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Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Baby Atlas, Motherhood | 6 comments

Happy Birthday, Atlas

I’m sitting here thinking, ‘How can it be?’

How is my baby boy already three?

Atlas' Birth

I’ll never forget the moment I first laid eyes on you,

It was love at first sight (kind of like you and Boo Boo).


With each passing day, my love for you grew and grew,

I’ll always cherish those memories we made on 5th avenue.

It was with you that I had the biggest adventure in NYC,

But then it was time to head south so you could taste sweet tea.


You take every change we throw at you with such great stride,

Watching the little man you are makes me beam with pride.


There’s nothing you love more than Boo Boo the Bear,

If Andi Rose even thinks of touching him, you give her the death glare.


When you’re not holding Boo Boo, you’re playing some kind of ball,

I’m pretty sure this makes your dad the happiest man of all.


Recently you tried to use one my fancy glasses as a golf tee,

Your dad thought this was hilarious – but not me.

If you don’t make it as a golfer, you could definitely be an actor,

Or perhaps you’ll be a farmer and ride a green tractor.


No matter what you decide, just know I’ll be proud.

I’ll embarrass you at whatever you do by cheering too loud.

mamas boy

You’re {slowly} becoming the best big brother to baby Andi Rose,

(We won’t mention that time you made blood come out of her nose.)

Sweet Siblings

You are Ob’s favorite playmate and friend,

Even though ya’ll fight in ways I can’t comprehend.

Because of you, Marley gets a lot more food,

No doubt about it – you’re his favorite dude.


You are your daddy’s joy and answer to prayer,

At the end of his workday, you are his breath of fresh air.


Every night before bed, you tell me “I love you more.”

It is one of the many things you do that I absolutely adore.

But when you say that, you have no idea that it isn’t true.

You don’t know that 100 hearts couldn’t hold all the love I have for you.


You are the sunshine in each of my days,

I wish I could keep you this age for always.

I don’t know why God gave you to me, but I’m so glad He did.

I lucked out because you are the most wonderful little kid.

potty training boys

I think my favorite thing about you is your tender heart,

You are sensitive to others and incredibly smart.

This world needed an Atlas and I did too,

Up until 3 years ago, what I was missing was you.


So with that, I guess there’s just 1 thing left to say,

Atlas, I hope you have the happiest birthday!

And remember, whether you’re 3, 10 or 32,

You’ll always be my Atlas and my buddy-roo!


  1. He’s so cute and looks like such a big boy now! Happy birthday!

  2. This is just TOO adorable!! your way with words is such a gift to the world & your kids! Happy Birthday Atlas! he is SO cute & such a big boy now!

    • Thank you so much, Annette! 🙂 xoxo

  3. So sweet and heartfelt! He will cherish this one day! Your all blessed. Happy Birthday sweet Atlas!

    • I sure hope my kids love these poems one day! 🙂 I hope they make them smile and feel so loved.

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