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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in Sprinkles | 0 comments

Little Things I’m Loving

1. I am loving the NYC parks.

There is just so much to see! Dave and I are hoping to have a ‘day date’ before Atlas’ arrival and go eat at the BoatHouse in Central Park and rent one of those adorable little row boats for a few hours. I think I’m more excited about it than Dave though…probably because he will be the one doing the rowing…and I’m hardly light as feather these days.

2. I love that I can have Momofuku’s delivered right to my door in less than 30 minutes.

I also sort of hate this too. But not really.

3. These ridiculous faces that Ob & Marley make while they nap? Love.

And yes, I know…only a mother could love that creepy old man lookin’ face on the right.

On a side note, can you guys take naps? I cannot fall asleep during the day. I tried last week, after my doctor suggested I take breaks during the day to rest. I tossed and turned for an hour before giving up and going back about my day. My mind will not shut off. I can rock an 8pm bedtime like nobody’s business though.

4. I love that NSYNC performed together at the Video Music Awards. I may be rocking out to the No Strings Attached album as we speak (type?).

Another side note: I realized I’m officially old while watching the VMA’s this week because I was offended by half of the performances and I knew exactly 3 people in attendance. Dave and I spent 75% of our time watching the awards show asking “Who is that?” I think I may have actually used the phrase, “Back in my day…”

5. My sister bought me this Vaseline lip therapy and I can’t get enough of it. I put it on every night before bed and I love the way it makes my lips feel in the morning when I wake up.



6. As somebody who doesn’t love coffee (I suspect this will change when I live with a newborn), I am loving these refresher drinks from Starbucks.

The Valencia Orange is good, but the Cool Lime is my absolute favorite. Perfect summer drink (for those who can’t drink margaritas).

7. I love these smiles and I can’t wait to add another boy to the mix in 1 month!


8. I love that Pottery Barn Kids already has their Christmas stocking selection out. I am a wee bit obsessed with the holidays and don’t mind eating candy corn in August and listening to Christmas music in October.

Another side note: What should Atlas be for Halloween?

9. Oh, and these homemade peanut butter, butterscotch and chocolate rice krispie treats I made last night? Looooooove.


They’re the most addicting treat on the planet so I call them “Crack Krispies.” If I can stop eating them long enough to type up the post, I’ll give you the recipe. I told Dave I was making them for the doorman downstairs because he’s so nice to us and our dogs. The pan is currently half empty. The doorman hasn’t actually received any yet. Whoops.

10. This blog. I’ve talked about the author, Janny, on CnC before. She is one of my closest friends and I LOVE that she has started her own blog! She is moving to Denver on Saturday with her husband and dog and her blog will follow her journey out there. Janny is adventurous and courageous and her little family is heading out west to start over. No jobs. No place to live. They’re just figuring it out as they go along. It is like a real life version of Eat, Pray, Love. Janny is inspiring and a fabulous writer and I know you’ll agree after checking out her site!

11. I love that we have a long weekend coming up! Dave and I are heading to Pennsylvania for the weekend to spend some time with his sweet family and I’m very much looking forward to some relaxing time with the in-laws!

Okay! Your turn! What are YOU loving right now? Can you take naps? What should my kid be for Halloween? 

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