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Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Girly Things, Giveaway | 47 comments

Glam Giveaway for My Girls!

Hello, hello! I hope you are checking back in today after a nice long weekend away celebrating with your friends and family! Things were pretty quiet around CnC last week because Dave was off work, so we tried our best to disconnect from our phones and computers and just enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our little family.


It was so great and my only complaint is that it all passed by too quickly. I wish we could relive last week all over again, as I’m currently fighting some serious Monday blues over here.

BUT, with Thanksgiving officially behind us, that means Christmas is right around the corner and to kick off the Christmas season I’m hosting another giveaway today! YAY!


Since so many of you participated in my last giveaway, I wanted to do 1 more just to thank you all again for your readership, kindness and virtual friendship. You guys are the best so consider this my Christmas present to you. ♥


Today’s giveaway is for my product junkie friends! It is no secret around these parts that I love trying new beauty products. From make-up, to skincare products to the latest haircare craze – I’m a sucker for it all.

So, today I’m giving away a few of my favorite beauty products to 1 lucky reader!

Here’s what the winner is getting…


Here’s how to enter…

  1. Follow me on Instagram, if you don’t already.
  2. Leave a comment on THIS post telling me what you would love to get for Christmas this year – it could be something small and simple or something crazy and extravagant! You have until Thursday night at 10pm to enter!
  3. BONUS: For an extra entry, you can share 1 of my blog posts on Facebook (it’s easy – there’s a facebook share button at the bottom of each post). You can pick whatever post you want to share (it can be an old one that you may have enjoyed) –  just be sure to let me know that you shared a post in your comment below so I can enter your name in the drawing twice.

And that’s it, sweet friends! Thanks so much for reading, sharing and participating.😘

I will announce the winner in Friday’s blog post.


Ready, set, Enter! I’m so excited to read what you all would love to get for Christmas!


  1. I wouldn’t mind getting a gift certificate to a spa because I tend to feel guilty if I splurge on it myself. 😉

  2. Follow you on Insta!

  3. Would love to get some new Lululemon gear!

    • Yes! One can never have too much lulu! 🙂 I hope you get it!

  4. I would love a spa gift certicate – I tend to feel guiltier when I get it for myself – lol. 🙂

    • Oh, that’s a great idea! I hope you get it! 🙂

  5. I’m sure it sounds cheesy but I’d love a full night’s sleep- my son still wants me during the night, as much as I love cuddling with him I’m ready for a 7 hour stretch of sleep!

    • YES! We have a cold virus circulating through our house this week and nobody is sleeping well and I would LOVE a hotel room to myself so I could sleep for 11 hours. haha

      I hope you get SEVERAL nights of solid sleep very soon! Not cheesy at all – I think all of us moms can relate. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! I feel you, girl! I would love a day to myself – guilt free! I always complain about needing time away but then if I do slip away to run to Target or the grocery store while Dave has the kids I end up feeling guilty. It’s the mom curse. lol

  6. I shared your blog post! 🙂

    I have asked for a laminating machine & some instruments for me to use with my music therapy clients.

    I am also asking for some new tennis shoes!!

    Love these giveaways!

    • You’re the best, Hayley! I mean, obviously – that’s why you have Christmas elves named after you. 😉

      Your music therapy clients are lucky to have you!

  7. I already follow you and will definitely share you blog.

    I haven’t really thought much about what I want this year.
    I just am excited for my whole family to be together.
    I guess a new pair of Tory Burch Tan Booties would be
    very nice. 🙂

    • Mrs. Terri, I love seeing all the videos you post of Cameron singing! She is so talented and I know you will love having your whole crew together at Christmas! I can’t believe your babies are grown – I still picture them as being toddlers – like my kids are now!

      And I agree – Tory Burch Booties are always a nice gift to find under the tree! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing my blog post!

  8. I’d love to have a day spent at the aquarium with my friends!

    • Yes! Experiences make for the BEST gifts! I hope you get it and it is a super fun day! 🙂

    • Oh, that’s a great gift idea!

  9. This is so awesome! To be completely honest I have asked for money to put towards a new laptop that I need for my nursing program for school. Money is logical because that’s the only item I truly need! Of course I follow on insta: _ifancythat

    • I hope you get enough money for your laptop this Christmas! 🙂 And I agree – sometimes money is the best gift to give because then you can be practical with it!

