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Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Family Fun | 1 comment

Playground Hoppin’ in TriBeCa

Every time my friends visit NYC they always reach out and ask me what to do in the city & I always joke with Dave that I’m going to send them a list of the best playgrounds because if we’re being honest, that’s where most of our days are spent. We definitely visit some cool spots in NYC, but I swear some of our best days with the kids are when we just go from playground to playground. We call it playground hoppin’ – it’s what the cool New Yorkers do. Or maybe it is just what the poor New Yorkers with 2 kids in diapers do?

Playground Hoppin

Central Park & Riverside Park will always have my heart, but we’ve recently been spending more and more time in TriBeCa. It is so kid friendly. There are playgrounds everywhere and the waterfront views can’t be beat.

NYC Playgrounds

Swinging Monkey

DSC_5339Can I brag on my little buddy before I sign off? (I’m keeping this post short because we are all still recovering from the stomach bug and it appears as though Atlas has relapsed and we may be cycling through this horrific virus again.)

Last weekend, there was this swinging bridge on one of the jungle gyms and for some reason, Atlas was terrified of it. He would not go across it and he started to get all teary eyed. Dave gave him a pep talk and a big hug and he eventually made his way over the bridge all by himself. Then he was so proud of himself he just kept running back and forth on it. I love watching him conquer his fears. He is the coolest little human I know. He makes me so proud. This toddler stage with him is really becoming so much fun.

Tribeca Playground

Tribeca Playground

Anyways, if you ever find yourself in NYC with small kids, definitely check out some of the playgrounds. I think they are super fun and it is also where we seem to see the most famous people. So, there’s that.

Tribeca Playground

Fingers crossed for us that we are all stomach bug free SOON!

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  1. Those are wonderful pictures of the kids. They seemed to be having a blast. Beautiful pictures, made my day!!!

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