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Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in At Home Workouts, Circuit Workouts, Running | 2 comments

My {Current} Workout Schedule


I go through fitness phases. Sometimes I train for half marathons, so long distance running consumes most of my workouts. After I had Atlas, I worked with a running coach to get faster, so I didn’t run as far, but I trained super hard (intervals + hills + intervals on hills) and definitely got faster (typing that out and thinking about that makes me want to do that again, actually). After I had Andi Rose, I did the 21 Day Fix and stuck to that plan pretty religiously.

I’m currently in a gym phase. I like going to the gym. Or maybe I just like dropping my babies off in child watch for an hour in the mornings? Hard to tell. But either way, I tend to prefer gym workouts these days. I like using the stair master, the treadmill and equipment like free weights, bosu balls and resistance bands.



I thought today I would share my weekly workout schedule. Now, this definitely changes and some weeks are more intense than others and I push myself harder somedays and then other days I sort of float through my exercise routine. But, this is normally my game plan going into each week!


  • Monday: Cardio! I like starting the week out with a good cardio session, especially since I usually eat too much pizza/donuts/cake/wine on the weekends. This day usually includes a 5 mile run OR the 21 Day fix total body cardio + a 3 mile run OR a ridiculous amount of plyometrics (if I’m really feeling like workin’ it).
  • Tuesday: Upper body + 20-ish minutes of cardio (usually on the stairmaster)
  • Wednesday: Lower body OR plyometrics + a 3 or 4 mile run (sometimes – sometimes I do a lot of plyometrics and I’m done after that)
  • Thursday: Usually a run with Ob OR pilates OR sometimes both if I’m feeling particularly ambitious
  • Friday: Usually my ‘freebie’ day and I do whatever I’m feeling…a run or a 21 Day fix workout…or I make up my own workout at the gym…or I just get on the step mill and zone out to a bunch of make-up tutorials on youtube…
  • Saturday: Usually I do the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30 workout. But sometimes I skip that all together and opt for just being outside and active with my family.
  • Sunday: Almost always a rest day for me. However, if I skip out on Saturday or miss a day during the week (which happens frequently because stuff comes up with 2 babies at home), I like to squeeze in a run with Ob on Sunday mornings before church.


I usually round out 1 or 2 of my workouts during the week with some ab exercises…but I tend to do that whenever I’m in the mood for it. Perhaps that’s why you don’t see a lot of ab definition in these photos?

Active Wear

Outfit details:

  • Zella Sports Bra  (I own this in 2 colors and LOVE it. It has a boho vibe to it that I adore.)
  • Shorts (These are on sale for 1 more week through the #Nsale and so comfortable. I love the thick waistband and the material is super light. I do think they run a little big though, so you may want to consider sizing down if you buy a pair.)
  • Nike Shoes (Also part of #nsale – my exact pair are sold out in most sizes already, but they may be restocked later. They have a mint color available in all sizes though that is really pretty. Also, I don’t run in these. I’m still loyal to Mizunos, but these are great for cross training and walking the dogs.)
  • Garmin (I know everybody has an Apple watch or Fitbit these days, but I’m still doing life with my good ole’ Garmin. We’ve put in a lot of miles together so I’m not ready to part with it.)

What about you? Do you have a strict workout schedule you follow? How long do you workout each day? I rarely workout longer than an hour and there are still lots of days where I only exercise for 30 minutes…but I believe if you push yourself hard, then 30 minutes if plenty of time! 🙂

Typing this post out seriously has me itching to get back into a running groove though. Might be just what the dr ordered come fall when the temperatures start dropping! I’m a cold weather runner all the way!


    • I actually found that I felt better all around when I had Atlas and was forced to cut my workout times shorter. I think we can push ourselves too hard sometimes, ya know?

      And I do LOVE going to the gym and getting a short break, even if it is just 45 minutes while Atlas & Andi Rose play in child watch (they seem to love it too), BUT I will say – prepare yourself for germs if you end up joining a gym. My kids aren’t in daycare, so they aren’t exposed to a lot and since we’ve been going to the gym it does seem like one of them is sick every other week, which is hard. When they are sick, I don’t take them to the gym and I’m back to doing at home workouts until they are recovered, which luckily I don’t mind. 🙂 But definitely consider that before signing a full gym commitment, just in case you go into it and then decide it isn’t worth it if you can’t even go 1 week out of the month.

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