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Posted by on Jan 17, 2014 in Sprinkles | 9 comments

Random Things I Feel the Need to Tell You

I don’t need a nanny because I have Ob.

IMG_4340She watches Atlas like he is her own child. In fact, I think she thinks I birthed him for her. I just love that dog.

I ran yesterday and had my first experience with black ice. Not a fan.

This was the ice cream aisle at Trader Joes this week.

IMG_4322The Trader Joes by our house is always packed on Sunday. And by ‘packed’ I mean there is a line of people outside the store waiting to get in. Yes, you read that right. They are waiting to get inside the grocery store, where they will then fight for space to get groceries and then wait in another line to pay for them. Since moving to NYC I’ve said to Dave that Hell will freeze over before I visit Trader Joes on a Sunday. Well…I had to go this past Sunday. And I fought the crazy crowds and waited in the crazy line…and I didn’t even leave with ice cream. I’m sure there is some witty joke I could insert here about Hell freezing over and there being no ice cream, but I’m too tired to think that one through.

I’ve flipped Atlas around in the Bjorn this week so he can see the world.

IMG_4347He has the best time on our walks now that he can look around. He hasn’t told me that, but I’m his mom so I just know these things.

P.S. Selfies aren’t lame when you have a baby in the pic, right? Or did I just lose major cool points with the above photo? I’m not even sure I had enough cool points to lose. Oh well.

Marley’s favorite store is Lululemon.

IMG_4348On our walks, he stops in front of the door and barks if we don’t go in (we usually go in). The employees there love him. LOVE him. I love him too.

And how cute is this sleeping bear?

IMG_4349Gaah – don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks? This was a rare moment from the week caught on camera. Atlas has been fighting his naps. No clue why. He was taking a 3 hour nap everyday like a champ for the last few weeks and then this week he just decided he wanted to throw me a curve ball. But, he has been going to bed at 9pm this week, which is a HUGE blessing (he was going to bed at midnight). That’s the thing about this whole parenting gig – just when you get one issue figured out, another thing changes and you’ve got something new to work through. Never ending.

And on that note, I’m off to figure out why the cute baby boy I just fed and put to sleep is awake and babbling in his crib, but before I get to that little bundle of joy, I want to leave you with this thought…

No matter what season of life you’re in – whether you love it or you hate it – it will pass.” ~ some guy whose name I didn’t catch on the Today Show

I thought about that statement last night when Atlas woke up randomly at 12:30 ready to party. I thought about it when Atlas laughed for 10 minutes straight at me today. I thought about it when Marley and Ob were pulling my arms out of socket trying to chase squirrels on our walk. I thought about it when I rocked Atlas to sleep tonight and kissed his cheeks a million times (it looks like I’m about to get to hit the repeat button on that one). The parts of my life that are so draining right now and the parts of my life that I love so much…they are all part of a season…and this season will pass. I’m trying to be intentional about enjoying and cherishing this season, as well as learning and growing from it.

Alright, here’s hoping my baby boy is just talking in his sleep and a long beautiful stretch of sleep is in my future! Later, friends!


  1. I’m so proud of you! You’re a wonderful wife & mother & you’re walking this season so well! I love you!! Kiss those chubby cheeks for me today & tell him Aubt Tammy loves him!!!!

    • Thank you, Tammy! And I’ll be sure to give Atlas extra kisses from you! He’s almost rolling over…I think by the time we see you in March he will have new tricks to show you.

  2. Loved your blog today. So sweet and encouraging. I agree with Tammy. I love you.

    • Thanks, Mom! I love you too.

  3. It’s good that Ob has you to help out with her baby, because of the whole opposable thumbs thing — it has to be hard to feed a babe without ’em. Happy weekend!

    • haha, she is lucky to have me as her sidekick! I get stuck with all the dirty work like changing diapers – she just has to worry about kissing the baby.

    • I have the funniest selfies with Atlas. Most of them don’t make the blog but almost all of them make me laugh out loud!

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