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Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Baby Andi, Family Fun, Giveaway | 3 comments

Scenes from our Snow Day

Good morning and happy Friday! Friday is, without a doubt, my favorite day of the week. I’ve been craving a cheeseburger like nobody’s business, so we have plans to hit up this amazing local joint called “The Burger Bus” and then I plan to sweat all that goodness out Saturday in hot yoga. I haven’t done hot yoga in years, so I’m a little nervous about the class, but I’m going with one of my girlfriends so it should be fun. I wish I had a shirt that said, “I don’t really stretch, I’m just here for the heat.” Because really, I just want lay in child’s pose and sweat. I’ve been working out at home, but I haven’t ran in weeks and I’m starting to go a little crazy. My body just craves running. January is a super busy month for Dave so he hasn’t been around a lot to watch the kids, which means I can’t sneak off for a quality run. I actually spent time today researching treadmills because I think it would change my life if I had one at home, but Dave isn’t feeling that price tag right now. He’s so practical. I’m like, “Think of how often that thing would put me in a good mood. I mean it would practically pay for itself in a month.” He’s not buying it (“it” being both my logic and the treadmill).

Anyways, we got some serious snow last weekend in Atlanta. And by ‘serious’ I mean 6 inches. It’s already melted. By Thursday it was 70 degrees outside and to be honest, I’ve just felt incredibly lucky this week to live in this fickle environment. I love that we got to play in snow on Sunday and then on Thursday we were outside without jackets riding bikes. It’s like the best of all worlds (as opposed to Florida which was 90 degrees year round or NYC, which was blizzard conditions for 5 straight months). The mountains of Georgia are my jam. It snowed on Friday night and Saturday and schools were cancelled until Wednesday! We were snowed in for a solid 2 days, which meant we pretty much stayed in pajamas and played by the fire, which was magical…until we all went stir crazy and the kids turned against each other and I began dusting all the blinds in an attempt to make the time pass. But I got to wear my snow boots so I wasn’t complaining!

You’re probably wondering what the point of today’s post is. There is no point. I’m just telling you random things and sharing a few photos of our snow day. The photos are mostly of Andi Rose because she was dressed like a bear and I think we can all agree that nothing is cuter than babies dressed as animals (except for puppies in sweaters – puppies in sweaters trump all in my book).


KitLife Giveaway Winner

And now for the KitLife Giveaway! YAY!

I want to thank each of you for participating in my giveaway on Monday and I also want to thank the kind girls behind Kit Life Planners for partnering with me on this giveaway! I loved reading all your goals for 2017 and each comment left me feeling inspired! You are all really and truly the best! ❤

And now for the winner…🎉

Kimberly K

Kimberly, I have messaged you to get your address so we can get your planner in the mail to you asap! I’m so excited for you and I loved reading all your goals! I hope your Kit Life planner helps propel you forward this year as you tackle each of them! 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend that goes by nice and slooooow! See you Monday, friends!

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Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Family Fun | 0 comments

Christmas 2016

Hey there! I’m popping in today to share some photos from our first Christmas in Georgia.

I can’t believe the holiday has already come and gone. It was such a wonderful time in our house and I think that was partly due to the fact that I let go of a lot of the expectations I typically place on Christmas.

Ever since Dave & I had kids, I feel like I’ve been struggling to find my footing with holiday traditions. The last 3 years I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to make Christmas ‘perfect’ and as a result tension seemed to run high in our house around the holidays. Last year I wanted to make all the casseroles, decorate all the trees, see all the lights and have perfectly coordinated wrapping paper under the tree and it all ended up falling rather flat. This year I decided I didn’t want to make any of the casseroles, but instead I wanted to make a lasagna since I could do that ahead of time. That allowed me to spend the entire holiday with my family instead of 4 hours in the kitchen. (Atlas and I did spend a little bit of time in the kitchen making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I don’t think Santa could see his cookies underneath all the sprinkles though.)

I also decided I didn’t want to have a perfectly decorated tree because what I wanted more was to enjoy the days with my children instead of telling Andi Rose “NO TOUCH” 83 times a day.

