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Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Girly Things | 10 comments

My Favorite 5 – Face Edition

This little post is part of a short series that I thought would be fun to share on CnC. I’ll be sharing 5 of my favorite products (not sponsored), as they relate to specific things (i.e. face/hair/lips/etc). And the best part is that each post this week will include a fun GIVEAWAY and/or some coupon codes so you can get some of my favorite products discounted.

Today I’m sharing 5 products I absolutely love for my face. I’m a product junkie and I’ve tried a lot of oils/creams/scrubs/masks/you-name-it, but these are my tried-and-true things that I keep on using.

Savvy Sleepers Pillow Case

Savvy Sleepers

I know this one might sound strange but about a year ago, I bought one of these satin pillowcases and I love it! You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have those lines on your face from your pillow? Well, I never get those with this pillow case. And I think it helps keep my hair smoother while I sleep because when I wake up (assuming I didn’t go to bed with ratty hair), my hair is still in good shape and it isn’t frizzy and my curls are still totally in tact. Savvy Sleepers claims that their pillowcases can help prevent long-term wrinkles from creases that are typically made on your face night-after-night from sleeping on a bad pillow case. Obviously, at some point we are all going to get wrinkles – it is unavoidable, but I do like the idea of possibly slowing down the process and if nothing else this satin pillowcase is so gosh-darn comfortable – it reminds me of a pillowcase I would lay on in a super swanky hotel! After reading so many rave reviews about it, I caved and bought it and was pretty skeptical but after sleeping on it for a year, I’m a believer!

‘The Reparative SkinTint’ SPF by La Mer

La Mer

Unfortunately, during my pregnancy with Andi Rose I got melasma (brown spots on my cheeks and forehead) and while it has definitely lightened up since giving birth to her, it is still kind of noticeable. Since I’ve got that going on, I need a bit of coverage. Obviously, sunscreen is so important, but it feels even more important to me now because those brown spots come back with sun exposure. I typically wear SPF 50 everyday and then I also use this La Mer SPF 30 since it is tinted (I just put it on after I put on the SPF 50). The formula is so smooth and while it is pretty expensive, I think it is worth it because it leaves my face feeling silky (not greasy) and it doesn’t make me breakout like some other sunscreens I’ve tried. Also, a little goes a long way and it doesn’t burn my eyes if it gets into them. Have you ever had certain sunscreens get into your eye and you’re convinced you’re going to go blind? I’ve had to stop a run before because the sunscreen I was wearing was getting in my eyes and I literally couldn’t see. True story. Anyways, love this product and I use it in shade “light medium” for reference.

Wild & Radiant Illuminating and Bronzing Palette by BHcosmetics


This is my go-to product for achieving a faux glow. Since I don’t like to get a lot of sun on my face due to those pesky brown spots, I like to fake my bake. This product goes on so pretty and I use it to leave a glow on my cheekbones. It isn’t expensive and I would label this a ‘must have.’



When people ask me what mascara I use, I always tell them it really isn’t my mascara, it is this product that they want (although I do love my mascara). I’ve used Neulash on and off for years and I love it. My mom and sisters use it and I’ve gotten so many of my girlfriends hooked on this stuff too. This product helps your lashes grow and let me tell you – it works! Also, it is currently on sale via Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. You can snag 2 tubes of this product for the price of 1.

Radha Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil

The idea of putting oil on my face always scared me because I am prone to breakouts, but apparently some oils are good for your face. After doing some research, I ordered this rosehip oil from Amazon and I put it on every night before bed and I really love it. It doesn’t make my face break out, but it does make my face feel smooth and hydrated. I also used it on my hands last winter while we were living in NYC and it helped my dry hands so so much. Rosehip oil is supposed to serve as a natural toner, reduce wrinkles and help improve skin’s moisture levels. This oil isn’t expensive, but I’ve been using it for months and I really don’t like going to sleep without it on now. It is less than $15 and I’m not alone in my love for it because there are over 4,000 reviews for this product on Amazon and it has almost 5 full stars!

