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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Lying Garmin + A Special Birthday

Things have been crazy busy in the C&C house this week. My out-of town family members began arriving today for my papa’s wedding this weekend (SO excited for him!) so I’ve been trying to knock a lot off my to-do list so I can just enjoy my family and lots of holiday festivities this weekend. It has been a cold and rainy week and I have been forced to bring my workouts inside, since I typically workout on my back porch. However, I was able to squeeze in a 5 miler tonight.

I know my Garmin says I only ran 4.98 miles, but it lies. I ran my normal 5 mile route in the freezing cold and if Ob could talk she would back me up. I’m so glad she can’t talk though because God only knows what else she would tell you about me.

In addition to the wedding and holiday festivities, it is also Dave’s birthday today. I’m as cheesy as they come, so I took the time to write him a little birthday poem.

To the guy who motivates me to run that extra mile,

You make me laugh. You make me smile.

When I only want to run 3 miles, you force me to run 9,

And then you make it worthwhile by pouring me some wine.

I know with you, I’m guaranteed some fun,

There is no one else with who I want to run.


To the guy who tries every (weird) think I cook,

You can melt my heart with just one look.

You’ve eaten southern casseroles without even a pout,

Maybe this year we can get you to try brussels sprouts?



To the guy who has the world’s sweetest lab,

You’re the greatest thing I ever did nab.

You’re one of a kind; even Ob agrees.

Marley completes her and you complete me.



To the guy who puts up with my crazy,

Life without you can get kind of hazy.

Although I’m the eyes & brains of our canoe,

It is your oversized heart that keeps us runnin’ like new.


To the guy who motivates me to always do my best,

Your friendship reminds me that I am truly blessed.

Now, I could probably keep talking until the end of May,

So I’ll wrap this up with an “I love you” & a “Happy birthday!” 


I’m excited for this next year and all that’s to come.

Cheers to you…now please pour the rum!


  1. You’re too good to me, how did I, yes I, get so lucky to have you not only be apart of my life, but the future catalyst of my eternal happiness? I love you with all of my heart … and paws (marley and ob)

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