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Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Running | 4 comments

Half Marathon Training, Week 4 Recap + Some Random Running Thoughts

Hola & happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a great one, filled with lots of fun and some relaxation. We went to our local Outlets shops, cheered on Atlas during his soccer game, hit up a playground and enjoyed some time at home so it was a good mix of fun and rest over here.

Below is last week’s half marathon training recap. I definitely didn’t hit all my workouts/runs and to be honest I was really beating myself up over it at the beginning of the week. That schedule I made is sort of haunting me because I’m task oriented and I view those workouts and runs as tasks that I must check-off each day and I have to remind myself that my race schedule is a guide, not a mandatory order. So, I loosely followed my guide and that’s what I’ll keep doing for the rest of the month and I hope it pays off on race day! 😉 Moms just got to go with the flow, am I right?!

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: 5 Miles @ an 8:01 pace
  • Wednesday: Off (This was Atlas’ birthday and I probably could/should have squeezed in a workout, but I opted for sleeping in after staying up way too late wrapping presents on Tuesday night. #reallife)
  • Thursday: 8 x 400’s on the treadmill – I ran around a 7:30 pace for my speed intervals and I was so tired when this run was over
  • Friday: Cardio strength workout at home
  • Saturday: 3.2 Miles @ a 7:45 pace
  • Sunday: 10 Miles @ an 8:04 pace


+ Some random thoughts on running/random thoughts I have while running:

  • I know people love to hate on the treadmill, but I like it. I took Thursday’s speedwork to the treadmill because I knew I wanted to run a 7:30 pace for those 400’s and I knew the treadmill would hold me accountable to that. Sometimes when I’m running around a track, I have a tendency to slow down when I start to get fatigued and while my Garmin keeps me honest, the treadmill keeps me on track because in order to slow down I have to make the conscious decision to bump the speed down. When I’m running around a track, I tend to just slow down naturally when I get fatigued. Probably a sign I’m not a real athlete. But whatevs. Actually, the donut I’m currently eating is probably the real sign that I’m not a real athlete.
  • Speaking of treadmills – during my long run on Sunday I kept thinking, “If I finish this run, I won’t do another long run outside until race day.” I drove to a new spot for my long run this week in hopes of running an easier course. I did luck out and get about 4 miles of flat road on the run and that was pure bliss for my legs, but the other 6 miles were still quite hilly and I seriously struggled through them. I can’t fathom running any farther on hills so part of me is really considering doing my final 2 long runs on the treadmill…but then part of me is like, “I’ve come this far, may as well finish strong on those hills.” I don’t mind 5 miles of hills, but 10 miles of rolling hills is just a lot. But I think the fact that I now don’t mind 5 miles of hills shows major progress because when we moved here I could barely do 3 miles of hills.


  • Having water available on long runs makes the biggest difference. Holy cow. When Dave & I lived in Florida we lucked out and had a water fountain that we passed on our long run route and then when we moved to NYC, there were water fountains in the parks so we always had access to drinking water on our runs. That is not the case in Georgia. There are no water fountains to be found anywhere so I ran 10 miles Sunday without 1 water break. #brutal. Even if I’m not thirsty, I just like knowing I have the option to get a sip of water at mile ‘X.’ It’s mental for me.
  • When I set out for my long run on Sunday I wasn’t feeling it. I was just feeling kind of ‘blah’ probably more related to stress than running, but I spent the first 2.5 miles thinking about how awful the run was going to be (because of those dang hills mentioned above) and as a result those first 2.5 miles felt really awful. But then I started thinking about how I tell Atlas that God wants us to do everything without complaining and how I was being quite hypocritical in that moment. I really shouldn’t complain about running because running is such a sweet gift from the Lord. The fact that I am healthy enough to go out and move and release those endorphins is such a blessing and yet there I was, complaining in my mind about how much I didn’t want to run 10 miles. As I was running, I began thinking about how crazy it was that I was dreading my long run when just a few weeks ago, I was so pumped that Dave signed us up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. But isn’t that how life goes sometimes? We get SO freaking excited when we create a goal and we come out of the gate so strong, but then when the work starts to get really tough, our excitement fizzles out and our commitment to the goal can sometimes burn out. I thought about how character doesn’t come from setting a goal, but rather from accomplishing a goal despite adversity and how that truth really applies to every area of my life. Whether it be running, or marriage, or parenthood or a career…anybody can step out in faith and set a big goal, but only the person with a committed heart will have the tenacity to accomplish what God has put in their heart to do. Then I brought this thought full circle back to my complaining and I realized the root of my complaining can usually be traced back to 2 things. Forgetfulness and Ungratefulness. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a chronic-complainer (but then again, who would?) but I do have a tendency to complain when I get stressed out and sometimes my complaining will only manifest itself in 1 sentence – “I’m so stressed!” When I forget how faithful God has been to me in the past, I tend to get overwhelmed with the future and that can lead to complaining in the present. Or in the case of my run Sunday, I forgot that my legs powered through 9 miles a week ago so I became overwhelmed at the thought of running 10 miles. Forgetfulness leads to complaining for me. And ungratefulness does the same thing. When I fail to focus on all the good around me and instead focus on the few not-so-good things, the complaining starts. So during the beginning of my run, I was all, “My legs hurt and I’m tired because I was up with Andi Rose again last night and I would rather be in my bed right now. Or better yet – a hotel bed where I could order breakfast.” But I ran better and happier when I shifted my thoughts to, “I’m so lucky that I can run – That I’m not in a wheelchair and I’m not sick. I’m so lucky that Andi Rose is teething because that’s a sign that she’s growing. I’m blessed that Dave is willing to wake up with her in the morning so I can get my run in early before it gets too hot.” So, those thoughts took up about 1 mile of my run and then I spent another mile thinking about these sunglasses I really want and then the rest of the miles I thought about what donut I was going to get when I finished. And that’s that.


Phew. That was quite the tangent, wasn’t it? If you made it to the end of that marathon, perhaps you deserve a donut.

How was your weekend? What do you normally think about while running? Any treadmill lovers out there?



  1. It’s all about perspective and mind set. You are doing great in your training and juggling everything! And those donuts look amazing! 🍩 Hope Andi is doing better.

  2. You are almost there girl!! Way to go with all your training and hard work on top of the long, busy, nonstop days with 2 littles at home!! We ran a little 5K as a fam with the double stroller on Saturday. thinking about what restaurant we were going to for lunch really got me up those horrible hills!! After inhaling my lunch I said So much for that workout!! 😜

    • I think I say that pretty much every day…haha! I run or workout and then by the evening, I’m like, “Weeeell, that workout kind of got cancelled out, I think.”

      I saw the pictures from your 5k! It looked like so much fun! 🙂 And major props to you for pushing that double stroller for the race – you should get a special medal just for THAT.

  3. Ha! Thanks!! I told my husband they should have a stroller division next time!!! It was a flat course until the last 1.5 miles! Nice of them to save it for the end!! It was a fun fam activity for sure and motivation to get my new running shoes! Baby steps back into it!! Food motivation always helps too…But I’m going to eat the good stuff anyways! #yolo

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