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Posted by on Nov 1, 2016 in Family Fun, Running | 0 comments

Happy Halloween + It’s Our Race Week!

Hola, Party People! I missed you guys yesterday, but I was (am?) in catch-up mode from being out of town over the weekend (read: I’m drowning in laundry). We had such a fun time in the mountains of North Carolina and I’m so excited to share a recap and a bunch of photos with you, most likely tomorrow! I think I said, “This place is so magical” 36 times while we were there. The fall foliage was unreal.

Tonight, I’m just popping in to give you a quick life update and share a few Halloween pictures (indulge me, please).



Andi Rose was a dog and Atlas was a police car. Not a police man. A police car. When he picked out his costume, I asked him if he wanted a police costume to wear with the car (he was very adamant that he wanted to be an actual vehicle) and he said, “No, I’m fine.” I pressed the issue and said, “What will you wear under the police car if you don’t wear a police uniform?” He said, “Mom! I’m not a police man in a police car. I’m Atlas in a police car.” I was like, “Oh, okay. So you’re a criminal. Because if you’re in the police car and you’re not the police man then you’re most likely under arrest.” He was cool with that so I just saved the $50 on the police uniform and let the kid’s dream come true.



Andi Rose was the cutest dog I’ve ever seen (don’t tell Marley & Ob I said that) and I swear at least 5 people stopped to take her picture. She growled at everybody, so she was obviously really into her costume.

Little Life Update

I’m actually typing this up while sipping some warm tea and directly across from me is about 5 pounds of Halloween candy that isn’t calling my name.

When I can look deep into the wrapper of a Reese’s peanut butter cup and feel nothing on the inside, that can only mean one thing. I am ill.

Over the weekend I wasn’t feeling so hot and I chalked it up to the fact that I got a flu shot last week. Every year I get the flu shot and every year I say I’m never getting it again because it makes me feel so crappy. Does anybody else ever feel ‘flu-ish’ after they get the flu shot or is this just me and a weird coincidence?

Anyways, the fact that I’m still not feeling super great today has me thinking I’m fighting a real cold. Andi Rose is down with a cold right now. Well, not actually down. Nothing gets her down. She’s a champ. Her nose is running, but so is she. She never.stops.moving.

Our half marathon is this Saturday so I’m feeling a little panicky about the whole thing, but I keep telling myself that this is not a big deal. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL! But it does feel like a bit of a bummer.

So, this is where I’m at with all of it…

I skipped my long run over the weekend and just enjoyed the rest and time with my little family. That was a good decision. I needed the rest – physically and mentally. No matter what happens on race day, I won’t regret skipping that last long run because the time spent with my husband and kids in the mountains was so much more rewarding.

I skipped my 5 mile run today and I’m on the fence with whether or not that was a good decision. I have such a ‘power through’ personality, but sometimes I think that gets me into trouble because I push it too hard when I should rest. So today, I rested again…but I’m feeling kind of ‘blah’ about that now. I may run tomorrow, but I’m stressing over what my body needs. Does it need to run in preparation for Saturday or does it need total rest to fight this cold bug off? So hard to tell…

I don’t feel full blown sick, but I don’t feel well either. I’m feeling super fatigued, my throat is a bit scratchy and I’m a little achy. I feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick, but I’m not actually sick yet. Does that make sense? Like, I’m still functioning fine. I probably could have ran today – but I just feel ‘off’ so I didn’t.

Today is November 1st and I think this week is the absolute best time to start practicing gratitude. (Gratitude is something I must practice, because it truly doesn’t come natural to me during times of frustration.) So, whether or not I get to lace up my running shoes this week, I’m determined to practice thankfulness. Today I thought a lot about how lucky I am that I made it through 7 weeks of training without getting sick (that’s a record for us since we moved to Georgia). I thought about how blessed I am to have a husband who surprised me by signing me up for a race. I thanked God that He’s blessed me with the health needed to birth 2 children and the endurance to keep up with them. If I get sick and I can’t run this race and that’s the worst thing that happens to me this holiday season, then I’m doing alright. There will be other races and other things to look forward to.

I’m still praying that come race day I feel fabulous and ready to rock my run, but more than anything – at this point – I’m just praying that God gives me the grace to respond appropriately should I go down with a full-blown cold and have to sit this race out. I’m still hopeful, but I’m also trying to prepare myself for the reality that I may end up being down for the count.

Finishing this race has been high on my priority list for the last 8 weeks, but finishing this week out with a good attitude, regardless of whether or not I get to cross the finish line of my half marathon, is now proving to be more important…and more challenging.

So, that’s where I’m at. I would appreciate all the prayers and good vibes you guys got! 🙂 Either way, we are heading to Savannah this weekend so at the very least I hope I feel good enough to chow down on some deep fried southern food.

Oh, and it is November 1st so that means it is officially time to bust out all the Christmas music and play it loud and proud! (We’ve been listening to Christmas music for a while now, but I can officially turn it UP and not worry about our neighbors thinking I’m crazy because ’tis the season!) And no matter what happens this week – there are now Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel! THIS is what we’ve been practicing for, people! GAME FACES ON! The HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!! Doesn’t that just make you want to smile?! 🙂

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