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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Family Fun, Trips | 2 comments

Liberty State Park

The last 2 weekends have included travel for me. First up was a trip to Pennsylvania to celebrate Atlas’ birthday with Dave’s sweet family. I’ve been to Pennsylvania a handful of times before, but never in the fall. The drive from New York to Pennsylvania was the prettiest drive of my life (it was also the loudest because Atlas screamed for 90% of the trip).

photo 2

photo 3

I knew I had to sneak in a run while we were visiting Dave’s family because I couldn’t pass up the chance to see all the beautiful fall foliage. I also ate a lot of birthday cake so that always motivates me to put on my running shoes. Since Dave’s family lives in a state park,  I told Dave that I strategically packed my Nike camo running shirt so the bears wouldn’t see me while I was running. It worked. photo 13 days after getting home from Pennsylvania, I was rushing out the door to catch a plane to Memphis for a Juice Plus conference. I took exactly 2 pictures during my 48 hours in Tennessee. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but the more I learn about Juice Plus the more I want everyone I know taking the product. Fruits and vegetables are where it’s at!

By Sunday afternoon, Dave & I were exhausted from all the travel (he was in upstate NY for a conference while I was in TN. Ob & Marley watched Atlas while we were gone. Just kidding. My mom was here to help). Since we were both fighting the urge to take a 4 hour nap, we knew some vitamin D would do us good so we headed to Liberty State Park with Atlas and the dogs. If you ever want to snap some beautiful photos of the NYC skyline and the statue of liberty, I suggest heading to Liberty State Park.

photo 4-1It doesn’t attract the crowds like Central Park, which makes it great for endless rounds of fetch with Ob & Marley. no crowds = off leash time for dogs.

photo 3-1I clearly put my all into throwing a stick for Ob & Marley.

Atlas had fun playing in his little blue car, chasing a ball around (kids are a lot like dogs), eating grass (seriously, so much like dogs) and running free. photo 1-1


photo 4

photo 5It was the perfect Sunday activity.

Liberty State Park also makes for a pretty run. It has a long boardwalk that allows you to log a lot of miles while taking in breathtaking views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, downtown Jersey City and the Statue of Liberty. Definitely check it out if you’re ever in the area.

photo 2-1And on that note, Atlas & I are off to Manhattan for a doctor visit. Time for his 1 year check up! Say a prayer for my little buddy – he’s got blood work and shots on the agenda today.

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Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Family Fun, Trips | 7 comments

Cook Forest Trip

We are back in NYC tonight after spending a long weekend in the woods of PA.

Image 3I think I can speak for OB when I say hiking through the woods is one of our favorite hobbies. That dog and I are happiest when we’re in the woods…or at the Ritz. Our perfect day would include a morning run, a day spent hiking through the woods and room service at a luxury hotel.

Image 2We enjoyed a weekend with Dave’s sweet family. Since they live in a state park, it is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of NYC and just enjoy nature.

Image 4The park is full of hiking trails that are literally right outside his family’s front door, so the dogs ran wild. Ob wasn’t the only one in Heaven – Marley was clearly a happy camper too.

photo 1We got some snow one day, but thankfully temperatures rose to the 40s and 50s so it melted away quickly.

Image 7In addition to spending time with Dave’s family and hiking, I also cheered Dave on as he ran another half marathon.

Image 5Dave completed the Cook Forest Half Marathon on Saturday and as always, he rocked it. I was a proud wife.

And while Dave ran 13.1 miles I ate my body weight in these Butterfinger peanut butter cups.

ImageI wish you all lived closer so we could eat these and drink wine together. Those things go together, right? I’m an exhausted mom, so wine goes with everything these days.

Speaking of being a mom…Atlas had a play date while we were in PA. Turns out, we’ve got some work to do when it comes to my kid’s social skills.

DSC_1679Some of Dave’s college pals brought their adorable 9 month old, Rowan, down to visit and while we had so much fun chatting with them, Atlas was not a good playmate for sweet Rowan. Rowan is the happiest go-lucky little baby boy you will ever meet and every time he giggled or made any noise Atlas immediately let out a scream.

DSC_1678You just can’t help but laugh at that face. But seriously – working on his social skills STAT.

On a positive note, Atlas was much better during our car trip home. There was a lot less crying during this trip (during our December trip to Cook Forest Atlas screamed for 95%  of the car ride).

Image 6There were a lot more blow out diapers though. That was a bummer. A disgusting, nasty, messy bummer.

These 2 were the only ones smiling during the clean up process…probably because they weren’t the ones doing the cleaning up.

photo 2And we hit killer traffic so our 5 hour drive home turned into 7 hours.

Being the awesome mom I am though, I was resourceful and when we ran out of toys to play with I let Atlas play with diapers.

Image 9He played with that diaper for close to 30 minutes. It was a clean diaper, so I don’t think I’m totally out of the running for Mom of the Year?

