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Posted by on Feb 9, 2013 in Sprinkles | 14 comments

Dinner at Caps with the Bachelorette

Last night Dave & I headed to St. Augustine to meet up with 3 other couples for a group dinner date. My best friend and old roommate, Stacie, was in town from South Florida so I was crazy excited to see her face along with some other friends that I don’t get to see too often.

SNR I had so much fun catching up with Stacie & Larissa (featured above). Stacie rocks triathlons and Larissa is actually competing on a relay team in an ultra marathon today. Pretty cool chicks, right?

We met at Caps, a restaurant featuring delicious southern and seafood dishes, and hung out on the outdoor patio sipping our drinks and catching up for over an hour before we got around to ordering food. We started with appetizers, which featured calamari in a sweet thai chili sauce and fish dip and crackers. I wasn’t feeling super great, so I didn’t indulge in too many appetizers and stuck to a bowl of soup instead.

Last night wasn’t just exciting because I got to see my awesome gal pals. I also got to meet Stacie’s boyfriend, Nathan. They started dating a few months after she moved to South Florida and until last night, I had yet to meet him. I’ve heard so many great things about him over the last several weeks and he lived up to all the praises Stacie has been singing. He was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier for my friend. We actually had a little rose ceremony for him, bachelorette style…

bachelorOf course, with so many women at the table the conversation was bound to turn to the Bachelor eventually. And when it did, Stacie picked up the rose from the centerpiece on the table and gave Nathan the cheesiest speech I’ve ever heard before asking him to ‘please accept this rose.’ I couldn’t stop laughing. He was a great sport and took it, while saying he ‘didn’t expect to find love during this dinner, but his fairytale was finally coming true.’ Seriously – laughing out loud right now thinking about those 2 exchanging that rose. Hilarious.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dinner or better company. Lots of laughs were shared by all!

Dinner with SNR


I hope you are enjoying your weekend!



    • Kate I’m rocking the robe tonight…and slippers! Fun fact: my grandpa and I actually have the exact same pair of slippers. So yes, I have old man slippers. But my grandpa is cool, so I don’t mind matching his style. 😉

      We should bring our robes to Blend – rock that look. haha

  1. How fun! I wish my boyfriend and I had fun couples to go out with like that. Love The Bachelor reference. It’s pathetic for me to even say this, but I’m nervous for this week’s episode. Tierra needs to go.
    Allison recently posted..Hockey Games & Miley CyrusMy Profile

  2. Small world.
    Ian has a training in St. A every year.
    This year it is the first week of August.

    The kids and I usually tag along. Such a quaint little town. (99% sure I just asked you on our first date…REAL discreet like. You know: “We’ll be in town this week….” Just throwing that out there all nonchalant-like. Dave can come too…if he must.)
    Amy recently posted..Joshie’s Heart.My Profile

    • Date accepted! Our calendar is marked. There are so many good restaurants in St. A. We will do a beach day and then dinner and ice-cream. We can share a cone, lady and the tramp style. 😉

      • Lady and the Tramp Style??? (SWOON!!)
        We’ll keep you posted on the details of this excursion.
        Whoop whoop.
        I will prepare Ian, you prepare Dave…just in case we decide to run away together.
        I’m just saying.
        It could happen.
        Sadly our Henry won’t be making the trip. He would LOVE your pups. It gets a little hairy (m+y own dorky pun)sneaking a 95 lb Golden into hotel rooms on the ride down.
        Amy recently posted..Joshie’s Heart.My Profile

  3. P.S. I will not be dressed that cute.
    This year I am turing 34. And I’ve had 4 kids. I THINK that means I have to wear a swimsuit with a skirt? I am not sure on the rules of those bad boys. Shiz-nit. I’ve got some research to do.
    Amy recently posted..Joshie’s Heart.My Profile

    • Amy – you’re adorable and it doesn’t look like 4 kids came out of you. I think you can skip the skirt at the beach. 😉

  4. How fun! I love that my best friends are all coupled up and we can do fun couple dinners and hang out sessions. So nice!
    Megan recently posted..Few Days of EatsMy Profile

  5. What an exciting night this was-Seeing your beautiful, loving, happy face! D & N seemed to hit it off 🙂 so it’s time to plan couples retreats. I am thrilled you got to meet the final contestant of the rose ceremony! 🙂 xoxo

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