And I decided that instead of attending every holiday event that came across my calendar, I would rather drink hot chocolate by the fire and watch Hallmark Christmas movies with Dave. And I let go of my dream of perfectly coordinated wrapping paper and allowed Dave to pick out Paw Patrol wrapping paper for Atlas, which was the best decision ever because Atlas lost his mind on Christmas morning when he saw that Paw Patrol paper under the tree.

I guess what I’m saying is that this year I finally let go of my picture perfect Christmas and as a result the magic of the holiday actually came back to me. Dave and I agreed that this was probably our very favorite Christmas together thus far.

We wrote a poem to the kids from Santa, which is something I think we will now do every year moving forward.

And we spent almost the entire afternoon outside in our pajamas with no jackets because that is what Christmas in the south looks like.

I hope your Christmas was just as magical and you are going into the New Year filled with joy, contentment and peace. This will serve as my final blog post for 2016. I’m taking these final days of the year to reflect and refill my tank. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for 2017 and I’m praying that He will use me and this little blog to encourage you and I’m looking forward to sharing more of my life, motherhood musings, workouts, treats and style with you. See you next year, friends!

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Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 in Family Fun, Girly Things, Motherhood | 4 comments

Pajamas & Pancakes Party

Hey, hey, hey! I’m sorry things are a little quiet around Cupcakes n Crunches this week. Last night we made the game time decision to go look at Christmas lights at Lake Lanier and we didn’t get home until 10pm. I feel like despite my best efforts to immerse myself in the holiday fun, somehow the season slipped away from me, so I’m trying really hard to soak up these last few days of Christmas fun with my babies. (Although today they were super grumpy so I was all, “when the heck is nap time?!”) #fulldisclosure I’m hoping to keep the blog alive over the next few days but I may be tuning in and out and I kind of hope you’ll be doing the same and you’ll be swept away in family fun and holiday activities. 🙂

On Tuesday morning, Atlas and I headed to a ‘pajama and pancakes’ party at my friend Nicole’s house. Andi Rose stayed with Dave since she is wild and cannot be trusted in public places (or any places, really). But she sure is cute…

The kid-friendly get together also served as a cookie exchange and each guest was asked to bring 24 cookies to swap.

When we arrived in our pajamas (can I get a big ole’ ‘hallelujah’ for not having to get dressed before leaving the house?!), Nicole had pancakes, fruit and cheese for the kids to eat and a delicious frittata with a side of the most amazing cheese grits for the adults. She also had a coffee bar set up + the world’s best apple cider (it seriously tasted like Christmas in a cup and I couldn’t get enough).

After the kids ate, they played their hearts out while the women sipped on coffee and chatted the morning away (in our pj’s!!). It was such a lovely way to spend a Tuesday morning and I didn’t feel ‘guilty’ for relaxing with my girlfriends because Atlas was having a blast playing with all the kids.

Nicole also had cute Christmas crafts set up for the kids to do and then before we all left, we loaded up containers with cookies to take home.

I just wanted to share this idea on the blog, because I thought it was so adorable and perhaps some of you may want to recreate it with your girlfriends.

Oh, and the beautiful pictures of the cookies in this post were snapped by my girlfriend, Jessica. I stole them from her Facebook because the only photo I took during the party was of Atlas & his little girlfriend. Jess is super talented behind the camera. So, to summarize, I have 1 friend who is the hostess with the mostess and 1 friend who can take gorgeous photos…and my talent is…eating my bodyweight in cookies…

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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Family Fun | 2 comments

Weekend Fun

Hey, guys! So, I just sat down to write this blog post and got side-tracked with online shopping (#storyofmylife). Dave walked by and goes, “What are you ordering right now? Christmas is in 6 days!” Oops. Busted. BUT, my favorite baseball hat is marked down to $9…so, there’s that useful piece of info for you.

Anyways…I was MIA yesterday because I was playing catch up after a super fun (and busy) weekend.

On Thursday night my mom arrived in town from Florida to spend a few days with us since we won’t see her on Christmas. She was kind enough to watch our babies so Dave & I could have a night away together, so on Friday afternoon we kissed Atlas & Andi Rose goodbye and headed into downtown Atlanta for some quality time together.

Our first stop took us to Zinburger (probably one of my favorite restaurants of all time) and then we wandered around the Lenox mall for a few hours before checking into our hotel. We had a Christmas party to attend in Buckhead, so we quickly showered and got ready to head back for the evening.

