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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in At Home Workouts | 17 comments

Rainy Day Workout

It was a blustery day in Jacksonville, Florida! As I drove home from work in the rain, I began thinking about the possibility of a workout. I knew running was out due to inclement weather and I felt bad going to the gym since Marley & Ob were home alone all day while I was at work. I decided if I was going to break a sweat, it was going to have to be done inside the comfort of my own home.

I ended up completing a few rounds of this total body workout and it was a good one! My heart rate got up, my muscles were burning and I was pretty sweaty by the time I finished. The exercises were strategically placed so they got harder as the circuit progressed. Holding a squat really hurts after you’ve done weighted squats and squat jumps for a minute. ←Just an FYI.

Total Body Workout


Here are some links to some of the exercises, just in case you aren’t familiar with them:

shoulder press hold

All you need is a mat and a pair of dumbbells and you can do this workout at home! Easy breezy lemon squeezy (minus that squat hold – nothing easy about that)! If you don’t have weights at home, you could easily swap out the arm circuit for exercises that don’t require dumbbells (i.e. pushups, dips, planks, etc).

Marley watched the clock and told me when my 30 seconds was up.

Clock watcher

He’s a stickler for time and form.

Ob waited not so patiently for the rain to go away.

rain rain go away

Unfortunately, by the time it cleared up outside it was too late to walk. We enjoyed one last meal alone before Dave came home and ended up making cheesy eggs for dinner. I don’t think the dogs missed the walk. 😉

Dave is home safe now and are little family is happy to be reunited.

It is almost the weekend!! This week has felt SO long to me. If feels like I’ve worked 14 days straight, which is crazy because anyone who knows me knows that would NEVER happen.

When it rains, do you take that as a sign to skip your workout and bake cookies or do you get creative with your exercise plan? All my northern friends, I know you read this post and rolled your eyes because you run in the snow. I bow before you! Your discipline and commitment to fitness is truly admirable! 



    • Hope your weekend is a great one too, Jessie!

  1. Yeah, I was like “inclement weather” my ass.
    I ran in 4-6 inches of slushy ice/snow on Monday.
    Today it was at least packed but still slick.
    No complaints though.
    I can bundle UP for snow.
    There is no escaping 100+ heat 😉
    Amy recently posted..Joshie’s Heart.My Profile

    • I would also add that you suck.
      That workout looked all cute and easy with its darling girly colors and short nature (3 circuits..Psshh!)
      Then I got to round 4 and I was swearing at that sneaky
      Beez-natch of a sweat session.
      Tricky Ashley. REEEEEEAAAL Tricky.
      I will never underestimate your cute factor again.
      I am SO onto you.
      Amy recently posted..Joshie’s Heart.My Profile

      • haha! Amy, I think I enjoy reading your comments more than I enjoy writing these posts! You’re TOO much!

        That workout was tough, right? I know it looks easy on paper, but it really isn’t easy at all – especially if you try to take minimal breaks.

        You’re going to be running circles around people at that mud run! Piece of cake.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Amy! There is no escaping the heat and I burn out so much quicker (<--dorky pun). Even if it is really cold here (i.e. 30 degrees lol), I eventually warm up. I'm a PATHETIC runner in the summer.

    • You’re a machine, Katie! I still can’t get over your half marathon in the freeeeeezing cold.

    • Jenn, I’ve never done the 30 day shred but after reading your posts on fb I really want to try it!

    • Oh, tabatas are the best! I haven’t done those in several weeks. I think it is time to bring some tabata love back into my life. 🙂

  2. Love those doggie pics.

    I don’t mind running in bad weather if it is also warm out. If it’s cold, and also raining or snowing, then fughettaboutit. I’d rather just go to the gym or do yoga or pilates! I’m a wuss, I know. Oh well!
    De @ Cooking for the Other Half recently posted..snow dayMy Profile

    • De, I’m a wuss too. I don’t mind if it starts raining after I start running, but I can’t start running in the rain. Mentally, I just can’t get there.

    • I opted for a morning walk today, Kate! 😉

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