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Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Family Fun | 2 comments

Greetings from Georgia!

Ooohhh, hey ya’ll!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I just climbed out of the moving pit. The moving pit is sort of like Hell, only it isn’t filled with fire and brimstone – it is filled with boxes galore and endless sheets of bubble wrap. Let me tell you; moving with a toddler and baby in tow is not for the faint of heart. I feel like the last 5 weeks of my life are a complete and total blur. I only vaguely remember tiny snippets of events that occurred during the month of April.

I remember flying from NYC to Atlanta and Andi screaming the entire flight. Not crying. SCREAMING. My mom was with us and I remember my mom actually laughing at one point during the flight and I thought, “What on earth could possibly be funny right now?” But my mom said, “What else can you do, but laugh?” Anyways, we all survived and Andi got to reiterate just how much she hates flying and my mom got to reiterate the fact that humor can truly be found in any situation.

I think I remember a moving truck coming to our house, but I’m not quite sure. It must have happened though because all of our stuff ended up inside our new house. I remember staying up until 3am unpacking boxes with Dave after the kids went to sleep for 4 nights in a row and thinking, “We are never going to finish this job.” I also remember Andi waking up at the 5am hour for several days in a row and thinking, “So this is it. This is how I’m going to die. Sleep deprivation.”

But I’m looking around at our house right now and somehow in the midst of dealing with terrible toddler tantrums and teething babies and Comcast (which is actually worse than terrible toddler tantrums AND teething babies) and getting new drivers licenses and buying cars (because in the words of Atlas, “there’s no taxis here”) and buying furniture (because our new house is slightly bigger than our NYC apartment) and getting food poisoning (it was all good – we needed a post move crash diet) we ended up getting kind of settled here in good ole’ Georgia.

Moving is definitely a slow process and when you throw 2 kids in the mix it’s basically a circus. It’s taken 5 weeks of constant work to make this place feel like our home sweet home (plus an impromptu trip from my mom to help me regain some sanity), but I can finally say I think we are really going to like it here. This has been the first week since we moved where I felt like I caught a small glimpse of what a ‘normal’ routine could be like here. For the last month, we’ve just been kind of floundering about trying to establish a new normal and nothing has felt quite right, if that makes any sense? But this week I’ve been very intentional about attempting to establish habits that benefit our entire family and it seems to be clicking. Glory to God and Amen.

I could write an entire post about what I miss from living in NYC. I’m surprised at how much I already miss it. I’ve found myself sad on more than 1 occasion since moving because I missed something about NYC – going to the Central Park Zoo with Atlas, eating waffles from the Waffles and Dinges truck with Dave, playing in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I never would have thought in a million years I would feel homesick for NYC, but over the last month that’s exactly how I’ve felt.

But, conversely I could write an entire post about how much I love living in Georgia. Grocery shopping at Publix. Our adorable neighborhood. Our spacious house. All the hiking trails, literally right in our very own backyard. The friendly neighbors. Family close by to help when emergencies arise. No snow storms. A fenced yard for Ob & Marley. Georgia is amazing and I do feel so lucky to call this place home and I’m thrilled to put some roots down here.

So anyways, lots of mixed emotions going on over here lately. Which also means lots of ice cream consumption.

That’s a quick update of the last month and I hope to blog more now that we are finally feeling a bit settled. I’m having trouble uploading pictures to the blog at the moment, so hopefully I can get that issue sorted out soon.

Oh & last thing…a few people asked if I was going to write a post on moving with small children and the answer is ‘no.’ I wasn’t good at it and I have no real advice to give you except call my mom and beg her to help you. You’ll need her services for at least 2 weeks or more, depending on the scale of your move and the quantity of your children. 😉


  1. Just saw a picture of your house on instagram. Love it!!!

  2. Glad you are back! Yay!

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