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Posted by on Jul 7, 2016 in Fashion, Girly Things | 2 comments

My Favorite Summer Sundress

Now that I’m officially done nursing Andi Rose (so bittersweet), I love that I can wear dresses whenever I want. I almost always prefer dresses over jeans or shorts and I hated that all my dresses got pushed to the back of my closet while I was nursing my sweet babies (I never felt comfortable breastfeeding in a dress).


I recently got this dress by Soprano from Nordstrom’s and I have seriously been wearing the heck out of it. It is so lightweight and comfortable and I think the pattern is so pretty and girly. I love the cut out detailing (on the front and the back) and it washes up great (I don’t put it in the dryer though – I hang it to dry). The dress is less than $50, making it an all around winner in my book.

(Also dying over this Soprano dress! I don’t have it, but I keep eyeing it and thinking it would be so cute for the early fall. You just can’t beat the prices of these dresses – especially as a mom when you know it is a ‘good day’ if all you get on your outfit is a little bit of spit up!)



And I have to point out these shoes. Oh my word! These shoes! I just love them. BUT, I will tell you – they are not for the faint of heart. They are a lot higher than other espadrilles I own so they are a bit more challenging to walk in. I personally don’t like walking in them while I’m holding Andi Rose, but I wear them every chance I get to church and out with Dave because I think they are so stinking cute. Last time I checked, they were marked down to $60 too. Cute shoes for less than $100 – you just can’t beat that. BUT, if you don’t like high high shoes, then steer clear of these.



I have purchased a few pairs of shoes by Jessica Simpson over the last year and I am always surprised by just how much I love them. They aren’t super expensive and I find most of them to be a lot more comfortable than some of my other designer wedges/espadrilles.

P.S. I’ll try my hardest to never post another photo of my foot that close-up again (*Insert that emoji of the monkey covering its eyes here*). But I really wanted you to see the detailing on the back of the shoe in case you were interested in them!


*Edited to add: I think Nordstroms is now sold out of these shoes in quite a few sizes, but I think they are fully stocked at Macy’s (link here). They just aren’t on sale there.



    • Thanks so much, Edye! 🙂 <3

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