I wore this skirt by Rachel Parcell and to say I’m obsessed with it is a serious understatement.

I really think it is the most gorgeous piece of clothing I own. We have a Christmas Eve service at church this week and you better believe this skirt will be on repeat for that.

Friday night ended up being a late one and unfortunately, we had to be up early on Saturday, which was a bit of a bummer. However, it was for a good reason! We picked up Atlas around 9am and headed to a place called Goshen Valley. Goshen Valley is a home for boys living in the Georgia state foster care system. Dave had the privilege of visiting Goshen several months ago and he came home just raving about what an incredible place it was and ever since then we’ve been trying to plan a trip out there so I could see it too. We met up with several members from our small group (that we participate in through our church) and we all wrapped presents for the boys living at Goshen Valley.

Atlas was such a great little helper and we had the best time serving together. I was so excited to learn that the boys at Goshen Valley got to make a list of what they hoped to receive for Christmas, so the items we wrapped were specific things they had requested! Every boy I met at Goshen Valley was remarkable. They are some of the kindest and most well mannered teenagers I have ever come across and it was such a treat for me to get to experience the grace and goodness that is Goshen Valley. I’m already hoping we can plan another trip back out to visit the boys and help however needed.

The rest of Saturday was spent grocery shopping and lounging around at home. I had grand plans to wrap presents on Saturday night after the kids went to sleep, but I ended up falling asleep in Atlas’ bed and I slept for 12 hours! My sleep has been so horrible lately, so I woke up on Sunday feeling kind of refreshed…and also stressed because I didn’t get to tackle that holiday-to-do-list I had planned. But sometimes sleep just has to win.

Sunday was spent baking 100 cookies and then delivering them to our neighbors and friends. I made several different kinds of cookies, but the ones that stole the show were these double dark chocolate peanut butter cookies that are a spot-on copycat of Levain’s famous monster cookies. Oh my gosh! Add these to your make list! If you’ve read this blog for a while, then you know I used to live 3 blocks from Levain’s Bakery in NYC and their cookies were my favorite in the city! I was so freaking pumped to find a copycat recipe that did those monster cookies justice and you better believe I’ll be making those bad boys more in the future. Leave it to Jessica from How Sweet Eats to nail every cookie recipe!

Our last full weekend before Christmas was a great mix of holiday fun, rest and productivity. I loved the one-on-one time I got with my sweet man and my mom always makes our home a happier place to be.

And now I’ve got a ridiculous amount of presents to wrap and a lot of Christmas movies that aren’t going to watch themselves!

Do you have all your holiday shopping done? Do you have all your presents wrapped? Do share (especially if you don’t have it all done because then you’ll make me feel better since I’ve saved so much for the last minute)!

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Posted by on Dec 7, 2016 in Baby Atlas, Family Fun, Trips | 5 comments

All Aboard…This is the Polar Express!

On Monday afternoon we got the kids dressed in their pajamas, drove 2.5 hours to Bryson City, NC and then waited in the rain to climb aboard the Polar Express (a.k.a operation ‘make Atlas’ dreams come true’).


It was such a magical experience for our boy and I was in Heaven watching him overflow with excitement and joy.


Andi Rose seemed to really love it too, which I was incredibly thankful for because if homegirl isn’t feeling something she has a special way of making sure nobody else enjoys it either. Luckily, she was entertained by the waiters who sang and danced and when she tired of them, we had lots of snacks to keep her smiling through our 90 minute train ride. I was fa-reaking before we got on the train though because I fully anticipated her to nap on the car ride there and she, of course, refused to nap in the car until 4 minutes before we arrived at our destination. I was bracing myself for the no-nap meltdowns but God had mercy on my soul and Andi Rose was in good spirits for our North Pole excursion.


Atlas got a special golden ticket (just like in the Polar Express movie) and then Santa got on the train and gave him a silver bell (again, just like the movie). I’m pretty sure Atlas hasn’t let go of either item since Monday night.



I woke up this morning to the sound of his bell ringing. He’s still on cloud 9 from his choo-choo adventure and I’m so thankful we were able to make that little dream come to life for him.

