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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Family Fun, Sprinkles | 6 comments

Exploring Roswell

On Saturday afternoon, Dave & I loaded the kids in the car after their nap and drove to the nearby town of Roswell to eat a late lunch and walk around. Several people have raved to us about Roswell and the great restaurants there so we were excited to check it out.


The area is incredibly charming, with its brick sidewalks and tree lined streets. I was hoping there would be more boutiques for shopping, but I was underwhelmed by the stores located off the main street. However, the restaurant selection did not disappoint! We had the hardest time picking a place to eat because every place we passed looked and smelled delicious! I voted for the Fickle Pickle, solely based on the adorable name. The Sugar Shack also called to me a little bit.


However, Atlas kept saying he wanted Mac n Cheese so we ultimately decided to try a BBQ joint called G.C. BBQ that claimed to have ‘award winning mac and cheese.’


Eating at G.C. BBQ was one of the better decisions we’ve made this year. We got a few orders of the mac and cheese and I can testify that it deserves all the awards. OMG. It was SO good. We got these sweet potato chips with this pimento cheese dip (I know, how southern of us) and it was the stuff of dreams, ya’ll. I’m pretty sure the mac and cheese was cooked in 12 pounds of butter but I would rank it in the top 3 best mac and cheeses I’ve tried (& I’ve tried a lot). The food was fantastic, the cocktails were delicious and the staff was super friendly. We will definitely be back and if you’re ever in the area, I suggest you make plans to visit this local joint.


After lunch I declared I was ‘disgustingly full’ and I would never eat again. Then we passed a candy/ice cream shop called Sweet and I was like, “WAIT! I take that back!”


I got enough candy corn to last me to Halloween…or at least, I thought I did…it’s almost gone. Atlas shares my love for candy corn. Can I take a rabbit trail real fast? Have you ever noticed how kids pick out the worst candy?! I was trying so hard to convince Atlas to get delicious treats, like chocolate covered gummy bears, chocolate covered pretzels and malted milk balls and he was going for all the nasty jelly beans, just based on their bright colors. I tried to steer him in the right direction, but I guess that’s just a part of parenting I’ve got to accept – sometimes you can give it your best effort to guide your kids to good decisions, but in the end you have to let them go their own way. Of course he ended up wanting the candy out of my bag and I was like, “Dude! You made your bed, now you have to lie in it. Eat those popcorn flavored jelly beans and think about listening to me next time.” Just kidding. I shared my candy with him – Relax, Mom! I can hear my mom reading this now and saying, “Oh no! She better have shared with that boy!”




We walked around Roswell for about an hour before deciding it was time to call it a day and head home to walk Ob & Marley.

On Sunday we decided to try another new-to-us place and headed to Alpharetta to a place called Avalon. It is an outdoor shopping center with several great restaurants and once again we had a tough time deciding where to eat because all the places were calling to us! We ended up at a burger joint that was good and super kid friendly. After lunch we spent several hours walking around outside, letting Andi Rose stop to pet every dog we saw and letting Atlas make 3,000 wishes in the fountain. Atlas about lost his marbles when he saw a choo choo train drive by as we were strolling the streets.


Naturally, we paid to ride it and Atlas was in Heaven. It was $5 a person to ride and I’m quite confident, even if it had been $25 a person, we still would have hopped aboard that train because Atlas is ob.sessed with trains and once he realized he could ride that train, that’s all he wanted to do the rest of the time we were there.

We didn’t go in too many stores because shopping with kids is impossible, but we did pop into Athleta and I wanted everything I saw. Their inventory is on point right now. I was dying over all the cute fall athletic gear. We also popped into Gymboree and I’m regretting not getting this headband for Andi Rose. How stinking cute is this?


It was another good day and if you’re ever in Alpharetta, definitely check out Avalon. It’s a cool spot.