Giveaway + Coupon

And now for the really fun part! The giveaway! 🙂 You have a chance to win your very own satin pillowcase via Savvy Sleepers! To enter the giveaway, you must:

  1. Follow me (Ashleyandrews6) and Savvy Sleepers on Instagram AND leave a comment tagging your favorite product-junkie friend on my Instagram page under the picture related to this blog post.

That’s it! Easy Peasy!

AND! To make it even better, the kind people at Savvy Sleepers are offering a 15% coupon to all CnC readers who want to purchase their very own satin pillowcase. The code is CNC15. You also get FREE shipping on orders over $50.

I’ll be hosting a little giveaway everyday this week and the winners will all be announced in Friday’s post!

Your turn! What is one product you can’t live without for your face?


*I obviously use more than just these products on my face (i.e. cleanser, toner, primer, etc). These are just some of my very favorites.

** None of the posts in this week’s series are sponsored, but some affiliate links are included. Savvy Sleepers was kind enough to agree to a giveaway after I reached out to them because I genuinely love their product that much. All opinions expressed on this blog are always my own. I really appreciate your support. 🙂


  1. What a fun series! I love trying new products, although the older I get the more I’m focusing on skin care products rather than just makeup/beauty products. Also can’t live without my tinted moisturizer with sunscreen!

    • I’m like you – the older I get I tend to spend way more money on things like eye cream and sunscreen and way less on things like eyeshadow and eyeliner. I love make-up, but I also like feeling confident enough to skip the make-up, so I try to keep up a good skincare regimen.

  2. So cool! I do LOVE that lash stuff and I’m almost out. I can’t get the 2 for 1 link to work. Is it only for a certain date?
    I’m totally entering the giveaway for the pillowcase!!! Great idea, Ashley!!!

    • I don’t know why that link isn’t working! 🙁 Try it by clicking here. Let me know if that still doesn’t work.
      And you would love the pillowcases! xoxo

  3. I just ordered the pillowcase since it would be a conflict of interest for me to win. 😂😂. I did get a discount. Thank you! Want to order the bronzer and highlighter but they are sold out. Great items!!

    • I saw that they were sold out! Hopefully they restock it soon. That Laura Mercier illuminating powder is amazing too – it is just more of a loose setting powder though that you can apply all over for that faux glow. You can see it here.

  4. Thanks for the awesome tips!! I really don’t have any beauty tips to share other than an occasional homemade sugar scrub. I’m pretty plain Jane – no make up but maybe if I get the Neulash I will have eyelashes again to put mascara on. Oh, I am very fond of Doterra’s lip balm. It’s the only thing I use daily!! I look forward to learning more in this series!!

    • We use several of the Doterra oils and I LOVE them – especially for our babies. And I’ve wanted to try a homemade sugar scrub, but I haven’t yet. Thanks for reading, Wendy! 🙂

  5. Ashley I ordered Radha rosehip oil. I’m excited to try it. My skin breaks out easy as well but is also dry. I have been using coconut oil to wash my face. Do you have any amazing cleansers you would like to share? 🙂

    • Hey Randi! You’ll have to let me know how you like the Rosehip oil – I hope you love it as much as I do. 🙂 And that’s so funny you wash your face with coconut oil – my niece and nephew (they are college students) both use coconut oil on their faces and they SWEAR by it and their skin is flawless (but I always joke with them that their skin is flawless because they are 20 lol)! I do put coconut oil on my face sometimes though and I do love the way it makes my skin feel.

      I am currently using (& loving) the Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil – it does a great job of taking off my make up so I use it every night. You can check it out here. And in the mornings, I have been using a Rodan + Fields face wash. I’m using the Reverse line now, but I don’t think it has actually lightened my brown spots all that much and the face wash is more of a scrub. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t know if I love it enough to recommend it…I would recommend the unblemish line before the reverse line.

      Thanks for reading!

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