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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Circuit Workouts, Ob, Running | 19 comments

Make Good Choices

Every time I leave the house, I say the same thing to Ob & Marley. I always say, “We will be right back! Make good choices!” ←Read in that lovey dovey voice annoying people (like me) talk to dogs in. It is a weird habit I developed when we used to leave our house unsure of whether or not we would return to total destruction, compliments of Ob.

IMG_0959Me telling the dogs to make good choices started as a joke, but it just sort of stuck. Thankfully, we haven’t lost any pillows in quite some time and I never worry about Ob destroying the house while we’re gone now (*knock on wood*) but I still tell them to make good choices every time we leave.

The point of that story isn’t to give you another example of how weird I truly am, but to tell you that I had to take my own advice this morning.

I slept through my alarm and I woke up super bummed about it. I had big plans to tackle a 5 mile run this morning before Dave left for work. I really wanted to get in some good mileage outside before we get smacked with another Polar Vortex that is going to cause temperatures to drop into the single digits again this week. I knew it would most likely be my only run outside until this weekend when temperatures warm back up…and by ‘warm back up’ I mean ‘get back into the 30s.’ And to make matters slightly more complicated, Atlas has been fighting some congestion. His congestion isn’t anything serious (praise the Lord), but I don’t feel comfortable taking him to childwatch at the Y because 1) I don’t want him getting sicker and 2) I think it is inconsiderate to put other people’s children at risk of a cold. (Fun fact: It is a serious pet peeve of mine when people bring their kids to the gym, knowing their kids are sick, just so they can get their workout in. It is rude, inconsiderate and selfish. And that’s how I feel about that…in case you ever wanted to know.) So, a treadmill run was out for the day.

So, long story short I made the decision to walk the dogs with the 1 hour I had before Dave had to leave for work. I knew this was the right choice because Atlas didn’t need to be out in the cold with the dogs later and the dogs needed exercise before the bitter cold struck again.

I was even more bummed when I walked outside with Ob & Marley and realized it was actually a very pretty morning.

ImageOkay, so it wasn’t beautiful weather. But, it was sunny and temperatures were in the high 30s, which is perfectly acceptable running weather to me.

The dogs played and had a blast, but by the time we got home I was fighting back tears. Yes, I was crying over missing a run. Let’s just go ahead and blame that on those hormones (how old does Atlas have to be before that no longer is a valid excuse?). My runs right now aren’t about losing weight, training for a PR or even getting back in shape (although, I do hope all those things happen). My runs are more about alone time…sanity…quiet time…releasing some endorphins…gaining energy, etc. And I felt like I missed my one shot for all that for the week. How’s that for being overly dramatic?

Dave hugged me before he left, knowing I was on the verge of bursting into the ugly cry and said, “Don’t let this ruin your day.” That’s when I realized I had a choice to make.

I could let 1 missed run ruin my day or I could put on a happy face, make the most of the day and choose joy. I chose the latter, and it was a good choice.

I also chose to do a circuit workout from the Nike Training Club app. ← Good choice.

Image 1I chose to spend some time reading my Bible. ← Good choice.

I chose to enjoy a healthy lunch (veggie burger topped with avocado, ketchup & mustard and a side of mashed sweet potatoes). ← Good choice. Ugly picture, but good choice.

Image 3I also chose to order truffles from Momofuku’s. ← Great choice.

The moral of this story is 3 fold.

  1. I need to take my own advice more often.
  2. Happiness is a choice. Life is never going to go exactly how you hope and plan, but you choose how you respond to the curveballs. One of my favorite quotes is “Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.”
  3.  Momofuku’s b’day cake truffles make all things better.

So, next time your day doesn’t go as planned, I challenge you to make the choice to be flexible, be happy and make the most of what you have to work with.

And by the way…missing 1 run isn’t worth crying over…keep it into perspective. But seriously, if I miss running outside this weekend I will probably cry a river. It’s those dang hormones, I tell you.

And in all fairness, it isn’t that hard to choose joy when this little guy is around.

Image 4I’m not even going to pretend like that was a tactful way to include a picture of Atlas. I just wanted a picture of him in this post because I think he is awesome and I felt like I needed some way to tie it in. I’m a new mom  – cut me some slack (Seriously – how old does Atlas have to be before that is no longer a valid excuse?).


