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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Circuit Workouts | 0 comments

Christmas Trees & Circuit Workouts

This morning started bright & early with a circuit workout. I completed a few rounds of 3 different short circuits and by the time I finished I was a sweaty mess. I only took a few water breaks, so my heart rate stayed pretty high for the duration of the workout and I have a feeling I’m going to feel some of these exercises tomorrow. Actually, my hamstrings and abs are already a wee bit sore.

I completed the weighted punches using 5 pound weights. I used 10 pound weights for the squats, plank rows, biceps curls & dead-lifts. I also used a 10 pound medicine ball for the sit to stands and a stability ball for the ball passes. You may need to use more/less weight depending on your fitness level and goals though.

And now, since it is obvious that I’m in the holiday spirit, let’s talk Christmas trees. Last night I finished putting the last of the decorations on the Christmas tree and I noticed that some of the ornaments were too heavy for the tree. I’ve had fake trees the past several years and I don’t ever remember this being an issue with fake trees. Do real trees just have weaker branches? This got me wondering what kind of tree I prefer; real vs. fake. I love that fake trees come with no mess and I swear they hold heavier ornaments. Real trees need to be watered, which is sort of a chore because I’m super  forgetful lazy busy.* However, getting a real tree was so festive and fun and it makes the house smell like Christmas.

This was my big ole’ fake tree (Please notice Ob waiting patiently for her gift)…

This was my cute little pencil tree (please notice Marley taking matters into his own hands)…

And now I have this real tree…

And 2 dogs that don’t seem to be in any hurry for Santa Paws to arrive…

I am currently curled up on the couch looking at my tree and thinking I agree with the dogs….I’m not in any hurry for Christmas day to get here. I love this time of year and I wish I could slow it down and make it last longer. The holiday parties…the baking…the gifts…the cozy fires…the mistletoe…the gifts…the decorations…the trees…the stockings…the gifts. I ♥ it all.

Do you prefer a real or fake tree?

*This post actually reminded me I haven’t watered my tree today.


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