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Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Girly Things, Sprinkles | 8 comments

My Home Office

Hey, party people! Happy Monday to you!


The Monday of a holiday week never feels as ‘blah’ right? I know in Georgia schools are out the entire week, so the holiday cheer is in full swing around these parts.

Our weekend passed by in a flash and we officially have some of our Christmas decorations up! We have 2 of our 3 trees up, but they aren’t decorated yet. Decorating for the holidays with 2 tiny children at home means we work in short shifts…very, very short shifts. Any other mama’s out there relate?

Anyways, today I’m sharing some details about our home office.


Every time I post a picture of this room on Instagram, someone will reach out and ask me about where something is from in the photo so I figured I would share it all here with you today.


A decorator I most certainly am not, but I did have the best time putting this little space together. It is my favorite room in our house.


  • Paint color: Benjamin Moore’s Sugar Cane
  • Desk
  • Leopard bench  in Serengeti Camel
  • Office chair in shade linen peony
  • Rug
  • Etageres 
  • Leopard throw pillow
  • Gray bench
  • Most of the stuff on my desk came from Target, except the striped candle holder is Henri Bendels and the mason jar that serves as my pencil holder is from Etsy (Henri Bendels has the best candles, but don’t pay full price for them! They go on sale from time to time for $15 and that’s when you stock up on them)
  • Most of the stuff on my bookshelves is either from Hobby Lobby, Home Goods or Target – I think hobby lobby has the best picture frames for the price.

I would still love to get some art up on the walls, but it’s a process, ya’ll!

I know Ballard Designs is definitely not cheap, but if you’re ever interested in anything from that store wait until they have a sale. Every single piece I bought from Ballard I got on sale! I had to wait a while for the sales to roll around, but my patience paid off because I got many things for 20-30% off (which is a lot when you’re buying furniture).

And I owe a thank you to Ballard Designs because they also sent me some gift cards that I used towards this room. 🙂 If I had a money tree and my children were just a little more civilized and my dogs were a bit smaller, I would decorate my entire home in Ballard furniture. 😉 You know, just a few tiny things standing in my way…like lack of funds…and reality.

We are done decorating for now, but the next room I would like to tackle is our master bedroom. That room of our house needs some serious love but I don’t feel inspired/motivated to mess with it.

I’m hoping to pop in tomorrow with a workout to share with you! I know a few of you have asked that I share more workouts like I did in the days of CNC old, so I’ve put that back on the agenda! We are hosting a Friendsgiving at our house on Tuesday though + I’m cooking our Thanksgiving day meal on Thursday, so I’m in full blown cooking/cleaning/party prep mode. I’m hoping to keep the blog alive this week, but if I’m not around one day you’ll know why. 😉

I hope you are already celebrating the holiday with those you love most and your week is off to a fabulous start! I can barely hold my eyes open right now but yet I can’t turn off the hallmark Christmas movie.


    • AND we already have our first broken ornament of the year! LOL – and it isn’t even Thanksgiving. But you know what, as long as my children don’t pull the actual tree over, I think I’ll chalk it up to a win this year.

  1. I love your office! You have a flair for decorating! Can’t wait to see your house decorated for Christmas. You make it look easy, even with two kids!

    • Thanks, mom. But you’ve been here – you know that it isn’t easy at all! HA – Andi Rose is my little tornado.

  2. Your office is beautiful. I am terrible at decorating, but when I have a house, my goal is to make it look cozy and keep it simple. I feel your office has a nice simple look. Love it.

    • Thank you so much, Alicia! 🙂

  3. I LOVE Ballard Designs and how your office turned out, but I total feel you on the whole not conducive to young children at that price tag thing. In trying to decorate our new home, which is seeming rather difficult, I will definitely keep in mind their sales, and hope for the best! I’m finding it challenging going from a townhouse to a bigger home with rooms to fill. I keep telling myself not to rush it, more open space for my daughter to run around!
    Good luck on the massive amount of cooking, cleaning, and party prep. I hope you the family have a great holiday

    • Thank you, Jackie! I hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

      And we’ve been in our house almost 8 months and I still don’t have 1 single thing hung on the walls upstairs in our bedroom or hallway. Decorating sort of feels like a life-long project when you move from a tiny apartment to an actual house. lol 🙂

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