When Santa asked Atlas what he wanted for Christmas Atlas said he wanted cars and he also wanted cars to give to a little boy who didn’t have any cars. I’m telling you guys, that boy is precious! I mean, he still lives to annoy Andi Rose, but other than that…totally precious! 😉

As soon as the train arrived back to Bryson City, we loaded the kids back into the car and made the 2.5 hour drive back home. Atlas fell asleep shortly before we arrived home (close to 11pm!), but he never let go of that train ticket.


We didn’t get our babies in bed until midnight and we had to be up at 7am for Bible Study on Tuesday morning, but it was so worth it to make those sweet memories together. The only thing that would have made the experience better is if Tom Hanks would have been there. Can we all agree that Tom Hanks can do no wrong? I love all of his movies, but since having Atlas, the Polar Express movie will always have an extra special place in my heart because of how much my boy loves it. 🚂

The next Christmas item on our bucket list is to check out the Christmas lights at Lake Lanier. We tried to drive around and look at Christmas lights in some neighborhoods around our house the other night but Andi Rose was not having it so I’m hoping she will be more into the lights at Lake Lanier. Do you have a holiday bucket list? If so, what’s on it? 🎄

P.S. My apologies for the crappy i-phone photos. We brought our camera, but it was just too dark/fast-paced/rainy/crazy to snap any decent photos. So the i-phone pics will have to do for this post, but that’s real life sometimes, isn’t it?

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Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Family Fun, Fashion | 4 comments

The Things We Do for Our Babies…

Hey, friends! In just a few hours, we are hitting the road to go make all of Atlas’ dreams come true. Or at least 1 of his dreams.


(Andi Rose is obviously upset that we aren’t hitting the road to make all of her dreams come true. Andi Rose, your day will come sweetie…)

We are going to ride the Polar Express! Ya’ll – this trip has been an ordeal. Let me give you the {not-so} short story: Atlas is obsessed (OB.SESSED) with the Polar Express. It is, without a doubt, his favorite movie of all time. When we aren’t watching the Polar Express movie, we are singing the songs from the soundtrack. And this isn’t reserved for the month of December. Oh, no. We were jamming out to the Polar Express in July. At night when I ask Atlas what he’s going to dream about, he says the Polar Express. SO, when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas can you guess what he said?

If you guessed ‘a ride on the Polar Express’ then you would be correct.


So, after quite a bit of research I found a train station about 3 hours from our house that had a Polar Express ride that seemed legit and the time frame was on point for Andi Rose (Some of the train rides were super long, which wasn’t realistic for us due to Andi’s short attention span). We got our neighbors in on the fun and decided we would make a weekend trip out of it and all go ride the Polar Express together.

Unfortunately, every other family this side of the Mississippi planned to do the same because when we went to buy our tickets 2 weeks ago they were completely booked. Not a single seat left on that dang train. I was devastated and also sort of panicked because that is the one thing Atlas has been talking about doing for Christmas.

I lost sleep over it, ya’ll. Thankfully, Dave totally came through for us and saved the day. He got us tickets for today (because who rides the Polar Express on a Monday?!) and took off work to go with us. We are literally driving there today and driving back home as soon as its over so we are probably in for a late night, but gosh darn-it! My sweet boy is riding the Polar Express today!


The things we do for our babies, right? I sure hope this train ride is magical for him. I also sure hope the sight of Santa Clause on the train doesn’t cause him to have one of those meltdowns where people say, “Oh, you’ll laugh about that one day.” (He’s still unsure about ole’ St Nick.)

Atlas is at such a fun age and he makes our home such a bright place to be. I love him to pieces. Watching him get excited over something is the best and I am praying I get to see that sweet wonder and excitement in his eyes tonight on that train.

I’m not sure if Andi Rose will be diggin’ the Polar Express like Atlas, but she loves music so I’m crossing my fingers she will be happy to just dance her little heart out. She’s a real trooper and such a good little sister to Atlas.


So that’s what’s up in our world today. I’ll be sure to recap our trip to the North Pole on the blog. 😉


Outfit details: Similar vest // button up shirt (only $25)// similar navy pants (mine are old)// hunter boots 

Atlas & Andi’s vests are both by Janie & Jack. Andi’s boots are mini Melissa’s, but sold out.

Reindeer wall mount // Red doormat 

Oh, and the moral of today’s story is this: Book your Polar Express tickets in April if you want to ride it on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in December. 🚂


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