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Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Fashion, Girly Things, Motherhood | 5 comments

Floppy Hats + A Few Other {Random} Things

I’m pretty sure this floppy hat is going to be my favorite fall accessory.


And I’m pretty sure this is my favorite photo ever taken of Andi Rose.

Front Porch Swinging

Her grin showing off those 6 little teeth is seriously the best! My heart could just burst. But oh my word, she’s been such a naughty booger today. It is a good thing she’s adorable and for every annoying thing she does (like climbing on all the things she shouldn’t), she also does something so gosh darn sweet. Her latest ‘trick’ is she loves to hand me things. She will pick up something – a leaf, a bug (so gross), a toy, something out of my purse, etc – and run it over to me with the biggest smile on her face and she babbles “eeeeessseee” which I think to her means “these” because whenever she hands me something, I always say, “Oh! Thank you for these!” It is so precious – except when she hands me a bug. Then I’m like, “Um no. You save that trick for the unlikely event that I die and you do that to the woman your dad remarries.” I kid, I kid.

My Sweet Girl




In other new, we are potty training Atlas this week and I’ll tell you the reason why I decided it was time: We ran out of diapers. I went to put him in a diaper this week and realized we were completely out and thought, “Well, guess it is time to potty train.” I threw him in some toddler underwear I picked up weeks ago, crossed my fingers, said a Hail Mary prayer and prepared myself for the worst. Much to my surprise, he has done SO good. He had a few accidents the first day, but he’s such a little people pleaser (like his mama) so it seems like he really wants to get it. Dave also surprised him with new Finding Nemo underwear (Dave is the sweetest) and Atlas was over the moon about those bad boys and cried when we wouldn’t let him sleep in them (he’s still sleeping in a pull-up). I’m so proud of him and he amazes me every day with how much he is learning, changing and growing. I love the toddler season so so much. Oh, and Atlas told me now that he’s done with diapers he wants to go to Disney World. That kid drives a tough bargain.

Since we are potty training, my anxiety level has been at about a 12 on a scale of 1-10 (I ask Atlas 32 times a day if he has to go potty and I’m confident we spend 7 hours sitting in the bathroom each day because he ‘thinks’ he has to go) & we’ve left our house exactly 2 times this week. Both times were for ice-cream. Well, actually one of the times we had to go out and get diapers for Andi Rose (apparently I just dropped the ball on diapers this week) but I wasn’t leaving the house just for that. I was about to put homegirl in a swim diaper until our Amazon Prime order arrived and Dave said if we ran out to get her diapers we could stop for ice cream so I was like, “Kids! Get in the car!”

That was quite the rabbit trail, wasn’t it? I feel like I could write an entire post on my thoughts on potty training. But, I also feel like I’ve said the word ‘potty’ more times than is socially acceptable in this post.

Anyways, back to this outfit…


I’ve never been a hat person, mainly because I don’t think I’m cool enough for them, but now I have 2 kids and I love the idea of something hiding my greasy hair, allowing me to go 1 more day without washing it. This floppy hat is heavy, which is great because it won’t blow away on a windy day and it will add some warmth on those chilly fall days! I love it and I really think it is my current favorite accessory!

My dress is old, but I’ll link some similar ones below. I got my booties during the #nsale so they were over 50% off back then. They were still a splurge, but I have 2 other pair of Stuart Weitzman boots that are over a decade old (!!) and I still wear them, so I can justify the money a little more when I know I will wear the shoe for years and I was on the hunt for a good black bootie! And these are a timeless piece for the wardrobe…and it doesn’t matter how much ice-cream I eat, they will always fit!



Similar Dress here & here & here / Floppy hat / Booties / Henri Bendel’s Necklace

I love this outfit for summer because the dress is so comfortable and lightweight but I think it will be perfect in the fall with a cardigan! It is such an easy style and its great for transitioning from summer to fall.

So that’s that. I hope you guys are liking these fashion posts I’ve been adding to CnC. I love clothes, so these are fun for me to shoot and write. 🙂 And if you like anything you see here, you can always Pin it…sharing is caring, right?

Question of the day: What’s your potty training tips?

Alternate Question of the day: What’s your weekend plans? It’s almost FRIDAY! 🎉


  1. GOod luck on the potty training. I’m not looking forward to that day 😉 I saw in other countries they potty train kids at like 6 months. Can I just ask how?! Weekend plans are a summer party, serving at church, and then maybe the boat!
    heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted..White Elm Boutique Diaper Bag ReviewMy Profile

    • When we lived in NYC, we heard about this woman in the city who claimed she could have any child potty trained before the age of 1! She charged a fortune, but I always told Dave if we were rich I would totally request her services. My mind was blown by that. I’m having a hard enough time explaining the concept to my almost 3 year old…how do people teach an ACTUAL baby to use the toilet?? It is crazy!

      And your weekend plans sound perfect! 🙂

  2. I would love a potty training post. My girl is just over 2 and some of her friends are already potty trained and people keep asking me if I’m going to potty train her. I thought it was still a bit early and girl doesn’t care to sit on it anyway!

    • Hey girl – I’ll write it up & post it next week! 🙂

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