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Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Trips | 2 comments

My Travel Bucket List

Since we established last week that I’m a dreamer, I thought it would be fun to share my travel bucket-list with you today.

I’ve always loved traveling, but since having kids I haven’t had a desire to really stray too far from home because traveling with kids is WORK, ya’ll! However, Andi Rose is 1 now (I really think that 1st year with a baby is the hardest) and Atlas is done with diapers so traveling long distances doesn’t feel quite as intimidating as it did when we had new babies. I’ve been getting that itch to go see someplace new and while I certainly don’t anticipate seeing any of these places this year, I’m dreamin’ about planning a big family trip maybe sometime next year and the cities on this list are all calling to me. Also, I use the term ‘trip’ because I want to travel with my kids, which means I cannot call what we are doing a ‘vacation.’ Can I get an “Amen,” Mamas?

Taking Atlas and Andi on big adventures is very important to me & I’ve dreamed about it since I found out I was pregnant with Atlas. (Atlas actually got his name because we wanted him to be a big traveler and see the world. Get it? Atlas…like the collection of maps. I know – you’re shocked to learn he wasn’t actually named after the Greek God.) I want my kids to grow up with a big world view and a sense of adventure (but not too much adventure – I don’t want them bungee jumping off things). I want them too see how huge this earth is and understand (& more importantly, respect) cultural differences and appreciate the beauty of diversity and I think one way those lessons can be ingrained in them is via traveling.

So, let’s dream together, shall we?



Travel Bucket List

Alaska is pretty high on my bucket list, and I don’t need a passport to get there so that’s a bonus. There are so many things I would love to see and do in that state, including riding the Alaskan railroad, going dog sledding and taking a glacier cruise. I also think it would so amazing to see a moose, a bear or a whale! I read that you can stay in these super remote lodges that are only accessible by a small plane or boat, and while they are pricey, they are all-inclusive and you are truly immersed in the wild…but still in a 5-star resort (because I’m not a ‘roughin’ it’ kind of girl). I think seeing the Northern lights would be an extradorinaiy experience, but based on the (little) research I’ve done, I think I would rather hit this state up in the summer.

Also, does anybody else think of the movie “The Proposal” when they talk about Alaska? That is one of my favorite movies of all time! All the heart eyes for Sandra Bullock!




There are quite a few places I would like to explore in Canada. We hoped to make the drive to Canada from NYC, but we just never got around to it while we were there and to be honest, I don’t know how much I would have enjoyed it when Atlas was a baby. But, this is probably the place Dave & I talk about going most often and if I had to guess, I bet this is where we take our next big trip. We both want to see Banff, explore Banff national Park and I’m dying to visit Lake Louise.  Jasper National Park looks stunning and the only thing that makes me sad about this trip is that we can’t bring Ob & Marley. I feel like this trip will be very outdoorsy, filled with lots of hikes and I wish there was a way we could include our dogs in the family fun!



Ireland - Travel Bucket list

This is a trip I don’t envision happening for a few more years and part of me sort of wants to do this one with just Dave…but I hate leaving our babies out of anything. I imagine renting a car and road tripping across Ireland – driving along the coast and just soaking up all the beautiful scenery. My dream trip to Ireland includes staying in a castle (because that is a thing over there – you can stay in castles). I have a feeling we could stay in Ireland for 2 weeks and not see enough, but Skellig Michael, the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry would be must-sees for me! And –  I just had a vision of my kids running along the edge of the Cliffs of Moher and my stomach did a flip. Yeah, I can’t take my kids there – just the thought of it makes me a nervous wreck! This mama is paranoid, ya’ll! This will either be a trip for just Dave & me or a trip we take with the kids when they are in high school…or college.




Santorinin, Greece. Does this even need an explanation? I don’t think my kids could handle that flight anytime soon, but this is a trip I imagine would be great for the entire family. Every picture I see of Santorini looks like the houses are carved into the cliffs and it looks so magical and romantic. I want to rent a place with a pool, drink wine while watching the sunset and find remote black sand beaches during the day to explore! Doesn’t that sound like Heaven? HEAVEN!

Lake Como, Italy


Lake Como_Travel

There are so many places in Italy I would love to see, but Lake Como is my number 1 destination. I know it isn’t the most popular tourist spot, but based on my research this place is like a hidden gem. I want to rent a boat and explore the area from the water and call the CastaDiva Resort my home away from home while I’m there.

I could go on and on with this list and there are so many places I want to visit within the United States too (Half Moon Bay, California and Wyoming and Maine to name a few)! I hope this post made you stop for a minute and dream – even if you’re a realist, like Dave – and I hope your Monday is a little more fun because of it. 🙂

Your turn! What places are high on your travel bucket list?



  1. I’ve never heard of a few of these places but they all look amazing. I wouldn’t object to just tagging along on your family vacation.. that’s not weird is it? 😉
    heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted..Weekend Recap: 8/29/16My Profile

  2. Ok so we’ve been to Ireland. We fell in love. So much so that when Jeremy is out of college we plan to buy a house there. We want to see everything but Spain, Germany, Iceland,Scotland, Greece (maybe) Finland so many more!! In the US…Oregon, Vermont, Alaska, really I will go anywhere. But I’m an empty nester. For Jeremy’s senior trip he chose San Diego (mission beach) Venice Beach( muscle beach, don’t go there) and Vegas. Had a blast. He also went to North Carolina, Wyoming and somewhere else but I can’t remember.

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