scent and ambience they provide. And it usually tricks Dave into thinking I cleaned a little that day (insert evil laugh here).

Currently, there are over 15 candles in my 800 sq ft apartment (no, I never light them all at once), so I would like to think I’m sort of an expert on the subject matter at hand. I’ve done the leg work to weed out those over priced and under-smelly candles and I now have several favorites.

Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you just in case you’re in search of a few last-minute holiday items to pick up for friends/family/coworkers. Candles make for great gifts. It is so much easier to burn someone else’s money.



I adore the Bath and Body Works Candles. You can usually snag a great deal on these with coupons so I especially love the price point. It makes me feel less guilty about burning them on a Tuesday afternoon ‘just because.’ I think the Eucalyptus Spearmint candle is the perfect bathroom candle. It smells like a spa. The Pumpkin Caramel Latte smells like what it sounds like (heaven) and the Hot Buttered Rum candle smells great in the kitchen – like a baked good!

I have several candles from Bath and Body Works and I honestly haven’t struck a match to one I didn’t like.



The WoodWick candles aren’t necessarily the best smelling, but they sound like a fireplace which I find very soothing. There’s just something about the sound of logs burning that makes a place feel warm and inviting. If you don’t have a fireplace, these WoodWick candles provide the next best thing.



The Thymes Frasier Fir candle will easily fill an entire room with a fresh cut Christmas tree scent. It is probably the best Christmas-smelling candle I’ve found. It is a strong smelling candle so I feel like I get a lot for the price. This candle keeps me from missing the Christmas tree scent now that we have a fake tree.



If you’re over all the holiday scents and you want something more on the ‘summery’ side check out this Pacific Lime candle by Aquiesse. I received this candle as a gift and I absolutely love it. If relaxation had a scent tied to it, the scent would be Pacific Lime. It just smells clean, making it the perfect bedroom candle.

IMG_4057And last but not least, this adorable acorn candle by TAG. Candles just don’t get any cuter. I got this little gem on sale for $3 and it smells like autumn in an acorn. It puts off a pumpkin and vanilla scent that is just as festive as the packaging. It is currently my favorite candle…I almost hate to burn it…almost.

Other favorites, not listed above are as follows:

Your turn! What is your favorite candle? What little items do you think make for great holiday gifts? 



  1. Love candles! I always burn one after cleaning and it’s just a habit that I light one in the kitchen while I’m running the dishwasher too. I’m currently obsessed with Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works.
    Jen@PregnantDiabetic recently posted..Marvelous in my Monday {4}My Profile

    • I haven’t tried the Twisted Peppermint scent, but I’ll add it to my list to check out!

  2. I love candles! My favorite scents are cinnamon, pumpkin, and anything holiday esque! I also love a good summer candle-something fresh smelling.

    And bath & body works does have some awesome scents–youre so right!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..Festive WeekendMy Profile

    • I didn’t even know Whole Foods sold candles! I will be on the lookout for them next time I go now!

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