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Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in Marriage, Sprinkles | 1 comment

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Dave, today is your birthday,

but the joy is all mine,

I’m so excited to celebrate you,

and of course drink some wine.

Sure, it is your special day,

but I’m the one filled with glee,

Because when I count my blessings,

You’re at the top of my list, you see.

You are always helping,

Your servants heart is like no other,

You are the best father to our kids,

And you make me a better mother.

You don’t wait to be asked,

You give when there’s a need,

You love our family so well,

I’m so thankful to follow your lead.

When you see something wrong,

You’re quick to make it right,

In a world that can feel dark,

You’re such a positive light.

I can picture Gram & BD,

Up in Heaven cheering out loud,

Watching you overcome obstacles,

While thinking, “I’ve never been more proud!”

This year has been tough,

But you have kept on going,

You push through the difficulties,

Even when your pace is slowing.

That’s why you’re my hero,

Because you never ever quit,

You run your race with determination,

Not content to give-up and just sit.

I remember when I first saw you,

I thought you were so hot!

I knew you were different,

But I had no idea the gold I had caught.

I’m so thankful that you, my love,

Are my happily ever after.

I’m so glad I get to cry with you,

And share so much laughter.

You surpass my dreams,

You’re patient, forgiving and kind,

When God made you,

It’s like he had me in mind.

I’m wishing you a year filled with great golf,

Complete with the very best caddie,

Happy birthday, my sweet man,

I’m so glad you’re my baby daddy!

I love you, Dave! Happy happy birthday! You keep me sane when I’m drowning in motherhood and for that, I’m forever indebted to you. xoxo


1 Comment

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful guy! I love you too Dave! Happy Birthday!!

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