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Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Baby Atlas, Family Fun | 2 comments

Home Sweet Home

Hi! I hope you all had a very happy Mothers Day and your Monday is off to a good start. Last night Dave commented on how slow our Sunday seemed to pass by and how amazing that was! Usually the weekends fly by, but yesterday passed by nice and slow and it was glorious. We spent pretty much our entire Mothers Day at home sweet home!

Home Sweet Home

On Friday we assembled office furniture (our office is definitely my favorite room of the house – is that weird?) and then we went out for mexican. Dave and I shared some margaritas (just like the good ole’ days), Atlas and Andi Rose shared a quesadilla and then Andi had a major blowout diaper so we had to leave (nothing like the good ole’ days). Saturday was spent running errands. Atlas got his first real hair cut and I almost cried because he went into the salon looking like a baby and he left the salon looking like a 7 year old. Also, not sure if I’m using the term ‘salon’ correctly. We took him to Sports Clips. Is that considered a salon? Probably not. Anyways…

Home Sweet Home

We spent almost all of Sunday outside playing and it was so much fun. We live on a cul-de-sac and there are so many kids on the street and Atlas loves to watch them ride their bikes and play. We really love our little neighborhood.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

One of the coolest things about our neighborhood is it is filled with hiking trails so every weekend we pick a new trail to hike with the kids and dogs. It is my favorite weekend activity.

Home Sweet Home

Now I’m doing laundry and prepping dinner while my babies nap.

P.S. All these pictures are from the last month in our house. The picture of Andi and me is from a few weeks ago after church. I don’t wear dresses to play outside with the kids. And as you can tell by the photos of Atlas, he obviously doesn’t wear shoes to play outside. He loves going outside and he runs out so fast, I can’t get shoes on him. We had to buy child locks for our doors in the new house because Atlas was running outside without me hearing him. One day he ran outside, took off all his clothes on our front porch and was standing in our neighbor’s yard in only his diaper when I finally found him. We are, apparently, rednecks in the making.


  1. GORGEOUS house!! DANG! I’m jealous over here!!

    Also, where did you get the wreaths?

    • Thanks, Jenn! 🙂 The brown and white hydrangea wreath is from Etsy. The shop name is FrontPorchDecor. The bright spring wreath was a housewarming gift and I think it was from a local flower shop.

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