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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in At Home Workouts, Circuit Workouts | 0 comments

Push Yourself Plyo Workout

It’s no secret that I love a workout filled with plyometrics. Now that I’m a mama of 2 little ones, I don’t have the time (or really even the desire) to spend 2 hours in the gym. I need my workouts to be quick and effective and circuits that contain a lot of jumping definitely fit that bill.

I’ve done this workout a few times, a few different ways. Every time I do it, I break a serious sweat and it always leaves me a little sore for a day or 2. The first time I did this circuit, I was sore for days – like the kind of sore where you consider how bad you really need to use the bathroom, because the idea of sitting down and standing up is almost unbearable. But I’m weird and I sort of like that feeling. My legs have gotten stronger, so it doesn’t leave me that sore anymore, but I can still feel the burn in my quads and booty after going through this workout (especially when I do the exercises for a full minute).

Plyo Workout

So here’s the deal: You complete 1 round twice before moving onto the next round. If you are a beginner, I would only do 30 seconds of each exercise. Trust me, you will still break a sweat. If you are more extreme, then I would do 1 minute of each exercise. So, the workout would look like this…

30 seconds (OR 1 minute) of jump squats followed by 30 seconds (OR 1 minute) of single leg jump squats. Rest for 15 seconds, then repeat round 1 (30 seconds of jump squats followed by 30 seconds of single let jump squats on the other leg). And that’s it. You’re done with round 1 forever and now you move on to round 2 and do the same thing, until finally you’ve completed all 6 rounds.

Always listen to your body and take breaks as needed. You should be able to complete this workout in a little under 30 minutes, but that will really depend on how many breaks you take.

Sometimes I do 30 seconds of each exercise to shorten it up and then I run afterwards. That run afterwards is hard, but I think it is good to run on tired legs sometimes because it forces me to push through the fatigue and ultimately that is what makes us faster, right? If I’m just doing this circuit and nothing else, then I strive to do a minute of each exercise.

You can do this workout with no equipment (making it the perfect at-home workout), but if I’m at the gym I like to do my knee drivers on a platform for an added challenge. If you’re crazy hardcore you could add free weights to some of these moves, but I think that’s unnecessary and be super careful if you do that because you could hurt your back.

If you want to save this workout for later, you can Pin it. Just click the image above and you should be able to save it right to Pinterest. Also, if you give it a whirl, come back and leave a comment letting me know how you liked it! 🙂

I had hopes of filming some of these exercises for a video to insert into this post, but unfortunately time slipped away from me. Our AC broke, so we’ve been getting that fixed and then rain forced us to cancel our plans of filming one day. Anyways, I still have hopes of maybe doing a short IG video including some of these exercises so be on the lookout for that. If you don’t follow me on IG, its Ashleyandrews6. 🙂 I’m sure you can google most of the exercises, but I’m happy to provide further detail if you need it. Just leave a comment below.

Happy hump day!

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