It was a great trip filled with family and friends, but after that messy car ride it will be a looooong time before we take another trip….or 6 weeks….because that is when we leave for our next trip. I’ll be prepared with multiple changes of clothes in the diaper bag for that 1 though (for me and Atlas).

And on that note, I’m off to bed. I hope you have a happy hump day, friends! 🙂

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Family Fun, Trips | 12 comments

Photos from Florida

Hola! Atlas and I are back in NYC after a crazy busy trip to Florida.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come home with a suntan, pedicure, highlighted hair or that ‘glow’ that comes after a relaxing vacation but the trip was very productive so I can’t complain.

Atlas & I did get to sit by the pool for 1 hour 1 day. It was Heavenly.

IMG_4999We also went to the zoo with my dad & stepmom 1 day.

zoo1The weather was perfect! After spending weeks stuck inside due to polar vortexes, it was just plain good for my soul to spend that many hours walking around outside. Atlas was the hit of the zoo sporting his monkey hat. The Jacksonville Zoo is really beautiful – if you ever get a chance to go, you should check it out. It was a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family.

We had a picnic one day with my mom, sisters and all the nieces and nephews.



IMG_4981Again, the weather was perfect. The boys threw around a football while us girls chatted away. I basked in the sunshine while Atlas enjoyed the attention from his Grammy, Aunts and cousins.

Can we talk about how Atlas is almost as big as his cousin, despite the decade+ between them? My kid is a chunk.

IMG_5014I hope he grows up to be as sweet as his cousins. They are the best.

We also got to enjoy some time with some of my favorite & dearest friends.

IMG_5008And of course, no trip is complete without cupcakes.

IMG_4935Lots of those were consumed. I ate plenty for you & me both.

It was a productive trip with just enough sunshine to keep me happy until Spring, which from what I’m told, should be any day now.:)





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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Trips | 2 comments

New Years in North Carolina

Hi friends!

On Friday, Dave & I loaded up the car with our dogs, our luggage and some of our favorite friends and headed to North Carolina for an impromptu trip. We went to North Carolina over Thanksgiving and loved it so much, we decided to go back for New Years. We stayed at a different cabin this time and we had no cell service and no access to internet. It actually felt sort of nice to be temporarily disconnected from the world.

The cabin was on almost 2 acres of land and was completely fenced in, so Ob & Marley loved running wild and free. We actually got a little bit of snow on our first day, which was really cool to all of us Floridians.

I know – you are diggin’ our outfits. Plaid pajamas and Uggs + sandals and socks = stylish winter wear, right?

On our second day of the trip, we went on a 2 mile hike up an icy mountain. We had a blast, but it was so icy I felt like I spent the majority of the hike watching my step in an effort to avoid slipping and falling to my death. Of course, my efforts failed and I busted it going down the mountain, which was to be expected since I am the.clumsiest.person.on.the.planet. Just call me Miss Grace. Luckily, no bones were broken and we finished the hike successfully.

Even though the ice made it challenging to hike, the icicles hanging from the side of the mountain were really beautiful to look at. We also had to trek through some mud once we got to the top of the mountain and I had a mini meltdown because my shoes were covered in black mud. I may or may not have thrown a fit at the top of the mountain. Yes – I’m a real gem. Luckily, Dave cleaned my shoes when we got home and they looked good as new for our next day of hiking.

We went on the longest hike of my life on New Years Eve Day. We were trying to get to an overlook where you could supposedly see North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. We hiked nearly 8 miles and never found it though, but I laughed harder during that hike than I did during the entire trip.

Somehow this out and back trail was uphill both ways (←riddle me that), so it was a bit challenging but I spent the majority of the hike cracking up at our friends. We didn’t see 1 person during our 3+ hour hike, so we were able to let Ob & Marley off their leash and they went nuts the entire time, sprinting through the woods hunting Lord knows what.

Unfortunately, after our hike I started feeling a little under the weather and by the time New Years Eve rolled around I was running a fever and fighting the flu. We enjoyed a dinner at a local restaurant and then headed home to play some games and ring in the new year. I was feeling pretty crummy though, so I ended up crawling into bed around 11 and missing the countdown. Dave woke me up at midnight for a kiss (he’s convinced he is immune to illnesses, so he isn’t worried about my germs), but I rolled right back over and drifted back to sleep. It was confirmed I was sick today when I turned down a blizzard from Dairy Queen. When I turn down ice-cream it is time to call the medics.

Even though I’m currently feeling pretty gross, it was still a wonderful trip filled with lots of laughs. I am thankful I got to ring in the New Year in such a beautiful place with such beautiful people.

Now, I’m home and unpacked and off to bed! I can’t be sick right now because I go back to work tomorrow and I have a half marathon in 2 weeks. Yikes!

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