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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Circuit Workouts | 0 comments

Hodgepodge Circuit (with a focus on abs)

Everyday Every once in a while, I find myself unable to focus on things for a long period of time. This week has been pretty hectic on the work front. I write training material for my company, and sometimes I am called upon to teach the courses that I write. This week I have been teaching and there is a Senior Level Vice President sitting in my class, so I’ve had to be on my game while I’m at work (you know, as opposed to pretending to work, which is surprisingly hard to do*). Needless to say, I’m mentally fried right now. I can’t focus on anything for longer than 2.5 seconds, so this hodgepodge style workout was perfect for me yesterday. I actually liked that each exercise was only done one time. When I was doing those exercises that I hate (*ahem* I’m looking at you, Jump Squats), I kept saying, “This is the only time I have to do this today.” It helped me power through and the workout flew by!

I did the entire workout in my backyard, using minimal equipment.

You will need a set of free weights (I used 10 lb. weights), a stability ball and a mat to do this workout. However, feel free to sub out different exercises if you do not have the required equipment.



Here are some examples of the exercises involving the stability ball.

Stability Ball Roll-Ins

Stability Ball Reach and Pass


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me!

*If you happen to be my boss and you just read this post, please know that I rarely never pretend to work. Also, I think we should have every Friday off. Can we add that to our next meeting’s agenda?



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