My red dress from our day in Roswell is from a local boutique called Dress Up and they have some really cute clothes that are very reasonably priced. My dress was less than $40 and it is so adorable – I’m not sure if you can tell in these photos but it has pom-poms on it. It’s super comfy too. I got it during their labor day sale so it was super cheap, but it is still affordable even at regular price. If we go to a Georgia game this year, I’ll be wearing this red dress because it’s perfect for that occasion. If you’re looking for some trendier pieces at a good price point, check out Dress Up’s website. I love this tunic, this top and this sweater. ♥

As soon as I hit publish on this post, the kids and I are rushing off to our first Bible study class. We are doing BSF again this year and today is the first class. I’m so excited for the Bible study but I’m pretty much crippled with anxiety about the kids getting sick since they are going to be in child watch at the Bible study. Fingers crossed their little immune systems can handle whatever is in those classrooms…but if not, we will just drop it from our schedule and try again next year.


  1. I just found out my little girl has 2 ear infections! Poor thing! I wish it didn’t take 2 nights of being up in the middle of the night to realize it 🙁 The picture of Atlas kissing your cheek, I can’t even! It is so adorable. I also would love to try that mac n cheese 😉 So after mentioning you’d wear that dress to the game, I’m going off topic, ha. My cousin goes to University of Texas and I was making fun of her for wearing a dress to their college game last week. Turns out that is just how southerners do football games?! Up here we wear jeans and a top, ha. So crazy!

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry Annabelle is sick. I hope she got some antibiotics and they clear up those ear infections quick!

      And that is so funny you bring up the topic about dresses to football games because I think you’re totally right! Southerners get dressed up for games because it is like an EVENT down here. I also think certain teams tend to dress up more for games. Like, I’ve noticed GA Bulldog fans tend to get all gussied up where as Fl Gators tend to rock jean shorts and go more casual. I don’t know why that is though? And I could be totally wrong in my observation…but I do tend to wear dresses to games, mostly because it is usually super hot though and dresses just feel cooler.

  2. If you really want to see some results you should try Paleo. It will help with your energy, and it will help with the overeating you mention, and with eating too many sweets.

    • I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Paleo and I actually have a Paleo cookbook. We don’t usually overeat – during the week we strive to eat pretty clean, but on the weekends we tend to have ‘cheat days.’ But I do eat too many sweets. haha 🙂

  3. Loving your blog Ashley!! Really look forward to seeing it in my inbox! So genuine and so fun!! Anything with the name cupcakes too!! Lol!! Wish we could have met before we moved from RG! Music class was fun in June and glad we got to meet your sweet kiddos and you! Bummed we didn’t get to hang more with some play dates, vino, and good grub!! And your pace could have inspired me on some runs too! I’m still trying to get back into after having Stella and Shep when I can find time!! Baby steps!! But feels so good when I’m back on the pavement!! Especially stroller free!

    So glad y’all got to explore Roswell and Avalon this past weekend!! 2 of our favo places!! I wish their were more boutiques downtown too! But my husband and wallet are glad there aren’t!! Lol! The home shops are great but not much in the clothing department!! Can’t wait to try the GC BBQ! Little Alley is on our list for a date night soon too!! Antico is favo at Avalon!! Avalon does live music on the lawn Friday nights too… With a little bar too!! They also do a Little Acorns kiddo program Tuesday’s 10am-12pm! So much to do there on top of the amazing eats and shops!!

    Love your red dress!! Go Dawgs! Talk about best food and shops!! Athens for sure!! So many good spots there!!👍🏻🏈

    Happy Thursday!

    • Lindsay – thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment! 🙂 I was actually thinking about you the other day and wondering how your move went!
      We are actually thinking of going back to Avalon this weekend to try Antico because we popped in there last weekend just to check it out and the food looked amazing! We are going to be in that area tomorrow night so I’m so glad you mentioned the live music on Friday nights. 🙂
      Where did you guys move too? You’re close to Roswell now, right?
      And I’ve heard great things about Athens – I need to make a trip over there.

      P.S. I love stroller runs just because they make me so dang grateful for the stroller free runs I get. Don’t you feel like you are FLYING during your stroller free runs after you run with the stroller?? haha! But stroller runs in RG are ROUGH because of all the hills. It always turns into a run/walk when I push the stroller through this neighborhood.

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