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Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Family Fun | 6 comments

Date Weekend – NYC Style

Hiiiii! I’m baaack! Before I recap our special weekend, I just want to thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post. Unfortunately, the comments were lost while transferring my site over to its new home so they no longer show up in the post, BUT I read them all (I actually have them printed – I’m a sentimental goober) and every single one of them made me smile. So, thank YOU! 🙂

While CnC was moving to its new home, Dave & I were enjoying a very special weekend. My mom flew in from Florida on Friday evening to watch Atlas so Dave & I could have the entire weekend to spend just the two of us.

Image 14It’s been over 4 months since Dave & I had time alone and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my main man. It felt weird not having Atlas around though. The above photo actually felt awkward because we weren’t holding a baby.

We didn’t do much on Valentines Day (we don’t go all out for that holiday) because my mom’s flight didn’t come in until later that evening. Dave was off on Friday so we cleaned, did laundry, played with Atlas, walked the dogs, made dinner, watched a Modern Family marathon etc. I sort of love days like that – they’re productive, but fun because Dave is around to help. The best part about Friday was my 6 mile run and this ginormous cookie cupcake from Crumbs that Dave got me.

Image 1Guy sure does know the way to my heart. I was able to eat about 75% of it by myself. I’m proud of my efforts.

Saturday, we woke up and took the dogs out to play at the park.

Image 2


This may not sound like a ton of fun, but it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. It felt so nice to be out with Dave and my 2 fur babies and not worry about Atlas being too cold. It isn’t often I get to relax and just watch Ob and Marley have fun so this was a highlight for me.

After a long walk + lots of play time, we headed home so I could feed Atlas (I’m still like a human beer tap). While I fed our baby boy and worked on finishing that ginormous cupcake (I believe in finishing what I started), Dave got in another training run for his half marathon.

After he got back from running and we got cleaned up (I worked up a sweat trying to finish that cupcake) we headed out for the day. Highlights of the afternoon included mac n cheese from Mac Shack and exploring the streets of NYC.

Image 3The jury is still out on what I think is better…Smac, or Mac Shack. I’ll need to do more research and get back to you.

It was snowing sideways on Saturday, so naturally we stopped for a selfie in the snow while we were out.

Image 5Yeah, we are lame. And don’t ask where I was looking…I’ve got no clue.

We stayed out in the snowstorm for most of the afternoon before it was time to go home and feed Atlas again and get showered for dinner. Before having dinner with friends at the most adorable Italian restaurant in Little Italy, we stopped for drinks at the Peninsula Hotel off 5th Ave.

Image 15Even if cocktails aren’t your cup of tea, I suggest visiting the rooftop bar at the Peninsula. They have a good list of non-alcoholic beverages so there is something for the whole family and the views are nothing short of spectacular. It is small and cozy and the swanky atmosphere and jazz music make it the perfect spot for hanging out with girlfriends or going on a date.

We didn’t party too hard Saturday night because we’re new parents and sleep trumps all. Plus, we had big plans to take Soul Cycle on Sunday morning.

soul cycleTrue story: We had some girl take about 5 photos of us after the class (shameless) and I was so disgustingly sweaty in all of them that you won’t be seeing any of them pop up on the ole’ blog.

Soul Cycle is like a dance infused spin class that incorporates weights and resistance bands to give you a total body workout in addition to a great cardio workout. The instructor reminded me of a DJ and kept the class upbeat and exciting – it seriously felt like I was cycling in the middle of a nightclub. Only in NYC, right?

When we checked in for the class they asked how we heard about Soul Cycle. Naturally, without missing a beat, I responded with, “Kelly Ripa.” Dave laughed and said that I make it sound like she’s my best friend. And she totally is…only she doesn’t know it because we’ve never actually met. Unfortunately, Kelly Ripa wasn’t in our Soul Cycle class…but that’s probably for the best because you know I would have asked (begged?) for a selfie with her and probably been asked to leave before the class even started.


After Soul Cycle we got cleaned up and took my mom and Atlas with us to Five Napkin Burger for a big family brunch.

5napkinburger5 Napkin Burger is my new favorite place. Between the s’mores milkshake, cheesy tater tots and wasabi deviled eggs I’m not sure I’ll ever eat anywhere else in the city again.  The only thing better than that food was the company. My mom kept me & Dave laughing through our entire meal.

We tried to get a family photo since Atlas wasn’t crying…and I was showered…and not in workout clothes…and Dave was with us…and we had a photographer (you can’t even believe how hard it is to make all those things happen at once)…but this was the best we could do.

Image 16Not quite frame worthy, but it is real life so I love it.

After brunch and some time playing at the bookstore, Atlas was zonked out so he and my mom headed home to nap and play.

Image 17I could kiss those cheeks all day long.

Dave & I headed out to do some shopping. We’re trying to stick to our budget, so I passed up a lot of cute stuff but we couldn’t resist picking up some items for our little man.

Image 18I was all, “No! I don’t need a new jacket! We could put that money in savings.” while we were in Lululemon. Then, the minute we walk into a cute kid store I’m all, “OMG! Do you see THIS? Atlas needs THIS. Let’s transfer all our money out of savings and buy everything in this store.”

We ended our date filled weekend with a nice night out on the UWS Sunday before sending my mom back to sunny Florida on Monday afternoon.

It was such a lovely weekend. I so enjoyed seeing my mom, trying new things in NYC and spending some time just being a wife (one of my favorite gigs 😉 ).

And now it is Wednesday & another weekend is almost here! You know what I’m really ready for? Like even more than Friday? Spring! Its something I didn’t get in Florida (hello 85 degrees in March) but I was told I would get spring in NYC. I’m waiting anxiously for it.


  1. I seriously love everything about this post. It makes me so happy that you Mom came to visit, that you got some alone time with Dave and the pups, but still lots of family time and that meal with that milkshake – we are totally going there when I come to visit! 😉

    • Yes! 5 napkin burger is a must!

      And the only thing better than our weekend would have been a weekend in HAWAII! 😉

  2. Oh my goodness! SUCH a fun weekend you had!! And that cupcake/cookie?!?! Holy smokes. I would have finished that all by myself too–def a finisher over here 😉

    How cool that you got to spend such quality time with Dave and not have to worry about little one all day long. I bet that was really refreshing & a nice recharge. I should def look into something like that soon! We were just talking about how we want to do a date with a real babysitter and such. She sleeps well now, so we could have someone just stay over for the evening while she is in bed….must get on that!

    Isn’t it true about the toys/savings/Lulu?? Except I’m not quiiittteee there. I still need allllll the things, and she gets just some. hahahaha. Apparently I am more selfish than you are 😉


    • OMG – get a sitter! You will feel so refreshed after having a night out with the hubs! Worth the investment of a babysitter. 😉 Now that Atlas is going to bed earlier (seriously do NOT miss that midnight bedtime one bit) it isn’t even a hard gig for a sitter if they come over after bedtime because (hopefully) the baby sleeps the entire time.

      And you’re not selfish – you just know that when mama is happy the whole family is happy. 😉

    • It really was dangerous! haha

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