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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Baby Atlas, Ob | 11 comments

Adjusting to Life with Two Dogs and a Baby + A Funny Video

Since giving birth, 3 things have brought me to tears.

1) Not having my family and Dave’s family in NYC following Atlas’ birth. That was tough. While I’m so thankful Dave and I got to experience childbirth just us 2 (wouldn’t have wanted that any other way), I would have loved family around after Atlas came home to share in our joy and help in our struggles as new parents.

2) Breastfeeding. Enough said.

3) Not being able to give Ob & Marley the attention they’re used to receiving from me.


Now, don’t get me wrong. Ob & Marley still get plenty of love and attention. I was adamant that their lives not be totally disrupted by Atlas. My heart breaks when I hear about people who have children and then neglect their pets. Ob & Marley still get walked 2 or 3 times a day and they still get to run and play off leash in the park every morning. I assume they probably get more exercise than most dogs. But up until last week, they were doing all that with Dave. I was at home, recovering and feeding Atlas. FYI: Breastfeeding a newborn is like being a 24 hour grocery store.

I shed a lot of tears over missing their walks. Ob would resist leaving our apartment when she realized I was staying behind and it made me so sad.

If you don’t have pets, then you probably think I’m crazy (true story: I am). But, my dogs are my fur babies. This is why I got a bit annoyed when so many people kept telling me during my pregnancy that I would feel differently about Ob & Marley once Atlas arrived.

Well, guess what? Atlas has arrived and I’m still crazy in love with Ob & Marley. Those people were wrong. The dogs are still very much a part of our family.


But things are definitely different for all of us. Spoiler alert: When you have a newborn, life changes for everybody in the household.

During the week, I miss out on the dogs’ morning walk and play time at the park. Dave & I divide and conquer. He takes them out to play while I feed Atlas and get him ready for the day. Then, during the afternoon I take the dogs out again for a short walk while Dave is at work (usually 15-30 minutes, depending on the weather and Atlas’ mood).


In the evenings they get their usual hour walk. Sometimes I get to go and other nights I’m forced to stay in since I’m like a beer tap for Atlas.

I say, “Ob, No!” and “Marley, stop!” multiple times a day now, which I feel guilty over, but they are adjusting to living with a baby so they must learn new rules. Ob is obsessed with Atlas. Marley is obsessed with Atlas’ toys. Ob wants to be touching and/or licking Atlas at all times. Marley avoids Atlas, especially when he cries. Typical female/male responses, right?


We joke that Ob thinks she is actually Atlas’ mom because she is so protective over him.


I’ve made it a priority to carve out time each day to love on the dogs. I will sneak into the pantry once or twice a day with Marley and give him a few treats. Dave and I joke that food is Marley’s ‘love language.’ Ob just wants to be touching me (true velcro dog). The dog loves the love. She is a happy camper when I’m feeding Atlas on the couch and she can lay her head on my lap and cuddle the baby and me. Ob still sleeps right beside me at night, so before bed I always pet her and tell her what a ‘good girl she is’ (<– read in that annoying voice people talk to dogs in).


Despite what people kept telling me, I knew my love for Atlas wouldn’t diminish my bond with Ob & Marley. While there is certainly nothing in the world that can compare to your love for your child, there is also nothing that can compete with the loyalty of a dog.

Several people have asked me how Ob & Marley are liking their new baby brother. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure how the dogs would react to Atlas. Would they hate him? Would Ob lick him to death (I still worry about this a little bit)? Would Marley try to get the ‘squeaker’ out of Atlas when I wasn’t looking?


Both dogs were deeply concerned when we brought Atlas home from the hospital, which you can see video footage of here. But thankfully, they’ve warmed up to him.

I think I can speak for the dogs when I say we are all enjoying being a family of five. The other night, Atlas started crying while Dave and I were eating dinner. Naturally, we both jumped up (typical new parent response) and ran to get him. When we returned to the table, our dinner was gone. The dogs fully capitalized on the situation at hand and scored a Mexican meal. They went to bed happy. Dave & I went to bed hungry.

So, if you’ve got a pet and you love them in the weird way I love my dogs I’m here to tell you that you’ll still love them in that weird way when you have a baby. Life for all of you will change and you may not have  definitely won’t have as much time to devote to them (or anything you used to devote time to, for that matter), but like anything in life (exercise, relationships, etc), you make time for what is truly important to you…even if that means using the baby’s precious nap time to play fetch with the dog.