  10. I’d like to hang out with those sweet kids! That’s all I want! 😂 I feel sure my wish will come true! You do have me hooked on the bath soap! And the bamboo oil treatment I can’t run out of. My favorite hair care product! Love your blog posts and the amazing pictures and the many shopping ideas!

    • Thanks, Mom! We are ready for your visit whenever you are! 😉

  11. I just want my sweet boy home from college. His thanksgiving trip was far to short. I want to be able to hang out with him and spoil him a little. God blessed me with such an amazing young man and I am so blessed that he calls me mom. (I know cheesy but I love that kid)

    • This is SO sweet! And I imagine I’ll be the SAME way when Atlas and Andi leave home one day. I’ll be counting down until the holidays just so I can have them back under my roof. I hope you have an amazing Christmas with your boy!

  12. Lol at the elf holding the glow on the go kit 🙂 I honestly haven’t thought about my own Christmas list yet so this is a good opportunity to start…I think it’d be nice to have a night away with Dan – somewhere in close proximity so we don’t spend a lot of time traveling to get there. And if not that, then a couple of unplugged nights out that we can really just focus on being together! Okay, a new car would be nice too 😉

    • I love gifts that are experiences! I actually think if I could have anything this Christmas it really would be a weekend away with just Dave. I hope you and Dan get to go somewhere special this Christmas! 🙂 There are so many great places around you – Maybe like Vermont? I bet that is beautiful in the winter. Or even NYC for the weekend!

      And I agree with you – I wouldn’t be upset if a new Audi showed up in my driveway on December 25th. LOL

  13. I followed you on instagram. I would love to get a new camera lens.

    • A camera lense would be a fantastic gift. Dave & I are just starting to dip our toes into the world of photography – it is an expensive world. lol – We’ve been throwing around the idea of of making videos for the blog but man-oh-man – video cameras are pricey!

  14. I would love a surprise tropical trip! Santa could you make that happen? 😜

    • Is there room in that trip for me? 😉 I would love a beach vacation. But that would also mean Santa would need to provide a babysitter so I could…you know…actually vacation. LOL

  15. Following on Instagram : )

  16. I am hoping for a new pair of workout shoes and some new cooking supplies for the kitchen! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • I’ve got workout shoes on my list this year too! I live in sneakers – even on the days that I don’t workout.

  17. Follow you on insta!

    Would love a new luxe purse – maybe a Kate Spade!

    • Kate Spade makes the CUTEST purses! LOVE!

  18. All I want for Christmas is a real good tan! And new acrylic paint markers:)

    • Oh my gosh. I have FORGOTTEN what it’s like to be tan! LOL I think I’ll add this to my personal Christmas list and perhaps see if I can get it in the form of a beach vacation.

  19. Shared a post 🙋🏼✌🏼😘

  20. Shared a post on FB as well

  21. I have an odd gift request this year: laser hair removal(I am so over shaving)! Merry Christmas!

    • This is an awesome gift request! I wish I could get it done on my eyebrows. I was told if you wax your eyebrows too much they stop growing back. I’ve been waxing mine religiously for nearly 2 decades. They still grow. I would love to take a laser to that part of my face. LOL

  22. Followed you on Instagram.
    For Christmas, I’d love a new winter running jacket with a hood – for these cold, windy Pennsylvania winters.

    • Oh, that’s a good one! I remember putting on ALL the layers for my runs in NYC! I hope you get the perfect running jacket! 🙂

  23. I’m a simple girl,i love makeup and skincare,so anything beauty related would be great. Or just a simple fashion magazine to read with my morning coffee:)
    I follow you on insta as lovelystranger

  24. Love all the goodies in your glam giveaway!! So fun!! I shared one of my favo blog post of yours on my fb too!! “living with a purpose when the pages of your planner are full!”

    When anyone ask me what I want for Christmas, I say a day off (as well as my on-going forever list of items consisting of LuLu, Louis, Tory, and Target…. someday)!! I would love to have a day off to do whatever I want… sleep in without any worries of kiddo duty, a nice run, maybe some Starbucks (actually enjoyed hot), nails, shopping, actually eating a meal without picking up dropped items and crumbs nonstop or getting up 12 times before I get to take a bite of my own food, maybe a nap and then some delish vino and night out!! I know I’d miss my day to day duties and the sounds of “mommy” and the kiddos, but a day off might be nice too!! #rejuvenation

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