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Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Girly Things, Sprinkles | 0 comments

Friday Favorites

Phew! This week has been all kinds of crazy, but my entire family is healthy and Dave is back home (if you read yesterday’s post then you know he was gone for the week) so I’m going into the weekend one thankful mama! One thing about our kids being sick so frequently since moving to Georgia is that on the weeks they are actually healthy I’m so incredibly grateful for the normalcy that comes with being healthy. It’s always a good week when I’m not administering medicine and/or using the snot sucker 14 times a day.

I know I’m popping in a little late today, but I wanted to share a few things that have brought a smile to my face this week before I check out for the weekend. I hope you’ll leave a comment below sharing something that made YOU smile this week too! 🙂

Baby Boots



These Mini Melissa boots arrived in the mail for Andi Rose this week and I think they are my favorite shoes ever. I can’t wait for her to wear them. I’m hoping they fit her through the holidays because they are so gosh darn perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I wish I could find them in my size. I’m also really really wanting these shoes for Andi Rose. She is so much fun to shop for at this age. I didn’t really go all out for her when she was an infant because I’m all about ease and that means white onesies for the win, but now that she’s getting bigger I kind of treat her like my baby doll and I can only hope one day she loves to play dress up as much as I do.

New Tunes



I downloaded a few new songs to run to because my running playlists was due for a serious update. I stumbled across this song on I-Tunes and while it isn’t the best song to run to (it is a slow beat) I absolutely adore this new rendition of the song True Colors sung by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick (Loved the Phil Collins version too). Those 2 can do no wrong in my book (I’m a big fan of both Pitch Perfect & N*Sync) so this little melody is on point! Also, do I live under a rock? What is the movie Trolls? Never even heard of that one.

And if you have some songs you love to run to, leave those in the comments below. I still need about an hour of new music to get me through this half marathon!

SnapChat Filters = Best Baby Entertainment



How freaking cute is Andi Rose as a puppy dog? I swear that Snap Chat (is that 1 word or 2?) has saved me on multiple occasions when I’m out with the kids and one of them starts to have a meltdown, I’m like “Do you want to be a dog? Do you want to shoot rainbows out of your mouth? Do you want to be a deer? Look, look, LOOK!” And then they go from fussing to cracking themselves up playing with snapchat. The dog filter is their favorite and it is my favorite too (well that and the filter that makes my skin look flawless with beautiful butterflies swarming around my head – that one is pretty amazing and I wish that was my real life). I rarely post on Snap Chat, but 3 or 4 times a week the kids and I will play on it and it always makes us laugh and smile. Andi Rose immediately starts sticking her tongue out when she sees me click that app on my phone. It is the funniest thing, ya’ll.

Community Group



Dave & I joined a community group with our church and this week’s meeting was such a blessing to me (even though I really missed Dave being there with me). When I was sitting in that group I felt like I was exactly where God wanted me and that’s really the first time I’ve felt that since we moved to Georgia 6 months ago. We were challenged to let our guards down and not put out an exaggerated image of ourselves that says, “Hey! I’ve got it all together” but rather say, “Hey, this is what I struggle with and I’m hoping with the help of God and some relationships that are rooted in trust and kindness I can keep growing and becoming the person God desires for me to be.” God is doing so much in my messy heart and I’m so thankful that He is surrounding me with people who are genuine and kind to do this hard life with.

On a similar note, Atlas has memorized the Bible verse in Proverbs that says, “Whenever you are able, do good to those who need help.” He will randomly say that verse to me (He’s so proud that he knows it) and it’s been amazing to see how God has used my 2 year old to encourage and convict my heart. I’ve been thinking about that verse and I thought it just coincided so nicely with our community group’s lesson. We all need help in life. Nobody has it all together. Nobody is without fault. Nobody is perfect. So, you know what? We all need more good passed our way and we really shouldn’t withhold good from anybody. The Bible doesn’t say, “Do good to those who deserve it.” Or to those who will be the most thankful. Or to those who will do good back to you. Or to those who you will get the most credit for helping. It says do good to those who need it. Whether that is tangible help being offered, a simple kind word or something as large as a financial blessing – we all benefit when kindness is passed around. If we judged less and actually did good to people, how much greater would life be?

And one more bonus that relates to this post! I found the sweetest babysitter to watch Atlas & Andi Rose some weeks while Dave & I go to our Community Group and the kids absolutely adore her. That has me grinning from ear to ear because I feel like the kids and I just meshed with her so well and that is such an answer to prayer! You guys don’t even know. I get so much anxiety about leaving my kids and I felt totally at ease with this girl and that rarely happens for me.

Free People Zip Back Sweater


Free People Sweater

This Free People sweater! Ya’ll! It is the softest sweater I own. It was a splurge, but gosh it is so comfy (I rarely spend over $40 on a top these days). I put it on and I wasn’t in front of a mirror and I thought, “I don’t care if I look hideous in this, I’m keeping it based solely off the snuggle factor it has going on.” It isn’t cold enough outside to wear it yet, but I wore it around our house this week and I love it and the zip detailing on the back is too cute! I got the grey and now they have it in pink (shown above) and I’m swooning over that color too. I think it will be so cute paired with black pants and booties in a few weeks!

Today the weather in Georgia is actually perfect! It was 50 degrees for my run this morning and I was in HEAVEN! My hands were actually freezing, but I’ll take 50’s over 80’s any day. The kids and I played outside all morning long because temps hovered in the high 60’s, which felt fantastic.

Buuuut Andi Rose has nothing warm to wear, so we are off to do some shopping when she wakes up from her nap because homegirl needs a sweater. I’m pretty sure temperatures are going to reach the 80’s for a while longer, but this morning I felt bad for Andi Rose because she needed something for her little arms and legs.

I hope you all have the best weekend and I’ll see ya on Monday! 🙂

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