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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Running, Sprinkles | 0 comments

Easter Eggs & Christmas Parties

I’m thankful I’m not a celebrity. I’m confident if I was followed around by the paparazzi, there would be a photo on news stands today (okay, most days) featuring a photo of me with a caption that reads, “What not to wear.” Yesterday, I had no clean running pants and temperatures were in the low fifties, which isn’t unbearable, but it was so windy. I was forced to improvise and bust out my compression socks in an effort to keep my legs warm.

That would be hot pink compression socks with neon yellow shoes. Hot. I know. Dave loved the look so much he snapped the above photo during our 5 mile run. Luckily, I’ve heard dogs are color blind so Ob couldn’t tell she was running next to a human Easter egg.

After our run, we took Marley on a 2 mile walk before coming home to prepare for a Christmas party we were hosting. We had a few of our closest friends come over for cocktails and appetizers last night.

We had the best time socializing with some of our favorite people and chowing down on some homemade spinach dip, buffalo dip and cookies. We even had a surprise appearance by Santa Paws and his reindeer…

They had no interest in Christmas cookies or carrots. All they wanted were the hot dogs wrapped in bacon.

It was a wonderful night filled with lots of laughs and cocktails. Obviously cocktails were involved…it is the only thing that could explain this photo…

And on that note, we’re off to take 2 hyper dogs to the park before coming home to wrap some Christmas gifts!

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