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Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in Ob, Running | 17 comments

When the Cat’s Away…

I had to leave work early this afternoon to take this little ham to the vet.

Vizsla Vet


I took her to a new vet today because I now live on a different side of town, so I wanted to find a vet that was closer to my new home. I adored her previous vet and may still take her their on occasion, but it is nearly impossible for me to make it to my old side of town during the work week if she needs to get in to see the Dr. Luckily, the vet today was wonderful and he got a kick out of Ob when he walked into the room and found her sitting on a chair waiting to be seen. I assume most dogs sit on the floor? ha

Long-story-short, she is fine. However, she about gave Dave & me a heart attack 2 nights ago when she woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. It sounded like she was suffocating or wheezing for about 5 minutes before she finally curled up next to me and drifted back to sleep (needless to say, we didn’t fall back to sleep quite so easily). She did the same weird breathing thing this morning and I decided it was time to take her in. The vet showed me this video and asked if her episode was something similar. I told him it was exactly like that and he laughed and told me it was just a reverse sneeze due to allergies and she was totally fine. But he agreed it would freak the heck out of you if you didn’t know what it was. She also had a cyst looked at on her back, which we will get the results from Saturday but the vet didn’t seem too concerned.

*And that concludes The Ob Show for the day. My apologies to all the non-dog lovers out there who may have just accidentally read through that saga.*

After the vet, we went for a quick 4 mile run before coming home to walk Marley and make dinner.

run run run


Dave is out of town, but he will be back tomorrow, which means I’m living it up tonight. You know what the say; when the cat’s away the mice will play. 😉 Dave is going to read that and laugh out loud. I know it. He knows me too well, so he knows the truth: It is 7:30 and I am in my pjs and in bed.

When Dave is gone I take advantage of not having to make dinner for a boy and I eat whatever I want. Tonight, it was a waffle covered in peanut butter and edamame.



Winning combo, right?

I miss Dave so much when he’s gone, but I do love making random meals, crawling into bed super early and watching a Friends or Sex and the City marathon. I wouldn’t trade our life for these lame nights I have alone, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy edamame, peanut butter waffles, Carrie Bradshaw and an 8:30pm bedtime.

I hope you had a happy hump day!

What do you love to do when you have a night alone? Do you eat random things or is that just me? 

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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Ob, Sprinkles | 2 comments

Teacher’s Pet

Last week Ob began working with an in home personal dog trainer. Once a week, the trainer comes to my house and works one on one with Ob (and me).

Ob went through puppy obedience classes at Pet Smart when she was just a few months old and she did terrific! When I made the decision to get a dog, I assumed the puppy training phase would be a nightmare. I envisioned chewed up shoes, damaged furniture and potty stains. Fortunately, I was wrong and Ob was a breeze to train and there were very few casualties involved.

Ob is a wonderful dog. I never have to worry about her destroying my house or having accidents when I leave for work. She is a velcro-dog through and through and she never leaves my side when we’re together. Seriously – I can’t even pee alone (TMI). However, I wanted to go through this new training because I take Ob just about everywhere with me on the weekends and I need her to be better behaved in social situations. I want Ob to focus on me and my commands, despite distractions from a busy environment and that is exactly what we’re practicing during her training sessions. Ob loves being the center of attention, so I think her training sessions are quickly becoming her favorite part of the week. She’s come a long way from her first puppy obedience class at Pet Smart…

Doesn’t she look like an old man in that photo? Ob has many looks, all of which crack me up.

Surprisingly, I’ve learned just as much (if not more) than Ob during these recent training sessions. For example, I’ve learned:

  1. Ob has a better attention span than I do. If I could focus on 1 thing half as long as she can focus on a squirrel, I could probably invent something as great as the iPhone or the toaster oven.
  2. Chicken > Squirrel. There is nothing Ob won’t do for chicken. Chicken trumps squirrels.
  3. Dogs need to stop and ‘smell the roses.’ Allowing your dog to stop during their walk and smell their surroundings is actually more exhausting than walking them really far because their brain is in overload as a result of processing all the new scents.
  4. When Ob doesn’t know what to do, she resorts to trying to look as cute as possible. It works. Perhaps this also works for humans? I’m going to try this technique at work on Monday and report back.

It is almost Friday, friends! YAY! I have something really exciting on the books for this weekend, but we can talk about that tomorrow. Lights out for now!


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