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Posted by on Aug 19, 2016 in Books, Desserts, Fashion, Girly Things, Motherhood, Sprinkles | 6 comments

Life Lately: Favorite Things

Phew! This week was a long one, ya’ll. Potty training isn’t for the faint of heart (Atlas is doing so so good, but it still requires me to drop whatever I am doing 46 times a day to go to the bathroom with him) and my kids decided they only wanted their naps to overlap 1 day this week, so after Monday I never experienced another nap time. I feel like a big ole’ stress ball today since I count on nap time to get all the things done, but I’m pretty much over it and ready to embrace all the glory of the weekend (read: I’m ready to stuff my face with pizza & wine tonight and call it a week)! Before I check out for the weekend, I wanted to share some things with you that I’ve been loving lately and I think you will love too! 🙂

Honest Beauty Lipsticks


Honest Beauty

Oh.Em.Gee. Ya’ll! This lipstick. It is SO good. I bought it after watching a beauty vlogger rave about it and it more than lived up to the hype. I think we can all agree that Jessica Alba can do no wrong. She is perfection, so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised at how great her new beauty line is. This may be my favorite lipstick I’ve ever owned just based on the formula and how hydrating it is. It isn’t drying at all. It isn’t sticky. It really is the perfect grab-n-go lipstick. I am wearing it in the shade honey kiss above. It is a good, soft neutral/nude that’s perfect for everyday wear. I also ordered the shade Marsala Kiss after loving honey kiss so much. Marsala Kiss is a gorgeous shade for fall. I really love the pink shades, but I thought with fall right around the corner I wanted something with a darker tone, but seriously – all my will power is going into not ordering every shade. I also got the lip gloss in creative kiss and I love it just as much and it pairs perfectly with marsala kiss. They are priced at $18, so really right in between your drugstore lipstick and your higher end brands like YSL/Nars. I’m not affiliated with Honest Beauty at all – this is an unbiased review. I just genuinely love the product that much and wanted to share it with any of my girls looking for some new beauty products to try.

Toddler Lunch Plate


Toddler Lunch Plate

My sister gave me this idea when we moved to Atlanta and it’s probably one that all my mom friends already know about, but just in case you’re like me and didn’t know about this genius trick I wanted to share it here. I’ve been serving Atlas’ lunch in this adorable silicone cupcake pan (Similar cute pan here too) and he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! He loves when he gets his ‘special plate’ and it makes lunch time a littler easier. Also, it makes it easier for me to tell exactly what he ate and exactly what he didn’t eat because all his food is separated. Mama friends, if you haven’t tried this trick with your toddlers, give it a try.

Levain’s Copycat Cookie Recipe



I linked this recipe on the blog last week, but it is worth mentioning again. I’ve since made another batch of these cookies and I think it may be my new favorite cookie recipe. No cookie will ever truly compare to the Heavenly monster cookies from Levain’s (one of our favorite bakeries when we lived in NYC), but this copycat recipe is pretty darn close. They are SO thick and cake-like and my kids LOVE them. If you’re looking to make homemade cookies, give this recipe a try and make sure you use cake flour – I think that makes all the difference.

The Red Sea Rules Book


The Red Sea Rules

My mom got this book for Dave & me after Dave’s uncle passed away last month and I’ve been slowly working my way through it (my children don’t allow me a lot of time to read) and it has really encouraged my heart so much. The author uses the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea after being led out of Egypt to deliver 10 strategies for walking through seemingly impossible situations. The book isn’t long, but it is such a good read and a great reminder that sometimes God leads us to scary places, just as He did with the Israelites, to grow our faith and exalt His glory. I have a tendency to immediately think, “How can I get out of this?” when I’m in an uncomfortable place and this book is challenging me to instead ask the question, “How can God’s name be glorified in this?” If you or someone you know is struggling right now (divorce, break-up, financial stress, job loss, death of a loved one, life in a new city, etc), I would totally recommend this book (it is less than $10). I also think it is worth mentioning that the author even discusses those situations in life that we get into as a result of our own foolish decisions and I found that chapter to be very encouraging (because Lord knows I’ve led myself into some murky waters in the past).

Mama, if you’re reading, thanks for the great gift! 🙂

Raw Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics for Kids

A few weeks ago when our house got hit with yet another stomach virus, our sweet neighbor ran this probiotic powder for kids down and told me to try it with Atlas & Andi Rose. Andi Rose seems to always have tummy issues and I’ve been mixing this powder with her baby yogurt or apple sauce and her tummy does seem to be doing a lot better the last 2 weeks, so I’m going to keep on using this stuff. I ordered some of our own after my neighbor let us try her powder and neither of my kids have even noticed that I’m mixing it into their food once a day. It is supposed to promote digestive health and help support the immune system and after all the sicknesses we’ve had in our house the last 4 months, I’m willing to try anything. My neighbor raved about it and it got great reviews on Amazon and after 2 weeks of giving it to my kids, I’m digging it too. Andi Rose hasn’t had one tummy issue in the last 2 weeks. *knock on wood*

Also, hooray for sweet southern neighbors! I just love good people.

Black Booties



I realized after I published yesterday’s outfit post, that I probably should have linked some other black booties in case any of you were in the market for a pair but didn’t want to splurge on a designer pair. I think black booties are a must-have for fall, and I’m itching to bust out mine and all my other fall accessories! If you’re on the hunt for some black booties to rock with jeans/black pants/dresses then check out some of the ones I’m linking in this paragraph. I actually bought these block heel booties for my mom as a thank-you gift during the #nsale. I tried them on and fell in love with them. They are comfortable and they look beautiful on. I also want these so bad, but I’m pretty sure Dave will send me to some sort of rehab if I order 1 more pair of shoes. These Sole Society booties are less than $100 and I actually tried these on in Nordstroms and I was shocked to realize they were by Toms because they were so cute! (Not that Toms can’t be cute…but you know what I’m saying, right?) And these Splendid booties are super cute (I love the shade nut suede too).

And that’s a wrap for this week, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment below telling me what you’re loving this week – and make it good because I love reading your comments! 😉


  1. This week I’m loving nothing but my sweet baby. We moved him into his dorm (suite) and he’s ready to fly. 🙁 However it is a new chapter for me, so I plan on become a shoe fiend and exploring more make up ideas. I like simple but it has to be good. Your tips really have me on my way, and I may need to get a Nordstrom card. The hubby won’t mind….right?

    • Oh my goodness. That is so bittersweet, isn’t it? I know you are SO proud, but I bet you miss him so much already!

      And retail therapy is good for lots of things. 😉

  2. I love reading your blog posts! I’m sure I will give the lip sticks a try because you’ve mentioned them numerous times. They must be good! Who doesn’t need a good everyday color! ( I love your pink color snob you recommended) You actually take the work out of shopping! Thank you for taking the time to share your great finds with us and even modifying the items for price and age! 😜 This week was my first week back teaching from the summer so I’m into sharing science and making it fun!!

    • Just think of me as your personal shopper! 😉 I hope you love the lipstick as much as I do! Let me know what you think of it. xoxo

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