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Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Circuit Workouts | 0 comments

S3 Workout

When Dave & I first started dating, Dave convinced me to take a workout class with him called S3. (It actually didn’t take much convincing because I was completely smitten with him {still am} and I’m always game for trying a new challenging workout.) Dave actually taught the class back in the day and it was always a killer workout that usually left me feeling like I was going to puke. My favorite thing about the class was that it was sort of a competitive environment because it was the same group of people that took the class each week and we all pushed each other to be better. We would race in a lot of the exercises, like plate pushes, and I found that I pushed myself harder when I felt like I was competing against my friends. Most of the people in the class were men, so I rarely stood a chance but it was still fun to try and ‘hold my own.’


Anyways, Dave & I recreated a slightly less intense version of one of our old S3 workouts and I finally got around to filming it to share on the blog! I felt like a video was needed for this workout because some of the exercises are just too tough to explain. The video of all the exercises will be on my Instagram page today, so check it out if you want to see a demonstration of the circuits. It’s a faced-paced total body workout that you should be able to do in less than 30 minutes (Our S3 classes were an hour, but I’m a mom now so working out for an hour sounds crazy). This is a workout that you would be better off doing in the gym because you’ll need some equipment and some space.



We filmed this on the fly, so you’ll notice we were doing this on carpet. I would typically do plate pushes on the gym floor and put a towel under my weight so it would slide easier. Our gym also has carpet squares and those work great for placing underneath the plate. I would also use a 45 pound plate if I was doing a plate push in the gym…but there were guys playing basketball in the gym when we went to film this and I felt ridiculous filming these exercises while they watched so I opted for a private room upstairs.


Oh, you’ll also want a good mat for the jumping surrenders so you have some cushion for your knees. If you have a workout buddy, give this circuit a whirl with them. These exercises are more fun with a friend. You can either both do the exercises together at the exact same time, or while you do the first exercise in round 1, they can be doing the 2nd exercise and then you switch until you’ve both completed round 1 twice. Does that make sense?

Atlas and Andi Rose were my workout buddies for this circuit. They make every workout harder.


I’ve got a tempo run on the books today. Monday’s run was supposed to be an ‘easy run’ according to my half marathon training plan so I set out to complete a very hilly course at an ‘easy pace.’ It didn’t feel easy at all. Hills hurt. But I’m going to keep at ’em because I’m hoping they make me faster.

My shorts are Zella and I love them! I appreciate the spandex shorts built in underneath – especially when doing certain exercises – and they are super comfortable and currently on sale for less than $30 (link to them here). Similar Nike Shirt here  (only $25 and I’ve had mine for years). My shoes are also Nike. Had to share all that with you since some of the pieces are available for a great price right now! 🙂 I got your back, girl!

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done? Did you love it or hate it? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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