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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Sprinkles | 0 comments

Car Trouble + Key Lime Pie

This morning started off bright and early in Melbourne with a bikram yoga class. After yoga, Janny & I grabbed a smoothie before heading back to the hotel to get some work done for the classes we’re teaching the rest of the week. However, life had other plans for me and instead my car broke down. My car (also known as “The Black Pearl”) is 6 years old and she has never quit on me. Ever. Until today. When I’m in Melbourne. Three hours away from home. Thank you, Murphy (←insert sarcasm here)!

I ended up spending the entire afternoon working from the Chevrolet dealership. *Word to the wise; know whether or not your car is automatic or manual before going to a dealership. They might ask you that question and they might laugh when you don’t know the answer.* Thankfully, it was just some cord that broke and not the transmission (whatever the heck that is). It was still expensive, but not nearly as bad as it could have been, so I’m counting my blessings tonight!

By the time I left the dealership, it was time for cocktails dinner. I picked up Janny and we made our way to the Chart House for dinner, where I downed tuna and wasabi mashed potatoes like it was my job. Then we shared this key lime pie. If I could marry this dessert, I would. Not even kidding.

And now, can we just talk about how much I miss this face?

The key lime pie is great and all, but I’m ready to be home with that crazy dog!



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