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Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in At Home Workouts | 2 comments

Lots of Cupcakes (and cookies) and a Few Crunches

I have something for you!

summer shape up circuitIt’s a workout! You were probably expecting something more, huh? Sorry to get your hopes up. But this workout challenged me and flew by fast so I think you’ll enjoy it if you give it a whirl. I felt the burn in my butt, shoulders and abs. I also had an added challenge while completing these circuits, thanks to this girl.

Image 14She attempted to shove a toy into my mouth every time I got down on my mat to do an exercise. Definitely adds an element of difficulty to planks. Ob can be so annoying, but gosh I love her.

And staying true to form, I followed my sweat session up with these treats.

Image 13I have a problem. I ordered a bathing suit this weekend and one would think that would encourage me to shy away from the desserts, but that hasn’t been the case. Dave came home with these goodies and I just couldn’t say no. It would have been rude and I’m a southern gal and we aren’t rude.

And while we’re chatting about my obsession with baked goods, I have something very important to tell you guys. Remember when I tried Levain Bakery and hated it? Well, I still stand behind my original statement that their cinnamon rolls are nothing to write home about, but their cookies? OMG! Their Cookies! So good. Like so, so good.

levain cookieMy sweet friend, Nancy, got a chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain’s for my birthday and at first I was skeptical of the gift, but after 1 bite I was sold. In fact, I was sold so much that I went back for more. I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie and was in Heaven for the 3 minutes it took me to eat it. Fortunately, we are only 2 blocks away from the bakery so it is an easy walk to go back for more. Unfortunately, swimsuit season is right around the corner and we are only 2 blocks away from the bakery so it is an easy walk to go back for more.

So, to summarize: Do that workout. Don’t buy a Vizsla if you don’t enjoy toys being dropped on your face during crunches. Marry a man who brings home cupcakes on a Tuesday. And if you’re ever in Manhattan, hit up Levains for all the cookies, but stay away from the cinnamon rolls. Got it?




  1. Aw I wish I would have tried that place when I was in NYC a few weeks ago!! This workout looks fantastic 🙂 I hear ya with the animals. Everytime I sit on the ground, my cat is on me. When I do a plank or push up, he’s under me trying to get me down. It makes workouts challenging!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..Angel Food Cake ParfaitMy Profile

  2. Haha. I love you. This is basically what my post was about today–can’t stop won’t stop with my fun foods…even if I work my butt of in the gym. And it’s cool with me!

    Those cookies sound delish!!

    p.s. love the summation at the end. hahah
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..My Eating Habits LatelyMy Profile

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