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Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Fashion, Girly Things, Running | 4 comments

Fall Fitness Uniform

I spend too much time online shopping, and someone should totally benefit from my hobby (Not sure if ‘hobby’ is the right word…perhaps skill? problem?). If you’re in the market for some new athleisure gear (aka ‘mom clothes’), I’ve got you covered!




I recently purchased 2 knotted t-shirts and I love the flare the knot adds to an otherwise plain jain shirt (similar here and more expensive version here). (The knot does come up kind of high on the June and Hudson shirt though, so if you are considering that purchase, plan on wearing it with high waisted jeans or leggings…unless of course you don’t mind your stomach showing…then get it, girrrrl!) I think the one I linked above is so cute and sporty and perfect for transitioning from a gym workout to running errands. I need another fitness jacket like I need a hole in my head, but I am swooning over the collar of that hoodie. I bought a ridiculous amount of hoodies while we were living in NYC (because I would wear 3 at a time some days) so I can’t justify buying that jacket, but I keep looking at it and thinking how much I want it. But I’m starting to think it doesn’t get cold in Georgia, in which case I’ve got half a closet full of jackets I’m going to need to sell…

I tried on these faux leather leggings in Athleta a few weeks ago and I cannot stop thinking about them! OMG. They are SO cute and I felt so chic in them, and who doesn’t want to feel chic while still being in comfy leggings?

The tote I linked is reversible, so you’re basically getting 2 bags for the price of one (←that’s what you tell your husband). #practical

And I’m still obsessing over those adidas superstars. They are available in pink and green now too! Gah! But I would still get the white and black or white and gold, just because I like pieces that match everything so I have the option to wear it more often.

Most days my ‘mom uniform’ consist of either jeans and a t-shirt ($5 Target t-shirts for the win) or a cami (my absolute favorite cami is here) or some kind of fitness get-up. See Exhibit A…


If you read yesterday’s post and you’re wondering how that 5 mile run with the double stroller went…well, it didn’t. I bailed on that idea. Both my kids have runny noses and so I let them sleep in and I was not pushing the beast of a stroller over all our neighborhood hills in the heat of the day. I worked out at home and I’m just rolling with it and hoping I can tweak my schedule this week to make up the run. Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape, right?


  1. I have found just working out in addition to runs really helps. Don’t beat yourself up over that one! Also, the knotted shirt and the tote. I need them!!

    • I actually found that running less days and adding more cross training to my schedule, made me faster during the last half marathon I did (3 years ago haha)! It also made me love running more. So I totally agree with you! I already know there are going to be weeks where I end up cross training more and running less just because of life with kids…but I’m hoping it all works out in the end! I just need a treadmill at home! LOL

      And isn’t the tote so stinkin’ cute?! It’s big enough for a diaper bag, it just doesn’t have the pockets to keep all the things organized so that is annoying if you’re fishing for a snack or a toy.

  2. I have that reversible tote in gold and light pink, too! It matches almost everything, and is big enough to carry all I need when I’m on the go!

    • Isn’t it the best? I love the size of it too! 🙂

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