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Posted by on Nov 2, 2016 in Family Fun, Trips | 0 comments

Family Trip to North Carolina, Part 1

Hello, hello! Both my children slept past 9am this morning. Apparently Halloween really exhausted them. I’m not sure why Atlas was tired. He only went to 5 houses before deciding he had enough candy (#weak). Did anybody else’s kids crash hard after trick or treating?

Today I’m sharing some photos from our weekend getaway to North Carolina!


I’m going to break this recap up into 2 posts, so tune back in tomorrow if you want to see the pictures from day 2 of our trip! 🙂

Last Friday, we loaded up the car (this process took no less than 2 hours) and made the short drive over to the mountains of North Carolina to stay at an adorable cottage located inside the Bear Lake Reserve. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Before having kids, Dave & I could pack up all we needed for a weekend trip in 2 duffle bags, maybe 3 if I wanted to bring some extra shoes. But now? It doesn’t matter if we are only away from home for 48 hours – we pack like we are the Israelites making a mass exodus out of Egypt carrying ALL our belongings. I don’t even understand how we bring SO much stuff, but oh my gosh – you should have seen our car. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Anyways, our drive over was gorgeous and once we got into the mountains I couldn’t stop freaking out over the fall foliage and how bright and vibrant all the leaves were. It was seriously like something from a story book and I SO wish I would have taken some photos to document the drive, but I was so freaking car sick. Those mountain roads kill me. By the time we arrived to our cottage, I’m pretty sure I was a light shade of green. But, if you ever get the chance to visit North Carolina in the fall, DO IT! Do it just for the leaves. But if you get carsick, then pack you some dramamine.


Dave & I have been to North Carolina a handful of times together and every time we go, we fall in love with the area a little bit more. We love the town of Highlands and typically stay in Highlands or Cashiers, which is another adorable mountain town located about 25 minutes away from downtown Highlands. This time our trip took us a little farther away from where we are used to staying though and we were in a super remote area called Bear Lake Reserve.


The property has a resort feel, with 2 beautiful swimming pools, a giant lake, a 9 hole golf course and several hiking trails. We absolutely loved our time at Bear Lake Reserve and while we enjoyed the fact that it felt so isolated (it made it easier to relax), we also kind of wished we were closer to Highlands (it was about a 45 minute drive to downtown Highlands, which is where we like to eat/shop).

On Friday night we stayed on property and ate dinner at the restaurant located in the clubhouse and the food was good – not great – but good. The views from the clubhouse were beautiful (pictured above).


We (*ahem* Dave) had to assemble a portable crib for Andi Rose (the child will not sleep in a pack n play) so that was our Friday night activity. We were all pretty tired so we headed to bed shortly after Andi Rose and woke up on Saturday morning ready for a fun-filled day!


After making a quick breakfast, we leashed up the dogs and grabbed the kids and headed out for a family hike on one of the trails in the community.


We got a hiking back-pack for Andi Rose to ride in and that was a great decision since we couldn’t have managed the hike with the stroller.


I anticipate using that back-pack an awful lot this fall. She started to fuss about halfway through the hike (when Dave & I switched and he wore her for a little while), but we came prepared with a lollipop so that quieted her right down.


Our hike wasn’t a long one, but since Atlas was walking we knew we couldn’t push his little legs too far. I think we covered right under 2 miles? I was seriously impressed that Atlas hiked that far, especially since a good portion of the hike was uphill. He was exhausted when we finished, but he rallied after lunch and headed back out to golf with Dave while I stayed behind to let Andi Rose nap.


When I asked Atlas what his favorite part of the trip was on our ride home Sunday he said, “Mountain golf.” Dave said he had a blast out there.

By the time the boys made it back, we were all pretty hungry so we headed into Cashiers for an amazing dinner at a cute little restaurant called the Orchard. Our food was so good and if you’re ever in the area I highly recommend checking it out. Andi Rose was way too tired though, so she was the party pooper that caused us to rush through our meal and hurry back home to put her in bed. Dave didn’t mind rushing though since he wanted to get home anyways and watch the FSU game.

With Andi Rose in bed, Atlas, Dave & I lit a little fire in our cottage and curled up to watch the game together. It was a great ending to our 2nd and last night in the mountains! 🙂

Tune in tomorrow for pictures from our final day in the mountains! Also, we took a lot of videos during this trip in hopes of putting together a vlog of our getaway. I make no promises on this, but I’m hoping I can pull it off, despite my technical deficiencies. I’m hoping to try and put that together in the next week or 2. We shall see…


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