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Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in Fashion, Girly Things | 4 comments

Rainy Day Vibes

Hola! It was a rainy day in Georgia yesterday, which I’m thankful for because it has been such a dry summer here (which means we have to water our yard all the time, which means less money to spend on life). Yesterday we had a follow-up doctor’s appointment for Atlas to see how everything was looking with his stitches. The doctor said everything looked great, so we celebrated with a trip to the playground, where we got rained on, but neither of my kids cared about getting wet.

Pink Hunter boots

Rainy Day

Even though it rained, it was still 90 degrees outside, but I bust out my rain boots and trench coat every chance I get. But good grief, this is definitely a fall outfit because I was dying in the heat yesterday, ya’ll.

Rainy Day Look

Fireman Rainboots

Atlas’ little fireman rain boots are my favorite and he loves wearing them to splash in the puddles. But it didn’t rain hard enough for any puddles to form yesterday (it was just that annoying misty rain all afternoon), so once he realized there was nothing to splash in, he kicked those off and ran around barefoot (barefooted? Barefoot? What I’m trying to say is, he ran around with no shoes.). Trench Coat

Rainy Day Vibes

Rain Coat

I used to work for Saks Fifth Avenue way back in the day and I got this Burberry trench coat with my employee discount and it is still one of my very favorite articles of clothing in my closet. I think an adorable trench coat is a wardrobe staple! Mine is obviously no longer in stock since it is almost a decade old, but if you’re in the market for one check out this one and this one! The khaki one is expensive, but it’s a timeless piece, which I personally think makes it a good investment (⬅️ that’s what you tell your husband).

Other Outfit Details:

  • Black Tee ($5 – I own 2 of these in black and 2 in white because they are the perfect layering pieces)
  • Zella leggings (My favorite leggings for fall & winter)
  • Hunter Rain Boots, mine are old, but similar color here
  • Atlas’ Fireman Rain Boots (He also has the matching rain coat and it is TOO cute when he wears both – perfect for those chilly rainy days)
  • Mary Poppins Umbrella (I actually got this in NYC at the Mary Poppins broadway show, but was excited to see you can order it online now because I always have people stop me to ask where my umbrella is from! And if you ever get the chance to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, I highly recommend it!)

After we hit up the doctor and the playground yesterday, Andi Rose napped while Atlas and I read some books together and baked cookies (I shared this on IG stories and had a few people request the recipe – we used this recipe and omitted the walnuts and added sprinkles). Then Andi Rose woke up and Atlas went down for his nap while Andi Rose and I played a million silly little games because her attention span is about 8 seconds long right now. When the kids’ naps don’t overlap it makes for a long day, but sometimes I do that on purpose because it allows me individual time with each baby. Andi Rose has been super jealous of Atlas this week, so I tried to give each of them some quality time yesterday. It’s a juggling act, I tell you…which makes sense since my life is like a dang circus. 😂

I did manage to squeeze in the 21 Day Fix Extreme lower body workout. That thing is a killer & the workout did me good mentally.

I’m hoping I can get out for a run today, but between sick kids and Dave’s work schedule, at home workouts have been where it’s at for me this week so I’m just rolling with it.

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s almost Friday!! 2 more days – we got this!


    • Thanks, Heather! I wear my rain boots to death during the colder months because they are easy to throw on and go! I bet you wear yours a lot this winter! 😉

    • Thanks so much, Mel! 🙂

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