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Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Family Fun, Running | 1 comment

Skinned Knees and Soccer Games

My Saturday morning started with a bang….a banged up knee to be more specific.


I woke up early on Saturday to complete my first long run of my half marathon training plan before heading out to Atlas’ first soccer game.

Less than 1 mile into my run, I tripped over the sidewalk and completely wiped out. I’m so clumsy so the fact that I don’t fall more often while running is surprising. My knee was pretty scraped up and my hands and the side of my leg have some road rash, but I’m fine. I was just so sore on Saturday, which I think is a sign that I’m getting old. My muscles weren’t sore – my body was sore from the fall. I remember falling all the time as a kid and never feeling sore, but on Saturday I was all, “My knee aches. My elbow aches. Let’s just put the kids to bed early and play a friendly card game and drink decaf coffee.”

Anyways, here’s hoping that’s the first and only fall of this training cycle! After sitting on the ground for a few minutes assessing my injuries, I got up and finished my 6 mile run. I felt okay, considering the fall I took but I’m hoping next week’s long run will be a bit faster.


After my run I had to hurry up and clean up my wounds and rush out the door for Atlas’ soccer game. He had pictures before the game and I think they are going to be pretty gosh darn cute.


We got Starbucks before his game and Starbucks for breakfast has been my favorite part of life lately. We only get Starbucks on the weekends and we don’t even get it every weekend, but when we do get it I’m just a happy soul. I got my first PSL of the season and it was SO good – truly the stuff of dreams. If you follow me on Instagram and you watched any of my stories over the weekend, then you know this. Sometimes I’m so easy to please…a PSL and a breakfast sandwich on a buttery croissant and I’m throwing up all the praise hands. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Atlas did really well during the soccer warm up and for about 10 minutes of the game, until a kid from the other team came up and took the ball from him as he was trying to kick a goal (I know – the audacity of that other kid, right?!) and then Atlas was done and he cried the rest of the time.


I think he was just embarrassed and kind of stunned by the whole experience. Atlas is the youngest one on the team (he’s 2, all the other kids are 3) and this is his first organized sport so he’s got a lot to learn…for example, the other team’s goal is to take the ball from him and that’s what makes it…you know….a game. But most of the games we play in our house we play by ‘taking turns’ so in his mind that little boy ‘took his turn away’ when he kicked the ball away from him. I guess that’s my bad for not going over the whole concept of the sport with him prior to the game. Whoops.

Dave & I wouldn’t let him quit, despite his crocodile tears, so we told him he didn’t have to touch the soccer ball again, but he at least had to run up and down the field and cheer on his team (we wanted him to run up and down the field because we wanted him tired for nap time #duh). The funniest part of the whole thing is that he plays on a team with 5 other kids – 4 boys and 1 girl. The little girl on the team scored every single goal of the game…3 of the boys were all crying by the end of the game. It’s just further proof that girls run the world.


And speaking of girls, Andi Rose was DYING to get out there and play. We said if Atlas throws a fit at his next soccer game we are just going to throw his jersey on Andi Rose and let her get after it.

This soccer mom stuff is tricky business. I’m still struggling with wondering if we started Atlas in a team sport 1 year too early. I want him to have a good experience and love playing the game, but I also want him to understand that sometimes life isn’t filled with good experiences and it’s up to us to make the most of the situations in which we find ourselves. He kept telling us over the weekend that he didn’t want to play soccer anymore, but luckily he’s got 2 weeks before his next game so I’m hoping by then he will come back around and be excited to play again. He was so thrilled to play at first, so we’ll see if he sways back the other way…

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of the rest of our weekend! We got to explore 2 new-to-us areas in Georgia and it was so fun & I’ve got a new boutique you have to check out!

Any soccer moms out there? Did your kids ever run off the field crying?

Anybody else ever taken a nasty fall while running? What hurt worse…your actual injury or your ego? The first thing I thought when I fell was “Oh my gosh – that hurt!” The second thing I thought was, “Oh my gosh! I’m so glad nobody was out here to see that.”

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  1. I still wish I could be there for your skinned knee and for Atlas’s soccer game. ❤️😘

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